Do THE CONSERVATIVE'S know what they stand for? Agree 36% (-7) Disagree 37% (+5). Do LABOUR know what they stand for? Agree 34% (+6) Disagree 36% (-10) Changes on 5th August.

2021.11.28 09:25 ClumperFaz Do THE CONSERVATIVE'S know what they stand for? Agree 36% (-7) Disagree 37% (+5). Do LABOUR know what they stand for? Agree 34% (+6) Disagree 36% (-10) Changes on 5th August.

Do THE CONSERVATIVE'S know what they stand for? Agree 36% (-7) Disagree 37% (+5). Do LABOUR know what they stand for? Agree 34% (+6) Disagree 36% (-10) Changes on 5th August. submitted by ClumperFaz to LabourPartyUK [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 09:25 Maximum_Speed_9402 I don't care

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2021.11.28 09:25 Evertpiet Wappie is zich niet bewust van het bestaan van het Griekse alfabet

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2021.11.28 09:25 Atom1c_fishyRL 💙Ecco la mia fanart di Apollo watching, spero vi piaccia 💙

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2021.11.28 09:25 Significant_Job2401 [FOR HIRE] Hi! My name is Brea and I'm an artist open for EMEGENCY commissions! ♡I can draw nearly anything or anyone you like, even your loved ones, in my own cute anime/cartoon style! ♡I'm willing to offer up to 50% off original asking price due to current financial harship (More in comments)

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2021.11.28 09:25 Mextexter Guardians Of The Galaxy ,Mafia definitive edition or Far Cry 6

So I wanted to buy one of these three games and would really appreciate it if you guys could help me pick out the best one from the lot
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2021.11.28 09:25 queenrafaela [OC] YZ gave me a break from my maid duties for him. I was bored so I sketched out 18 eyes mwahaha, also, smol giveaway in the comments :3

[OC] YZ gave me a break from my maid duties for him. I was bored so I sketched out 18 eyes mwahaha, also, smol giveaway in the comments :3 submitted by queenrafaela to MobileLegendsGame [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 09:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.11.28 09:25 lagistics It hard to get author medal

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2021.11.28 09:25 Fletchiver From Paper to Physical

So for a while now I've been designing and mapping out a product that I (obviously) believe will work. However after now dealing with the basic designs, drawings and plans I'm pretty stumped. I not got any experience or knowledge on turning an idea from something on paper, into a something physical.
Any assitance or advice on what I need to do to take the next step, or even better where I can educate myself further on this next step.
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2021.11.28 09:25 BigBrainsRadRabadiya HELP ! Indian Crypto Ban is Imminent, how to buy crypto securely & affordably to Nano S

I am planning on getting a Ledger Nano S so I can store my crypto on there, away from regulation.
But the problem is the 'buying the crypto' part.
Currently, exchanges charge an exorbitant amount for moving your crypto from there to a hardware wallet.
Since I'm a newbie, I cannot afford the withdrawal fees and since exchanges are going to be banned, I can't keep it there either.
How can I buy crypto & transfer it to my ledger without paying an arm and a leg ?
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2021.11.28 09:25 TumblingThruLife Please help.

24 yr old female Don’t drink caffeine or smoke
Super tired of feeling helpless from this
About two months ago I passed out at work Had super hard yet slow heart beat started seeing the floaties in my eyes got the tunnel vision then I was out. Went to the er ekg blood work was fine sent home. For the next week I always felt off and weird And my heart kept having palpitations
They were strong palpitations and wouldn’t stop so I went into the er again and nothing said I was fine.
They put a heart monitor on me and did an echocardiogram and I’m still waiting on results
It’s come to the point I can’t even make myself a meal or shower I haven’t been to work in a month and a half Cause I always get dizzy or faint feeling
And after a bit I get hot and my heart beats super weird for the rest of the day.
Doctors are saying if nothing comes back from echocardiogram that it’s just anxiety but I know something is wrong I’ve always had anxiety but this is so different my heart is like constantly fluttering / palpitations.
Also I’m not sure if this is related but this past week I’ve had a super full feeling And pressure under my ribs I haven’t really been hungry I feel full even tho I haven’t ate and today I ate an orange and drank some water and had a sharp pain in my left rib I couldn’t take a deep breath and it made me dizzy and my heart started palpitations again Not sure if these things are related the rib pain just started this week.
Just super tired of not being able to work or even make food or take care of myself without feeling off and my heart going wild. Any one every have this happen to them for a long period of time ?
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2021.11.28 09:25 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoCurrencyTrading] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 09:25 Hookmaster10 Cherokee NC

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2021.11.28 09:25 Dorkasj HMFT after I tried to break that bench

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2021.11.28 09:25 piecce Vidya Vox

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2021.11.28 09:25 watchingwithpopcorn i have lot of weird problems. am i dying? what's going on??

all of these started in last 3 years. in no particular order,
i shed tons of hair. i rented an airbnb with white floors. floor was covered with my body hair after a stay of a week. it looked so bad that it made me want to clean the floor.
hair loss on top of my head
sometimes night sweats.
started having white hairs and there's quite a bit of them now. this is much slower in my relatives
my surgery wound healed abnormally slowly according to my doctor
acne-like things (not acne, not rash) appeared on my legs, forearms and around waist at my back. i used to have tiny acnes on my upper arms and rarely forearms/back but they were acnes, like i could squeeze fat out of them. these are not acnes. idk what they are.
sometimes i hear a quiet tiny squeal when i breathe out. i didn't get covid. i'm currently on two asthma drugs (experimental), one allergy, one reflux and one caugh medicine for a month and i'll go back for a control. i hope using this much drugs wouldn't create new health problems..
my respiration function test results. second test was with chemical, first one without.
my muscles get numb when i consume a lot of bad carbs. for example i lose ability to use my arms to turn over in bed or it gets really difficult to do that. after this happened, i never consumed that much carb again so i never experienced the same problem. but its there, i feel it when i consume quite a bit of carbs
my foot started to hurt 5 months ago. i have extreme pronation. its a similar pain. but this never goes away after rest. when i stand up to walk, i walk like a duck or a 90 year old person, taking small steps due to discomfort. but after i get going, i feel the pain less. i somehow got used to my other problems but this is the one that bothers me the most.
early this year right eyelid got swollen. used the drugs i was given but it never went away. my right eyelid is 1mm lower now.
my recent blood test shows my b12 and d vitamins are particularly low. nothing else seems that broken. according to the doctor. i was given supplements and will go back in a month for a control. i can share the pdf if you'd like to take a look.
my skin produces more dirt somehow now compared to past. mostly around my nose and ears. 2 days after shower, it feels like i didn't shower for a week
age 30, m, 6', 250lb, caucasian, no drugs, no weed or smoking.
none of these problems existed 3 years ago.
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2021.11.28 09:25 Caffreze Any EU 2Fort server recommendations?

No !rtd, no !wear, no other bullshit plugins, just a vanilla 2Fort server.
The only ones that I could find that aren't dead or US based have F2P's running around with 10 unusuals and every aussie weapon that does and doesn't exist, some bullshit "roles" before their name in the chat and particle effects for them and their projectiles making my game lag like an HP laptop from 2009 trying to run Cyberpunk whenever I look in their direction.
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2021.11.28 09:25 Name6666 Organisations/Groups where you can donate or volunteer to help environment?

I have EVS subject in my first year at college and we have to prepare a ppt on anything related to environment. I was thinking of making a ppt with things where people can donate or volunteer to help the environment. Like some NGO or some programmes or some wildlife sanctuaries/parks.
For Example, Globally, i thought of adding TeamSeas campaign by MrBeast and The Alveus Sanctuary by Maya on twitch. I watch these creators so have some idea about this and will include them but I need to add something in Delhi and India as well
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2021.11.28 09:25 trm_throwaway____ Suki Waterhouse

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2021.11.28 09:25 JameLowell 🔥 2 more days until we will launch on Pancake Swap 🔥 We are celebrating it with an ama with The Future Lounge 🔥 Join SatoshiCrypto TG now !!


-Dex: You can use our DEX to trade and provide liq for any project.
-Charts: Use our charts to view any project on BSC network

-NFT marketplace: For trading NFT`s .

-NFT gaming: 2 NFT games , play to earn will be released where 35 000+ SAT holders will be compensated even by not plying.

-Pre-sale Dapp: The cheapest and more secure Pre-sale Dapp in crypto where owners of the projects need to private dox to our team in order to use the platform.

-Staking and Farming: Stake your crypto assets to earn passive income and create liquidity for different projects to earn more money.

-Debit Card: A debit card similar to will be released in the next fazes of the project.

-Crypto casino: We will implement a crypto casino on our platform where our users will be able to play various gambling games with crypto.

-Mobile Wallet: The mobile wallet will be released in the same time with the Crypto Casino, and it will be our own Satoshi wallet where you can stash all your crypto assets.

-BlockChain: Our developer team is already working on delivering the Satoshi Blockchain the following months.


1% Transfer tax rate ( 20% will be automatically burned)

⚡️ Cheaper than Pancake Swap.
⚡️ A Safer Pre-sale platform implemented and our 75k+ holders will benefit by getting 50% of the revenue gained.
⚡️ 30k holders to 75k holders will be rewarded with incentives from the NFT games without even playing.
📜Contract Address: 0x4Ee80372D69260d72826f6e8F2351201618709Ae

📘Facebook Group:

🌍 A 4% deposit fee will be charged when users enter staking on Satoshicrypto to buyback .
🌍 An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 1% of his/her friends' earnings forever.
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2021.11.28 09:25 K3LV1NN I made a cover of hyadain no joujou youjo

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2021.11.28 09:25 Andrew-C-White | Hot Or Not 28/11/21 | Hot Or Not 28/11/21 Check out our weekly gainers vs losers!​
Did any cryptoassets in your portfolio get on the right side this week? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️​
#Evai #Crypto #FinancialFreedom #CryptoCurrency
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2021.11.28 09:25 Z3ero09 Looking for Mega Lopunny Raids 1944 0043 9139

Pls add and Invite me to Mega Lopunny Raids, still need this Evolution
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2021.11.28 09:25 rosegoldbyzay Making an Isaiah Rashad album but everyday the top comment decides the song

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