“Lose focus - you die, Pvt”

2021.12.05 13:22 Charlie-2-2 “Lose focus - you die, Pvt”

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2021.12.05 13:22 kw03emz I sold this player a long time ago yet he keeps talking about my team very often and is negatively affecting my players morale, how do I make him shut up? I’m playing on Xbox btw

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2021.12.05 13:22 brainpixels Amogus 😎😳🤢😔✅🗿🐝😬😬😬😂😂😂😂🗿🗿🗿👍🤪🤪

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2021.12.05 13:22 Cambowoww My beautiful kitty

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2021.12.05 13:22 swanksquid Testicular pain for 3-4 years on and off - doctors haven’t been able to find anything wrong

Hello, I am 19 years old, male and for the last 3-4 years (maybe longer) I have experienced mild - intense pain in my right testicle which has progressively gotten worse, on an average scale, overtime. I have had a few memorable experiences where it has been at its worst but in general this is just a very uncomfortable issue that takes a large toll on my life. Before getting into it I think it’s worth mentioning that the pain increases after smoking/consuming weed or thc although I am certain this is not the cause since I’ve had it long before I smoked regularly and experience pain increase in general upon weed consumption, in other parts of the body. The pain mainly occurs in the point where the testicle meets the tubing at the top, but a deep and dull ache is expressed in the surrounding area of the testicle and scrotum. Pain also appears in the lower, right-hand-side of the abdomen creeping upwards, as well as going down the right inner thigh. There is also a feeling of tightening in the tubing of the testicle which for some reason seems connected to the vesicles and tendons in the inner thigh with a correlation between the tightness of both; if my leg is straight the sensation is very tight and more painful which forces my right leg to retract as a means of trying to loosen this sensation. However sometimes the pain is too tight so that even with my leg fully bent and withdrawn the chords/vessels are too tight for this to ease the pain.
Going back to the beginning, I first went to the doctors after feeling a small lump on each testicle at the top where the tubing meets. He identified them as cysts, too small to be of any concern but gave me some antibiotics for the pain and got me an ultrasound to be safe. The ultrasound results stated that everything was normal. The antibiotics eased the pain but it wasn’t long after that it returned. Went to the doctors again to which he gave me more antibiotics and sent me on my way. Not the most helpful fella so realised I’d have to be a bit more assertive if I wanted to actually find out what was wrong with me. Eventually I got an appointment with a urologist, having a second ultrasound and a sexual health screening to rule out abnormalities in the testicle and cysts and to test for any sexually transmitted diseases/infections; all came back clear and normal. The urologist told me whoever said my pain was caused by the cysts was an idiot but after examining me couldn’t find anything wrong. He ended the appointment telling me to wear more supportive underwear, but nothing too tight because that could make it worse.
Also worth mentioning, I went to A&E a number of times when the pain was especially bad and I suspected signs of tortion or just something urgently wrong, but after an examination on each occasion nobody could find anything abnormal.
Fast forward some time of mild-moderate pain to around september 2020 when I took LSD and I went for a long nature walk. Whilst out we smoked some weed and just had a walk around and everything was fine. However, on the walk home I started to experience a tightening feeling in the tubing of my right testicle and a fairly intense pain began to develop as I was walking (the abrasion and leg movements as I walked made it worse) but I was determined to get home so that I could rest there because I felt anxious about stopping and embarrassed to tell my gf, who I was with, that I was experiencing testicular pain - which obviously now I know was stupid. But yeah, eventually the pain was quite horrendous and I was having to limp the last stretch home. The pain slowly eased once I was resting but persisted until the next day. That was the first significant event in which I realised that my issue was developing.
Within the last year it had eased an amount, with the occasional similar experience if I had been required to walk a moderate distance or something alike, but gotten worse recently. I have recently started smoking weed much more often which I’m sure has been a factor in my pain increasing, however to stop smoking isn’t the solution for me since I know the pain still persists and by doing so I am not solving anything (just putting myself through a little less agony lol). But weed has some strongly positive attributes for me such as anxiety/stress relief, relaxation and euphoria and very positive contributions to my creativity, mindset and outlook on the world, so although I’d be in less pain, quitting weed is not my intention.
Anyway, during this period within the last year, I have been back and forth to the doctors a number of times trying to get the ball rolling again, I have had 2 more ultrasounds, firstly to test for a hernia and secondly to test for a urinary tract infection. I have also had another STD/STI test, all of which came back normal surprise surprise.
I recently had another appointment with the same urologist as before and we collectively discussed my symptoms and did a number of further examinations on the testicles, abdomen and lower back, however, nothing presented itself as abnormal.
The pain I experience is normally a dull yet intense ache which can include sharper and pulsating/throbbing pains which resonate in the surrounding area and just a very sensitive and painful to touch. The only way i know to ease the pain is to cradle/support the testicles, bring my right leg in towards my body to loosen the tightness. Although the most effective pain relief for me is ejaculation (I’m not sure why). The pain often increases with physical activity. The connection between the vesicles/tubing and the inner thigh is quite confusing since I’m quite sure those two areas are not in conflict but it just feels super tight and intense. I also have no recollection of any serious trauma (apart from being hit in the balls whilst I had blue balls which felt horrendous for a good few hours, one time about 4 years ago - but it’s hard to say whether this came before the pains or not or if it’s even relevant at all)
But yeah, that’s about it. It’s very frustrating to not know what is wrong when everything seems clinically normal and I have never found a truly similar experience in someone else online so if anyone has experienced anything similar or knows what the cause of this issue could be then it would be incredibly appreciated.
(I live in the uk, white male 19y/o, no other medical implications, no medication, 5’11, roughly 55kg)
Thank u thank u, god speed to u all ;)
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2021.12.05 13:22 furiousmustache ADAcash mentioned in ZCrypto!

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2021.12.05 13:22 Chill_Omega_5306 Xeno playthrough when?

Petition for Mikey to play Pokémon xenoverse anyone?
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2021.12.05 13:22 daevski Another day out in the black!

Another day out in the black! System: Pyraleau YF-L D9-54
Neutron Star in front of a Class M star
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2021.12.05 13:22 Dessert4Bkfst What can your partner do to help make bad news lighter?

This week my guy gets some pretty hard news. We are hopeful, but have been warned to be “prepared”. It’s not life threatening, but it’s gonna be a shit ton of pain and a temporary life style change until we get him through it and fully mended. I know he is in his own head on this one, but he’s also been open about his worries. I follow his lead, but have also been on a “distract us” mission by piling him with some cool, lovey, adventurous activities. He’s so great. I want to make this easier. I do make it easier- he tells me this, but I’d love some ideas, or ways your partner sends you the “ whatever this is, we’ll figure it out” message. Thanks for anything you can add. I know I can’t fix any of it, but I can be a soft place to curl up, a stupid dance fest in the kitchen or an organizer of the unruly sock drawer and sometimes those little things can send a big message. Any ideas on some little things?
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2021.12.05 13:22 tech_nate1 programming tiktok 🤣if its funny, subscribe :)

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2021.12.05 13:22 final_ciclico [FOR HIRE] Commissions open from $55! ✨✨✨

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2021.12.05 13:22 Odd_Description_7855 Kronika on very hard

Has anybody tried this yet? If so Would consider her the hardest boss battle nrs has ever made?
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2021.12.05 13:22 agething732 Hi

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2021.12.05 13:22 TextStreet what were some comments on today's WT you heard?

Today's study is extraordinary. Let's hear some gems you heard from comments.
One I heard: "The DF'd person KNOWS we love them. The fact that we don't talk to them is proof of that."
Another one: "Lady asked us 'Why do you kick people out?' and I said 'It's in the bible. It's not our rule.'"
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2021.12.05 13:22 B_MeansGaming Life is One Big Puzzle | Unpacking Gameplay Part 2

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2021.12.05 13:22 Ralfop Bath Massage Pad Perfect for your feet, promotes foot circulation Durable and easy to use, hang it up and let it air dry. Generous amount of cleaning bristles, long and soft enough to comfortably clean your feet. Suitable for man that always in flip flops. It gives a great massage as well as cleanin

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2021.12.05 13:22 Ralfop Big Cubic Zirconia Ring Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry.

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2021.12.05 13:22 Morgan-992 Main uses: cleaning computer keyboards, car interiors, mobile phones, telephones, printers, audio-visual equipment, office equipment, and other items. If it's just good at home decoration, there must be a lot of dust in many places, use a universal cleaning gel! It is easy to accomplish. When you wa

Main uses: cleaning computer keyboards, car interiors, mobile phones, telephones, printers, audio-visual equipment, office equipment, and other items. If it's just good at home decoration, there must be a lot of dust in many places, use a universal cleaning gel! It is easy to accomplish. When you wa submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 13:22 Morgan-992 The foldable and 360-degree rotatable design makes it possible for you to maximize your storage space like never before, becoming quickly a staple in many homes, not only because they help with storage but because they make finding your favorite clothes easier than ever!

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2021.12.05 13:22 scgco This will blow your mind. Exactly 100 years ago in December 1921, Henry Ford proposed to replace gold with energy currency and stop wars

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2021.12.05 13:22 LIS1050010 Guide: Basic Disaster Supply Kit

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2021.12.05 13:22 horsegrenades Best Vegan Spots

I have a friend coming to stay with me in a few weeks who is vegan. I don’t want to bring him to a place only to find out that he has 2 options on the menu to choose from. We’ve done Munch and Grapeleaves before. I know Bodhi Thai in Berwyn also has some good options. All suggestions are welcome!
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2021.12.05 13:22 YellowCrazy1904 Mega Steelix raid on me 377311947546

Mega Steelix raid on me 377311947546
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2021.12.05 13:22 derpgerpy SIB Call of Duty: Vanguard

I have been debating if i should buy Vanguard due to the amount of people hating on it my friend on the otherhand says its a good game. I'm getting a PC very soon so I hope it's worth getting it.
I've gotten pretty bored of most FPS games so I have been thinking of getting Vanguard.
My friend has nothing but praise for the game but everywhere else thinks differently. So due to that I've been hesitant to buy the game since i don't know if it's good or bad
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