2021.12.06 01:30 Entire-Truth-7555 TIPS (FAILED) Error

Has anyone been having issue with Metamon Game? I'm having the TIPS: FAILED error all day today. Tried to restart, reconnect wallet, check for updates. Still not working. Any way to resolve?
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2021.12.06 01:30 JonArbunkle7654 Some headcanon lore on the types of Drones and their most dangerous ability - The Berserk State

Worker Drone Artificial Human
The result of JCJhenson's experiments on the uncovered fossilized remains of an instance of the species Genesis Sapiens, AKA a godlike entity known under the codename "Prometheus", dronekind are artificial human beings who share genetic code with both Homo Sapien Sapiens (human being) and Prometheus. In the case of Worker Drones, human genes are more dominant, but their Promtheus genes do grant them enhanced strength and speed, though not by much. Notably, their stamina is incredibly high, which was useful for being put to work, although by the admission of Jonathan Jhenson, co-CEO of the JCJhenson company, they created the drones to push the limits of science and innovation. The first Worker Drone prototypes were inert and effectively braindead, without a will or spirit. Thus a solution had to be found. This solution came in the form of the AF Engine, an artificial organ synthesized from the skeletal structure of Prometheus. This organ has the capacity to contain a human soul, not only granting drastically higher amounts of energy but also granting the drones a human spirit that allowed for them to act as a human would. The drawbacks to the AF Engine would not be discovered until later during the construction of the Disassembly Drones, however. The greatest fear of JCJhenson was that these "Godlings" would awaken to their true nature and break off into a new super-civilization, and thus the lie that they were purely mechanical in nature was fabricated. The very first Worker Drones were born half-formed, completely wrong in several areas. These failed prototypes were dumped in a place now known as the Drone Graveyard, a mass-grave and a grisly reminder of the lengths JCJhenson would go to in order to push science perhaps too far.
Disassembly Drone Multi-Purpose Humanoid Destructive Weapon
Multi-Purpose Humanoid Destructive Weapon, otherwise known as a Disassembly Drone is JCJhenson's "greatest achievement." The Disassembly Drones, like Worker Drones are the result of a hybrid genome between the species Homo Sapien Sapien (human being) and Genesis Sapiens (AKA Prometheus), although the ratio of Genesis Sapiens DNA to Homo Sapien Sapiens is significantly more than a Worker Drone's. The dominance of Prometheus genes in the genome grants the Disassembly Drones superhuman qualities, although it also causes them to be much more unstable than a Worker Drone. Typically, Disassembly Drones are equipped with heavy armaments used on missions. At least 50 Proto-Types were produced. The earliest Proto-Types were horrifically deformed, and often died within minutes of birth. Still more should have died but did not, and were put out of their misery. Serial Designation N was the first Proto-Type to be born without defects, and was deemed the Test-Type, although due to remaining instabilities the Test-Type was carefully monitored. Due to the fact that the company had not been made aware of the potential of Berserk Incidents until after Serial Designation N was constructed, Serial Designation N lacks the fail-safe present in all other existing Disassembly Drones to prevent such incidents. This failsafe rapidly injects cyanide into the brain of a Disassembly Drone on the verge of going Berserk, causing extremely rapid brain death before the transformation can occur. The corpses of the 50 or so failed Proto-Types were dumped near Outpost-34, in a place now referred to as the Drone Graveyard, where the first failed Worker Drone Proto-Types were also dumped. Currently, at least 1,000 corpses remain there. In order to minimize the potential Berserk Incident, all Worker Drones and Disassembly Drones are to be fed the lie that they are fully mechanical entities, and possess no organic components whatsoever.
Berserk Drone Monster in The Machine
JCJhenson Co. has been made aware of the potential of "Berserk Incidents". In such incidents, a drone enters a state known as the "Berserk State", in which all physical attributes increase beyond the normal physical limits of the drone's body. In one instance, a Berserk worker drone was capable of leaping over 30 feet into the air in order to knock a Disassembly Drone hunting them out of the air. The Disassembly Drone was completely and totally consumed, and the Berserk worker left almost nothing left of its prey. In Disassembly Drones, the overloading of the AF Engine produces excess energy that manifests in the form of four additional wings made of energy, and a halo made of energy hovering above the head. Although the state can be induced into both Worker and Disassembly Drones, it is significantly more common in Disassembly Drones. In all instances, the drone in question loses all higher reasoning and acts in an animalistic fashion, attacking and killing all targets nearby. If the target is powered by an AF Engine, they typically attempt to ingest the engine, which has the potential to introduce [DATA EXPUNGED] in Disassembly Drones. The state can be reversed by a forced reboot, although drones that have entered the Berserk State do not respond to remote commands and thus this has to be manually induced by knocking the drone out. The danger of a Berserk drone cannot be understated. One Worker Drone that went Berserk resulted in 20 personnel deaths before it was finally neutralized. A fail-safe was installed in all future Disassembly Drones to prevent a Berserk State from being achieved. This fail-safe injects cyanide directly into the brain of a Disassembly Drone on the verge of going Berserk, killing them instantly. The only Disassembly Drone that currently lacks this fail-safe is the Test-Type, Serial Designation N, and as such monitoring of the unit in question has been more extreme in hopes of preventing such an incident.
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2021.12.06 01:30 touckashiaaumo Laser Cutting Questions;

I am looking to build a CNC machine and am wondering the viability of making both a CNC routeLaser Cutter Combo machine. It would be mainly ancient to‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­engraving plastic and maybe some light wood work. My main question is regarding engraving 2 ply plastics like this . Is that something that can be accomplished at a reasonable speed with a Diode laser? Any recommendations on Laser types? Can a laser cut a beveled edge into a plastic like this? Thanks for the help!
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2021.12.06 01:30 toastythunder Found some old drawings, this is a tree.

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2021.12.06 01:30 KaitoThat Not funny

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2021.12.06 01:30 frawwgie I'm 15 y/o, diagnosed at 10 y/o, and feel a little overwhelmed.

As the title says, I'm 15 years old and was diagnosed when I was 10. My glucose levels back then were mostly smooth, with the obvious highs and lows, but now I don't really know if my glucose is going to be rocky or be a decent day. I bolus properly, and count my carbs, but it's like my body doesn't even listen. I listen to the advice my endo gives as well.
Whenever my glucose seems to be going well, I'll go to eat something since I'm hungry, but after eating and bolusing, it seems like my glucose always shoots back up. I just want some decent glucose levels, and I feel stupid whenever it goes over 250 mg/dl. There are good days though, but I just wish that my glucose could be like that all the time.
I have a t-slim x2, along with a Dexcom, which helps me with my blood sugars, and I'm doing my best to keep my glucose in control. With puberty and hormones, school stuff, and just diabetes in general, I just feel overwhelmed. How come I did so well when I was 10 and 11, but now that I'm a teen, it's like all of that was for nothing?
If anyone can give me some advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you, and have a good day/night :)
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2021.12.06 01:30 Exotic_Warning_5376 ApolloRebase (APR) 🚀 A rebase token that rewards holders in BUSD. Launching now! Doxed Devs | Verified contract | Techrate audit | x1000 Gem

ApolloRebase (APR) is a project born out of the need for reliable price rises amongst a sea of volatility and red candles. We've created a token and a community you can join with confidence. ApolloRebase (APR) token is mathematically designed to increase in price every hour, allowing you to be worry-free knowing your investment is protected through a constantly increasing liquidity pool solidifying the price floor.
A rebase token that rewards holders in BUSD.
Buy/Sell Tax:
🥞7% BUSD rewards
💫2% Marketing
🥞 1% Liquidity Fee
💯 Doxxed Devs
📃 Verified contract
📃 Techrate audit: ✅
📃 Solidity audit: ✅
Big marketing plans:
✅ Coingecko listing (fastfrack after launch)
✅ Coinmarketcap listing (fasttrack after launch)
✅ Poocoin ads
✅ Coinsniper, Coinhunt, Coinvote, Coinmooner...
✅ Famous youtubers and twitter influencers
✅ Daily Reddit trending (Cryptomoonshots + other subreddits)
✅ 24/7 telegram shilling
As an Elastic Supply token the Apollo Rebase token uses a negative rebasing to reduce the total supply of tokens in order to increase the value of each token over time. This means the amount of tokens in your wallet will decrease over time, but the value of each token only increases or decreases as the market cap fluctuates.Imagine if you purchased 2% of the total supply . Rebasing means the amount of tokens you hold increases or decreases yet the percentage you hold relative to the supply remains the same.The value of your investment is not measured by the amount of tokens you possess rather it is measured by the percentage of the total supply you hold , just like every other project essentially.
📋Contract: 0x979b675fb72f4f8da42f6a545d949c1720f47abe
Buy Here:
Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity locked:
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2021.12.06 01:30 AnteaterCharming7024 Please help me under my natal chart. I'm new. Any things that are interesting to you?

Thanks so much!
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2021.12.06 01:30 Responsible-Bag315 有意遣返的被收养者

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2021.12.06 01:30 amnesiac7 U.S. officials to boycott Beijing Olympics - CNN

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2021.12.06 01:30 Anti-Anti-Vaxxer suck my cock tropofarmer

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2021.12.06 01:30 Baked_Rexus What projects are you interested in on right now?

Exactly as title states, interested in seeing what people are interested in at the moment after the weekend and why you are interested in that project in particular!
Or alternatively what projects are you turned off of now that you weren't recently and why?
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2021.12.06 01:30 Aristarko DOS 1: A.I personalities descriptions

Hi, I'm starting DOS1 and I've got really excited about the player character A.I personality and arguments that are absent in DOS2, but I really wanted to know more about the A.I personalities, how would you describe them? If you don't remember, they're: Knight, Rascal, Maniac, Judge, Priest and Free Spirit. (I've chosen Free Spirit for my male battlemage and Priest for my female shadowblade, did I make a good choice? should I restart my game and give my battlemage no A.I at all?)
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2021.12.06 01:30 tashvaqa This sign in the bathroom of one of the local restaurants

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2021.12.06 01:30 Sea_Panic9863 Putting together the edge pieces for a puzzle. I have everything else put together, these are the only 2 pieces left, and the only open spot left. It should fit there, but it doesn't.

Putting together the edge pieces for a puzzle. I have everything else put together, these are the only 2 pieces left, and the only open spot left. It should fit there, but it doesn't. submitted by Sea_Panic9863 to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 01:30 PCSingAgain Is this worth causing a fuss over?

My teacher asked a question on an ethics quiz that is pretty much down to opinion, and I got it wrong.
“Elliot is getting his PhD in bio-medical engineering. In order to get the data he needs, Elliot is required to severe the achilles tendon of the mice and have them run on a treadmill until they develop knee problems. The research will be used to help prevent and or treat arteriosclerosis in humans. Is this research ethical? True/false”
I said false because I believe it to be animal cruelty. The answer was true. How is my grade based on my opinions? How is this kind of opinion based question allowed? There were a number of other questions like this, and as a result, I got a C on the quiz. Would I sound completely ridiculous bringing this up?
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2021.12.06 01:30 acc_original Going High & Fast - Kerbal Space Program RP-1 Playthrough - Episode 4

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2021.12.06 01:30 gorlnerd give. me. treat.

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2021.12.06 01:30 YourBlanket Android app crashing because minEnabled is set to true

So for the past week or so I’ve been having a problem where my debug apk would run perfectly fine on my phone but when I’d upload the update to the play store it’ll crash. After searching online I saw someone recommend setting minEnabled to false and that somehow worked. From what I understand minEnabled obfuscates(?) the release apk and changes variable & class names and gets rid of the unused code. I also remember reading something about reflection. My app is a very simple weather app using weatherapi, retrofit, and Picasso. Until recently the release apk was working fine the only thing I added was a couple buttons to get data for the next 5 and 10 days. It works now but I don’t understand why that’ll force the app to crash.
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2021.12.06 01:30 dreadfulgray Out of control appetite and Graves Disease. SOS please send help 😱

So I was diagnosed with Graves a few months ago, initially was overactive but have now swung to under-active as of my last blood test about a week ago and was taken off Carbimazole as soon as I found out. I had another blood test this morning and will get the results in a few days.
Anyway, my appetite has gone batshit crazy, it’s not real “hunger” but I just feel compelled to eat constantly. I’m feeling really tired and I think my body is demanding food to give me “energy” even though it obviously doesn’t work like that.
I’m trying to eat as healthily as possible and get a good balance of protein, carbs, veggies and healthy fats but I still feel super compelled to overeat. I’m trying so hard to resist because I really don’t want to gain any more weight.
I suspect I may have swung back to over-active but won’t find out for a couple of days.
Any tips for helping this feeling of wanting to eat constantly? I’m trying to distract myself and drink plenty of water but it’s not really helping.
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2021.12.06 01:30 Enkidu821 Commo-Rose Accessibility Changes

So many things about the UI in this game are poorly designed, the amount of menus within menus and multiple steps to do anything is a real head-scratcher. The Commo-Rose is badly implemented with it's second page of barks you need to swap to. That's too busy to do in the heat of the moment unless you've got the layout memorized.
I've seen it in other games (possibly even previous BF games?) where similar actions are grouped together and a simple left-click/right-click would choose one or the other.
For example: If you make "Thank You" and "Sorry" share the same space, left-click would activate "Thank You" and right-click would activate "Sorry." Attack/Defend. Request Heal/Ammo. Stay/Go. Get In/Out. Some barks may not fit well contrasted with some others but on the whole it'll be way better.
It would theoretically be super easy to implement and reduce the amount of navigation required for barks. Thoughts?
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2021.12.06 01:30 cjgiddens3 Marketplace Issues

I’m having a bit of an issue trying to sell a card. I’m in the marketplace trying to place a sell order but the game keeps saying I must unequip or unsquad the card. I have taken the card out of my lineup and off the bench, but I still cannot sell the card. Any help to maybe resolve this issue?
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2021.12.06 01:30 sweetheavenlyfeet ✈️

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2021.12.06 01:30 Playful_Drink_5910 Is chump or champ an girl?

Because I see a lot of fan art that champ is an girl (sometimes has the features of a woman)
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2021.12.06 01:30 mich-spich E waste- an unavoidable future

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