$CARA Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial https://t.co/wUyihfppva https://t.co/qU5Rd51x8U

2021.12.02 13:25 ShortAlgo $CARA Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial https://t.co/wUyihfppva https://t.co/qU5Rd51x8U

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2021.12.02 13:25 NFTSAFE Help me guys to win plz

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2021.12.02 13:25 NokCha_ [Amick] Steve Kerr: "So even though I dont stop and think about legacy or anything like that, I just want to fucking win, you know? It burns in me. I want to win so badly. It’s kind of how Ive been since I was 5 years old, and Draymond’s the same way and Steph’s the same way and Klay’s the same way"

Source Article by The Athletic's Sam Amick - Steve Kerr unplugged on the Warriors resurgence: ‘I just want to f—ing win’ This is a 1-on-1 interview article Amick did with HC Steve Kerr (I'm guessing after the Clippers game) so here are the excerpts, but I encourage those who have access to read the whole interview
How Steve Kerr Feels About this Season Compared to Previous Seasons:

It’s just fun every day. I look forward to getting to the gym every day, because we’ve got an incredible group of guys and they’re committed and they’re playing well together and sacrificing. I just look forward to it every day. I don’t stop and think about (his) perspective about where this stands in terms of my overall eight years here. Every season presents its own circumstances, and you respond accordingly...I’m happy for our team and for our fans and for the organization. I’m happy for myself. It’s, it’s…It’s a great existence. When you’re winning in the NBA, it’s a wonderful existence. And when you’re losing, it’s — it’s misery.
(Was Their) Importance to Having the 2 Non-playoff Seasons (2019-20 & 2020-21) Post-KD Warriors:
I think the value is that there’s a rebirth. There’s a kind of an energy that exists now that, frankly, we didn’t have the last year we went to the Finals because it was so exhausting — that whole five-year run...So I think in some ways, these last two years were good for us to recharge the batteries. And I think it started last year at the end of the season. I thought that was a crucial time for us, winning 15 of our last 20 (games)...So we kind of found our identity again, and our confidence. And I think that fed right into this year. So it’s no coincidence that we’re playing well again.
Does Kerr Care About His Legacy as a Coach:
I never lose any sleep over that. I count my blessings that I’ve been able to coach the players that I’ve coached and be in the organization that I’m in because I know how lucky I am. But part of what allowed me to stay in the NBA for 15 years as a player is that losing humiliates me, you know? My competitive desire drives me. But like a lot of players at this level, the fear of losing is an even bigger motivator. So even though I don’t stop and think about legacy or anything like that, I just want to fucking win, you know? It burns in me. I want to win so badly. It’s kind of how I’ve been since I was five years old, and Draymond’s the same way and Steph’s the same way and Klay’s the same way...The main thing is that we’re competing again and we’re enjoying the competition.
Maintaining Culture During the Past 2 Seasons:
I think the challenge as a coach was to make sure we maintained our culture every day. When you have a culture of joy and compassion and the things that we value here — it’s tougher to find joy when you’re losing, but you have to find it. So I looked at the last couple years as a great challenge coaching-wise. And I think it was a success in terms of maintaining the culture and the foundation that we’ve built here. Obviously most of that credit goes to Steph and Draymond and the players, (but) it’s my job as a coach to make sure we don’t get away from ourselves just because we’re losing...We have that continuity and that foundation that’s a decade old now with players that we have, and that’s very satisfying to me.
Difficulty of Maintaining the 'Culture of Joy' in the 5th Year of the Dynasty Era/Last Year of KD Warriors:
I think the fifth year was so difficult — physically, spiritually, emotionally — but mainly because it’s just hard. And you can ask anybody from the Lakers and the Celtics in the 80s. You know, (ask) Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich...I think we were exhausted organizationally. I think the players were exhausted. We lost two guys to devastating injuries in the (2019) Finals (Thompson and Durant). You almost can’t write a script like that, you know? And it was so brutal.
Kerr on If The Warriors Got Back Their "Title-or-bust- Mentality This Season:
Well, that’s what you guys have to decide.
It’s great to be back in the mix. What I’ve learned, though, in five trips to the Finals, is that so much is just up in the air — circumstances you can’t control. I know it’s coach speak, but if we just come in every day and get our work in and enjoy the process, we’re going to win a ton of games...We think we can win a championship, but I’ve watched in the Finals...Just having watched this and been a part of it for so long, who the hell knows what’s going to happen? So you might as well enjoy it while it’s going. (When he says "I've watched in the Finals", he then lists examples of injuries that occurred in previous Finals runs which had a huge impact on the results ex Klay & KD in 2019, Love & Kyrie in 2015, Magic & Bryon Scott in 1989)
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2021.12.02 13:25 Speaker_Lazy Is Judy worth paying for?

Is Judy a rather easy villager to get, or would she be worth purchasing from eBay? She is a must upon my list, along with Ankha and Maple. Answers would be most appreciated!
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2021.12.02 13:25 SwordofFuheis Opinions on King Abdullah II?

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2021.12.02 13:25 jayjay81190 Solder temps?

I'm just about to get into console repairestoration. I'm starting off on SNES and I've got a chunk of tools coming today, with my solder station being ordered soon after. I've seen conflicting results in my searches and was wondering what the general consensus was on soldering temps? I've seen that it should be fairly low, about just enough to melt the solder but I've never actually seen a recommended range. Any advice is highly appreciated! Thank you!
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2021.12.02 13:25 UnFunny42069 Telepods problem

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2021.12.02 13:25 Anthariel1988 💰HDR Fair launch when audit is ready ETA 06 December 2021💥 | Locked 🔒 liquidity from day 1 | 🐕 5% total taxes and 4% of this goes directly back to the community 🐕 | Long Run|🌐 Website ready | 🧠 So don't miss the chance to be one of the first that buys this new coin

HDR concept is an ecosystem that promotes equality between members and owners, encourages the right to opinion and develops over time taking its community into account.
This token is the first block of this ecosystem and will function as a coin that will bind the next blocks. Like a real ecosystem, construction and development is done over time and so that you have something to play around with until the next blocks are created we already developed a concept. Our concept brings to the table the idea of reward for the community.
How are rewards distributed?
- You must hold at least 500,000,000 HDR to receive rewards.
- When a buy or a sell happens we take a part of that transaction and compare it to a list of holders, when your turn comes, based on how many coins you own a math will happen automatically, your coins divided by total circulating supply and that is the percentage of BUSD you will receive. Everything happens with 0 human interaction, so you have nothing to warry about someone will leave with your reward.
Reddit room: https://www.reddit.com/HDRToken/
🌐 Website: https://buyhdr.com
📱Telegram Messenger: Announcements | Community Chat
🛡Audit: Pending
💱Pancake swap: Pending
📊Coin market cap: Pending
🐕Token Description:
5% Total Transaction Tax (buy/sell):
3% Rewards for the community
1% Marketing
0.5% Liquidity Pool
0.5% Automatic Burning
0% Taxes for transfer between wallets. Unlike otherq tokens that take you taxes even when you don't trade, you are free of taxes and move your money wherever you want after you purchased them. So you can move your tokens to your cold wallet and check back on them in few years when you want to get your lambo :).
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2021.12.02 13:25 Electrical_Reader_97 I thought this was Levi but the seller advertised it as Eren. Now I’m confused. Is it Levi or Eren?

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2021.12.02 13:25 Brain_Inflater Just using that free speech they love so much

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2021.12.02 13:25 Bonus1Fact [Real Fake News] U.S. Warns Dozens Of Foreign Powers Have Access To Food ¦ The Onion

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2021.12.02 13:25 javaxcore It this evidence of jury intimidation?

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2021.12.02 13:25 ShortAlgo $BRKL Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial https://t.co/wUyihfppva https://t.co/dfb0HRZUwQ

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2021.12.02 13:25 gdoubleyou1 Only thing better than winning the Cup in Year 3

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2021.12.02 13:25 D0N- P4S | M +25000, T +9500, 4k +1000,Anime,Kids |US/Asia | $9.99/month | 10 Gbps With CDN Worldwide |4K| IPTV |Google drive share

Server Location:
US - 10 Gbit Connection
Singapore - 10 Gbit Connection
Manual Request
Movies: 25000+ (+ 4K content)
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Request anything
Plex Price $9.99/month
IPTV Price
Huge Live Tv library.Trials available for IPTV for active plex subscribers
Google Drive shares 1.3 pb+ price on discord
I have been on Reddit since 4 years
I was tired of paying for services so decided to create my own
Servers are cheap to setup and I will maintain this for a long time as I use this service myself.Been running this for about 6 months now
Active Discord Support | PayPal payment
No Trials it messes up with my billing system
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2021.12.02 13:25 AndyerKazi [WTS] Drew Meyer Designs Heat Resistant Rail Panels | HDT: 365° F / 185° C | (NC)

DO NOT ADD ANY NOTES TO PAYPAL/VENMO! -----------------------------------------------------------------

PP F/F strongly preferred however if you choose to pay with PP G/S I ask that you pay the fees or you will be refunded. Please use https://thefeecalculator.com/ *to add fees for PP G/S before you send funds.\*)No notes whatsoever please or you will be refunded.\*)
Bulk Pricing Deals
Album 1 - Album 2 - Album 3 - Inventory Pic More pictures available upon request!
FRP Rail Panels
Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer MLOK Rail Panels - (HDT 365° F / 185° C)
^(\HDT = Heat Deflection Temperature)*
Item / Size / Color Price Available Inventory
Panel, Hive 1-SlotBLK $3 /panel 21
Panel, Hive 1.5-SlotBLK $4 /panel 6
Panel, Hive 2-SlotBLK $5 /panel 4
Panel, Hive 2.5-SlotBLK $6 /panel 4
Panel, Hive 3-SlotBLK $7 /panel 1
Panel, Hive1-SlotFDE $3 /panel 10
Panel, Hive 1.5-SlotFDE $4 /panel 11
Panel, Hive 2-SlotFDE $5 /panel 5
Panel, Hive 2.5-SlotFDE $6 /panel 7
Panel, Hive 3-SlotFDE $7 /panel 3
Panel, Hive 1-SlotGRY $3 /panel 29
Panel, Hive 1.5-SlotGRY $4 /panel 12
Panel, Hive 2-SlotGRY $5 /panel 7
Panel, Hive 2.5-SlotGRY $6 /panel 9
Panel, Hive 3-SlotGRY $7 /panel 6
Panel, Dots 1-SlotBLK $3 /panel 11
Panel, Dots 1.5-SlotBLK $4 /panel 11
Panel, Dots 2-SlotBLK $5 /panel 6
Panel, Dots 2.5-SlotBLK $6 /panel 15
Panel, Dots 3-SlotBLK $7 /panel 4
Panel, Dots 1-SlotFDE $3 /panel 2
Panel, Dots 1.5-SlotFDE $4 /panel 2
Panel, Dots 2-SlotFDE $5 /panel 6
Panel, Dots 2.5-SlotFDE $6 /panel 9
Panel, Dots 3-SlotFDE $7 /panel 17
Panel, Dots 1-SlotGRY $3 /panel 2
Panel, Dots 1.5-SlotGRY $4 /panel 2
Panel, Dots 2-SlotGRY $5 /panel 11
Panel, Dots 2.5-SlotGRY $6 /panel 7
Panel, Dots 3-SlotGRY $7 /panel 5
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2021.12.02 13:25 MidnightGrooveRec The GroovaLottos are Back!!!

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2021.12.02 13:25 Autistigasmatic Minecraft

I've heard it runs absolutely fine on linux, but I just grabbed it and can't get above 20 fps with a gtx 2070 and a ryzen 2700x. Are there some tweaks and adjustments I should be making? Games like overwatch and cyberpunk run perfectly fine. And a quick google search didn't reveal anything.
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2021.12.02 13:25 No_Cabinet6307 technoblade screams "VIOLENT REASON!"

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2021.12.02 13:25 King_Dragonlord Tips for fighting [Redacted]?

I keep dying when I reach [Redacted] so any one have any tips?
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2021.12.02 13:25 ravens4thawin4ever Your most hated Steelers player?

View Poll
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2021.12.02 13:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Sues The Intercept Over Russian Mercenary Report | Intercept

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2021.12.02 13:25 im-the-stig [12/01/2021] Car drives into crowd rallying for Daunte Wright, police not pursuing driver

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2021.12.02 13:25 SufjanChristmas A Very Sufjan Christmas Day 3 | Good King Wenceslas

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2021.12.02 13:25 DecentLurker96 Zuccarello officially back tonight

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