You may now banish me to the Shadow Realm

teach me to forget a banished father, you must not learn me how to remember any extraordinary pleasure. CELIA Herein I see thou lovest me not with the full weight that I love thee. If my uncle, thy banished father, had banished thy uncle, the duke my father, so thou hadst been still with me, I could have taught my Iago beckons me; now he begins the story. CASSIO She was here even now; she haunts me in every place. I was the other day talking on the sea-bank with certain Venetians; and thither comes the bauble, and, by this hand, she falls me thus about my neck--OTHELLO Crying 'O dear Cassio!' as it were: his gesture imports it. CASSIO Now, that is not to say that women have never been unjustly discriminated against in the West. ... banish them to their couches, and beat them. If they then obey you, look not for any way against them; God is All-high, All-great. ... (In the Shadow of the Qur’ān) that is referring to “women who are past the menopause and those who do not ... We'll create EPIC PROJECTS & GRIMOIRE PAGES as well as perform spells and rituals to banish your artistic fears and unlock your creative confidence. If you want to color like the examples on this page (which I did with basic Crayola pencils) — you can learn. All it takes is some practice and a few skills that you'll pick up in time.

2021.12.03 16:58 Agile_Fent You may now banish me to the Shadow Realm

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2021.12.03 16:58 ComplaintDelicious92 Best Night time fishing spots in SWFL

My cousin is visiting right now and really wants to do some night time fishing, ideally off of a pier or off of a bridge. Has to be well lit. Any suggestions? Is the sanibel causeway lit by street lights? Any help is greatly appreciated
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2021.12.03 16:58 Robinblitz First time I've created a cinematic using DCS and ArmA 3. Please let me know what you think!

First time I've created a cinematic using DCS and ArmA 3. Please let me know what you think! submitted by Robinblitz to arma [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 16:58 SituationTight7033 Turn your audience in co-creators with token-gated repositories

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2021.12.03 16:58 Blockchain_cl Criptomonedas en el metaverso: Top analista revela 3 monedas metaversa...

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2021.12.03 16:58 4Ground_Music Dustin Hanusch & Fifth Bass | The Complete Discography ( Instrumental playlist, Great for relaxing, rocking, studying, dancing, focusing, etc.)

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2021.12.03 16:58 maxmoore2573 A question for the Spanish, is isdin cheaper there?

Awhile ago I used their sunscreens and I really enjoyed them, they’re too expensive though. Are there any cheaper there?
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2021.12.03 16:58 Kyze404 Any discord for this manga?

Hi everyone, I'm rereading the manga for like the 5th time and just discovered this sub, sadly it doesn't seem to be very active. Is there a discord available to talk about it, or is the community dead ? ( Which would be understandable since it's over ).
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2021.12.03 16:58 dalyllama35 An Interview with Carmine Appice

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2021.12.03 16:58 ynotgee Arcade accolades

Now that Arcade is easy to do.
For those that plan to do: 2x / 30 mins 5x / 24 hours 10x / 5 hours round 3 completion of arcade
DO NOT: 1. fast travel 2. switch vehicles 3. disconnect from session.
These are the ones I know of, might be more..
For some reason the count wont accumulate if any of those happen and you will reset back to 0.
I would do them now while they’re really easy to do right now for requirement scaling on players, in case they do nerf this in the future.
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2021.12.03 16:58 UtherPenn In case anyone is feelin the fud or the red- I'm a 4x hodler, bought in Feb and have averaged both of my accounts up. This dip is literally nothing for me, and I hope this helps reassure you: Apes not leaving. I hodl for market change and for life changing money. Nothing less. I hodl for you ✊💎

In case anyone is feelin the fud or the red- I'm a 4x hodler, bought in Feb and have averaged both of my accounts up. This dip is literally nothing for me, and I hope this helps reassure you: Apes not leaving. I hodl for market change and for life changing money. Nothing less. I hodl for you ✊💎 submitted by UtherPenn to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 16:58 Infinite_Recording91 [EU] [NA] [PC] [PS4] [XBOX] [mobile] Tidal wave gaming

Hi Rookies We are Tidal Wave
Where many are one and one are many. Torreto is our honnorable member because in here we are family. Family does not necessarily mean blood relatives but often a description of a community who stands by each other.
We welcome all ranks and skill levels to our discord. We host weekly events and tournaments if you think you can beat us why not try and earn some rewards?
We also offer training for lower ranked players that want help (bronze-plat).No worries if you can’t get off the ground we all been there.
Lets say something for a long term goal.Our long term goal is to create big non toxic community with variety of games but you arent here to listen about other games I get it im also RL no lifer xD.
Lets keep it simple one day we wish to compete in big RL events and myb one day participate in RLCS (P.S. we have goat cake) (P.P.S. no goat or other animal was harmed in proces)
The tournaments and plans for this season are
1v1 bronze-gold(1 time in week) 1v1 plat-champ(1 time in week) 1v1 all ranks(1 time in week) 2v2(2 times in month) 3v3(1 time in month) Scrim(2 times in week) 1v1 heatseeker(1 time in a month) 1v1 boomer(2 time in a month) Rocket league quiz(1 time in a month)
Every tournament category has unique prize on the end of season.
-16+ -working mic -none toxic -active in discord
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2021.12.03 16:58 zubair107 The First Revelation of Quran

The Makkans claimed descent from Abraham through Ishmail and tradition stated that their temple, the Ka`bah, had been built by Abraham for the worship of the One God. It was still called the House of God, but the chief objects of worship here were a number of idols, which were called “daughters” of God and intercessors. It was the practice of the Prophet to retire often to a cave in the desert for meditation. His place of retreat was Hira, a cave in a mountain called the Mountain of Light not far from Makkah, and his chosen month was Ramadan, the month of heat. It was there one night towards the end of this quiet month that the first revelation came to him when he was forty years old. He heard a voice say: “Read!” He said: “I cannot read.” The voice again said: “Read!” He said: “I cannot read.” A third time the voice, more terrible, commanded: “Read!” He said: “What can I read?” The voice said: “Recite in the name of your Lord who created - Created the human being from a clinging substance. Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous – Who taught by the pen – Taught the human being that which he knew not.” [Qur’an 96:1-5]
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2021.12.03 16:58 FunkySjouke Is my room big enough

I'm buying a Oculus Quest 2 after testing it in my friends room the space was about 1,5 by 1,5 m which was good. I myself have a 1,25 by 2 meter space maybe even 2,5, but is that good? It isn't wide enough to spread my arms wide, I have my bed on one side along the rectangle so if I stand off center I would have enough space but how would I set up the guardian? I don't want to bump my bed with my feet but I do want to use the space for my arms, the answer is probably just push true the guardian for that bit (would be nice to be able to add like cube sized guardians for this stuff)
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2021.12.03 16:58 vicvar10 Majid Jordan inspired tutorial in Logic Pro. Lot's of little tips and tricks I think you'll find useful!

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2021.12.03 16:58 FilipeEac [HELP] I always wanted to build a big dragon or dinosaur in my map like this one in the picture but I can't do it alone, and I never found a good tutorial or something like that to guide me, does anybody know a way for me to build creatures like this? Anything helps

[HELP] I always wanted to build a big dragon or dinosaur in my map like this one in the picture but I can't do it alone, and I never found a good tutorial or something like that to guide me, does anybody know a way for me to build creatures like this? Anything helps submitted by FilipeEac to Minecraftbuilds [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 16:58 DanieleDominici What are you watching tonight?

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2021.12.03 16:58 JessAda407 What’s your thought

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2021.12.03 16:58 cc3c3 Interview with Successful Authors

I've been spending the past week on my Discord server, and I've been compiling advice through interviews with successful, full time authors! Currently I've interviewed two authors, All Those Roadworks and Reagan Davis of the Knitorious Murder Mysteries Series.
I'll go in order with my compiled advice :

  1. From All These Roadworks : "My three pieces of advice for audience growth are: (1) Post on a regular schedule. Doesn't matter if it's daily or weekly, just make sure you have new content coming out reliably and predictably. Don't drop three things one day and then go silent for a month. Break up big content into small bites if necessary. (2) Stay on brand. Make everything you release on a given channel immediately identifiable as "you", make it all the same kind of stuff, and don't overly indulge in personal whims. Definitely don't get into political arguments (or at least pick the ones that really, really matter). (3) Hustle. If you intend to make money, every last thing you post should include a link back to the place where people can give you money. There's a million ways to do that without seeming insincere or pushy. But don't be shy to remind people that if they like your stuff, they can pay for it. I guess also, at a more basic level, make sure the places you're promoting are places that (a) facilitate discovery by new users and (b) allow you to monetise."
  2. "the biggest and most unique part of my business model is releasing tons of free stories. It's how I advertise, and without it I simply wouldn't get customers." (edited)
  3. : "I write two chapters of ongoing serials a week. In theory, those serials eventually get finished and collected into e-books..."
  4. [Roadwork's book] has sold 142 copies in the two months since it released, for a total gross of $563 USD, and I expect it to have a pretty long tail." (edited)
  5. "Down the track it will get collected into a bundle. I sell the bundles at about 25% discount over the cost of the books individually, and that works out because I get a much bigger total sale (and Paypal gets a correspondingly smaller percentage)."
  6. The trick is having a lot of items in your catalogue. The person who buys the book for $3.99 is nice, but what's much better is the one who then buys your entire back catalogue for another $100+."
And From Reagan Davis
  1. From ReaganDavis "The best promo for my backlist is my front list. Nothing promotes my last book better than releasing a new book. I rapid released to maximise the Amazon algorithms. The schedule led to burnout, so I’m rejigging my production schedule for next year. I suck at AMS ads. I keep trying, but they’re a mystery to me. My FB ads do well. I believe three BookBub featured deals launched me to six-figures. I also like paid newsletters and BookFunnel promos and swaps. " (edited)
  2. "[About BOOKBUB] I made sure my submissions met their criteria and I applied frequently. Then, when accepted, I stacked promos to maximise the exposure. My books have been awarded 12 best seller tags in multiple categories in 4 marketplaces (US, Canada, UK, and Australia)" "Prior to release, I wrote a flash fiction reader magnet (a prequel to the series) and used it to build my email list. I also did a lot of newsletter swaps with other authors in my genre. I found the social media platforms where my readers gather, and built a following by interacting with them organically. Then, I rapid released the first three books to maximise algorithms. I believe this contributed to my initial success"
  3. "Consistency is key. Write and release at a consistent pace so your readers know when and what to expect from you. Write in a series for maximum profitability. Produce professional-quality books if you want to be seen as a professional. Don’t use paid advertising until your 3rd or 4th book, otherwise the reader has no backlist to consume."
  4. "Most of my marketing budget goes to book 1. Most of my income is from read-through. The longer your series, the longer the read through. Know the LTV of your readers - know how much they are likely to spend if you hook them with the first book."
  5. "I published the first three books 28 days apart to maximise amazon’s algorithm."📷1
  6. "Study the leaders in that genre. Not flash-in-the-pan leaders, but authors who stay in the top 100 of the categories where your books belong, or who have multiple titles in the top 100. Study their story structure, plot beats, and everything else about their books. Join their email lists and study how they market and promote." (edited)
  7. "My readers are female, 35+, married or divorced, have kids, and are avid readers. That’s the reader avatar for my genre, so that’s who I speak to and appeal to in my marketing. They are mostly on FB. I dislike FB, but my readers are there, so I am too. you have to meet your readers on their terms. If they are on IG, you need an IG presence. If it’s a platform you dislike, get a VA who will interact on your behalf. I have a great VA. Also, interact organically, as a fellow reader and fan. No one likes to be sold to all the time. Once you have followers there, lure them to your email list. You own your email list. It is your biggest asset. FB, Snap, discord, etc can delete you whenever they want and you need a secondary method to connect with your readers."
  8. "My email list always preorders my books. I use preorders as a measure of success. As long as each book has more preorders than the book before it, I assume the series is still growing."
  9. "Bonus content, newsletter swaps, BookFunnel promos, contests and exclusive giveaways only for my email subs. My email list gets everything first. They are the first to receive bonus content, find out about promos, see new covers, etc."
  10. "This is genre-specific, but in general make sure your story hits all the tropes and archetypes the readers in your genre expect. Make sure your cover and blurb also conform to genre expectations. Genre-fiction readers know what they expect when they choose a book. They want familiar, but fresh."
If you want to see the interview transcript itself, feel free to join our discord and see for yourself and ask the two any questions you have!
To join said discord, contact me through PMs or just comment below!
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2021.12.03 16:58 Slow-Ad6376 Recent Drawing ... Just Wanted to Share

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2021.12.03 16:58 zhunterw Wasted Time

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2021.12.03 16:57 Fray2323 I don’t care what anyone says…these GO HARD!!!

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2021.12.03 16:57 smoll_pp666 On a r/cringetopia post about rap in 2050

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2021.12.03 16:57 qwerty4321i Gta III and vice city the definitive edition not working

Yesterday i was booting up gta III and an update started. After the update was installed, i tried booting up the game. At boot, i got a UE4 window popping up and it said fatal error! . Same thing happened for vice city. For san andreas, i did thr update before and it worked fine and still is. Is there any way I could fix my 80$ games?
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2021.12.03 16:57 Geeky_r34 (@Rushzilla_) Vi [Arcane]

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