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And it's just pure happiness

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. www.scmp.com Starmen.Net EarthBound Walkthrough Updated 8/13/2008 ... Return to Top; EarthBound Walkthrough - Onett 1 - Onett 2 - Giant Step - Onett 3 - Twoson 1 - Peaceful Rest Valley - Happy Happy Village - Lilliput Steps - Twoson 2 - Threed 1 - Snow Wood - Winters 1 - Threed 2 - Grapefruit Falls - Saturn Valley 1 - Belch's Factory - Milky Well - Dusty Dunes Desert - Fourside 1 Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. A turn-based game through a browser interface. Contains frequently asked questions. Registration required. MSN Y23 Fall Capsule Bundle. Two new Fall Capsules have fallen into the NC Mall, and they're coming with some great savings! Get a free extra capsule with any 5-pack you buy, or grab a 10-pack for 25% off. MSN A non-commercial service for Canadian jobseekers and employers. It's all FREE! Underwear Discusssion Board Visitors Gallery

2021.12.02 07:11 cherrinetwork And it's just pure happiness

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2021.12.02 07:11 Silver_Task8596 4187 question

About a month ago a drill sergeant put in a 4187 for me too drop airborne school. It’s been a month and there is no word on it and they don’t know if it was ever sent up. Is there a chance it was just forgotten about? Or does it take this long, they said they looked and couldn’t find anything about it being sent up. I have just been stressing recently because I wanna just keep airborne and forget that I ever sent that up, and the drills said they think I’m still going to jump school because the drill that sent it up left, and they can’t find anything abt it
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2021.12.02 07:11 Odd_Ad7989 Normal HbA1c can still be Insulin resistance?

I did a HbA1c and it was normal is there still a chance I have insulin resistance? It’s was (5.0)
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2021.12.02 07:11 Ok-Measurement3952 Questions about living with a colostomy/Stoma in Estonia

Questions about living with a colostomy/Stoma in Estonia.
Where does one buy ostomy supplies? You know, the bags, the rings, the skin protection sprays, etc?
How much do ostomy supplies cost in Estonia? At present I'm not insured so I'd be paying for everything myself.

Thank you.
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2021.12.02 07:11 happy_gamer_0904 Best replay with the t 25 Skoda ever.

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2021.12.02 07:11 Joey_tribian spot the difference

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2021.12.02 07:11 a4techkeyboard The "DMA" is definitely a primordial wormhole, self-aware because it presumably contains higher beings

The Dark Matter Anomaly is just a very classy, well-mannered gravitational distortion causing, planet destroying, primordial wormhole.
That it is likely bored and sleepy but has not shown any evidence of tacky yawns in company is further evidence that the anomaly has a consciousness. They should have known about the anomaly's good manners because it has shown the ability to change direction and yet, has not done so overly much, ie, it is also not fidgety.
They just need to figure out what it's waiting for so it can go on its merry way. Did it order groceries? Is it in line for a very big chicken sandwich? Is it waiting for dinner?
Perhaps it doesn't even know why it's bored yet as it likely does not exist in linear time, and therefore it is waiting for something it hasn't even ordered.
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2021.12.02 07:11 Throwaway675193 Any way to move .sav file exported from eclipse and upload it into Delta?

I’ve delta built in “import save” function on the rom and it doesn’t work. I tried going into iTunes and moving the eclipse sav file into the database folder and that didn’t work. Anyone have a way to get this to work?
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2021.12.02 07:11 morning_with_golf Morning with Golf

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2021.12.02 07:11 Adventurous_Poetry51 For how long can film stay inside a camera?

Is it okay to leave film inside a camera for a long time? I left my portra 400 inside my canon for about 4-5 months now. I only shot about 10 exposures in that roll, but the camera has been kept inside a dry box since then. Should I still use the roll or should I load in a new one? Thanks!
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2021.12.02 07:11 HondureZ I accidentally ate a hotdog that I made on a glass plate that broke in the microwave and now my urine smells like blood

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2021.12.02 07:11 Nil_to_millionaire Dhoka huaa bahut bada Omicron ke naam pe

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2021.12.02 07:11 BienGabs Filipino Vlogger Moist Cr1tikal

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2021.12.02 07:11 PleasingDumps Alex Mucci

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2021.12.02 07:11 Reignjacket Stopped going to class and have been lying about it, what do I do?

I (23f) somewhat recently moved to a new country to be with my BF (now husband, 25m). Almost everyone in the new country speaks English, but speaking the native language will help my chances of getting a job, making friends, etc. I haven’t been able to work because of my visa status, so I’ve just been going to class and walking my mother-in-laws dog.
Also because of my visa status, I don’t have access to normal healthcare that permanent residents and citizens get. I have moderate to severe ADHD, and generalised anxiety, that sometimes feels disabling and requires medication. I’ve been rationing my medication from back home, but then I finally ran out. I’m unable currently to get access to it. I’ve never had to be in an academic setting without it, and the language classes are just starting to get harder. I haven’t been learning in class at all, mostly sitting there trying to listen, zoning out, coming back in, and not knowing what anyone said. I have also been feeling a great amount of shame about my nationality (people here are not a fan) and my appearance (I wear the same thing almost every day because I can’t afford new clothes). I also haven’t been able to get to class on time once, which if you have ADHD you know is a huge source of embarrassment and shame.
With all of this together, I haven’t been to class in almost two weeks. That’s 6 classes. I’ve just been leaving in the morning and going to walk the dog early, or just wander around until it’s time to go home again. I’m not sure what to do. I could try to go back to class but I would be so behind that it’s almost pointless, but at least I could pretend like I went for the two weeks that I didn’t and not have to lie for another two weeks, or I could come out and tell everyone that I haven’t been going, making me seem flaky, dishonest, untrustworthy and not dedicated to integrating into my new life. Plus, my husband would be furious and take a huge hit of trust. What should I do?
TLDR; I’ve been skipping language classes and lying about it, my husband and everyone I know will be so disappointed, don’t know what to do.
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2021.12.02 07:11 deepkinky111 Huhu, will noch jemand einen Einlasscode für sexVZ? Hätte noch einen letzten über: 64f2c60a5e6c

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2021.12.02 07:11 smujal La venjança europeista: per què l'independentisme guanya als tribunals europeus?

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2021.12.02 07:11 redbaron14n Women, why do y'all have to be so complicated

Okay har har, I'm joking, but this case is weird, and I'm sad and heartbroken and sad.
Anyhow, I go into detail about depression and some serious shit, so if that bothers you... idk man... maybe it's still worth a read anyway.
Aight, so at the end of the school year last year, I met this girl named Emily. She's adorable, chaotic, derpy, a gAmER, hilarious, smart, talented, headstrong, caring, understanding, and quite fine to boot. I ask her for her number, and she obliges. Through talking with her, I find out she has a long-distance boyfriend. In my experience, LDRs are, while enjoyable, not viable, so I kinda warn her in a respectful way (looking back at this, no highschool relationships are really viable, so I was probably just being horny.) We ended up getting into an argument about it not being any of my business, which it wasn't, - I was being horny - but we managed to come to an agreement to just drop it and move on.
A couple of weeks into this school year in late August, she ends up breaking up with that guy, because they mutually agreed they were losing feelings for eachother. Around that same time, we start hanging out more and more. We have eachother over for movie nights, cuddle, do a little bit of naughties, play games, talk about life, and just vibe overall. The entire time I keep asking about our relationship, to which she says we're just friends, though she even texted me at one point saying that her mom said "friends don't cuddle like that," to which I responded "she has a point." This keeps up for a couple of weeks, with me constantly pushing for a full-fledged relationship, saying that we're already in one, we just aren't calling it what it is.
Paragraph break, because, even though it's the same topic, key information is about to become relevant. She and I both suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Our only difference is that, going in, I've been properly medicated, but she's still actively searching for the right medications with her psychiatrist.
One day, while my mom and I are out grocery shopping, she calls me. We agreed we would only really call eachother if we needed something ASAP. She's crying. I don't remember all of the details, because my adrenaline was immediately going. She ends up mentioning cutting and suicide, and it's at that point I tell her to hold for just a moment so I can get my mom and we can race over to her (I was waiting in the car - no, I dont know why.) I call my mom, tell her there's an emergency and she needs to get back, and then immediately redial Emily. I keep her on the phone and talking to me the entire ride.
I get to her house, enter (no time for knocking, they know me,) and first see her parents. I say that we need a first aid kit and that Emily is not in a good place right now. I find her on the couch with both of her wrists heavily bleeding. I wrap her in a blanket and walk her to the restroom. I wash her wounds, open the first aid kit, and use the first things I see: gauze and medical tape. I have no idea if they were the best call, but they worked well enough. Another detail: I have tremors (if you read my account, I have like a million issues with my hands, and yes, I really have them all,) so my hands shake a lot, combined with a massive amount of distress, I'm shaking like a motherfucker. She calmly grabs my hands, almost as if to try to calm me down. I finish bandaging her and immediately hug her and break down crying for about fifteen minutes.
We gather ourselves and exit the bathroom. By this point, her parents have figured out the situation and have gotten prepared to take her to the hospital. I walk out to my mom and explain that I'm going with them and that I'll text her and my dad with more details when I get them.
Due to covid, only two people are allowed in per case: the patient and someone to accompany them. She goes in with her father, so her mom and I wait outside. We have a long talk about their home lives, how they get along, and stuff like that, but, amidst all of this, she drops this on me.
Emily had been caught making out with a guy named Ethan in their backyard. Until this, that day she had "just had a friend over." I'm understandably devastated, but I tell her mom that I'm not going to react on it, particularly because she doesn't need that drama right now, but also because we never officially started dating ('member?) However, I'm still upset that she wasn't honest about what was happening.
Five hours later, she and her father walk out. She decided not to stay overnight, to our surprise, so we're headed home. We walk back to the truck and, right before getting in, she gives me a kiss on the cheek. Dude, I can't describe how I felt. My heart melted and cried at the same time. I wanted to tell her I loved her and that we needed to talk, but I kept it in. That isn't what she needed then. We snuggled on the ride home, and that night came to a close.
A few days later, when she was feeling better mentally, I tell her that I had known about Ethan. She tried to insist that she never lied about anything, but rather just didn't say some truths. I tell her that they might as well be the same, and the argument escalates. It gets to a point that we almost block eachother, but, right before it hit a point of no return, I tell her that we should take a few days break. That our friendship isn't worth disbanding over this, but that I want her to be honest in the future, so that we can at least understand eachother.
We came back refreshed and understanding. She agreed to learn from that snafu, and we resumed as normal.
A few more weeks go by, with me still prying about a relationship, and, one morning, she finally says it. "I think I love you." I meet her that morning in the cafeteria and hug her tighter than ever. I didn't care about why it took so long, I was just happy that it happened.
We carried on as we had - like I said, we had basically been dating for a while, she just never said it, - chilling, cuddling, going on dates, watching movies, gaming, going to homecoming, and having an amazing time. One night she mentioned that she was happy she lost her virginity to someone that truly cared. That isnt gonna come back up, I just get the warm fuzzies thinking about it.
Here's another little tidbit about her: she loves horses and regularly competes in horse dressage competitions, which is basically about making horses dance - it's fonky. And yes, I always ask her if she prefers me or the stallions harharhar (the stallions.) Anyway, a few weekends ago, she went to a competition far enough away that they needed a hotel, so I wasnt able to come with her. Apparently, it was horrible. A bunch of drama with the stable, a bad coach, her period existing, etc..
Over that weekend, I hit a low point with my chronic depression, so I was off. I try to contact her for some support, but she barely responds. I start freaking out, because my anxiety and depression are linked (yeah, I'm medicated, but this would normally be my mood all the time.) She gets more and more distant because she needs space. I push more and more because I need not-space. It isn't fun. Then, eventually, she calls me so there isnt any more tonality confusion from text. We talk and all is good. We say our goodnights, and I wish her a safe trip home.
The rest of the week goes normally until the monday after. I'm still in a recession, so I'm not doing too hot. I get to school and ask her for a hug. She declines. I sit down and lay my head on the table. She continues talking with her friend for a while before asking me what's wrong. I tell her that I'm not feeling well and just need a hug. She says no again. Now I'm really fucking sad. I go to my first period class without saying a word.
About an hour in, I text her saying that I'm not doing well and that a hug would honestly go a long way. I say that, given the support I've shown her, it's not much to ask for. We meet up again between classes and she gives me a brief side hug - I should've realized by then what was happening, but I hadn't. It's in third period that I'm talking to her when she says that she's annoyed with me. I ask her why. "'It's not much to ask for,' really?" she said. I tell her I'm not well. I was there for her when she wasn't. Why can't she be there for me. She goes off on me, detailing her entire past week, saying she needed space, and that she had said no many times.
'I've been trying to not explode on you but you make it hard to not. And I hate to have to do over text but I don't have a feelings for you anymore. I said "I love you" back (recently) bc if I didn't you'd go off and cry. Making me feel like a horrible person.'
'... I don't have feelings for you anymore...'
So. Yeah. She broke up with me.
I headed home from school early that day.
Over Thanksgiving break, I mostly got over it, so we were able to continue as friends, so, for the most part, things kept going, but I still didnt really have closure.
Horny warning
So today, she was wearing this nice, soft yoga pants. They were form-fitting, but didnt give any support at all, so everything jiggled. I'm not a neanderthal - I tried not to look. Tried. I mentioned it, she laughed, we continued.
Given our history, my mind played out everything and longed for it again.
I asked her before going to bed if she wanted to be friends with benefits again. That I understood she didnt have feelings anymore, and that I had come to terms with that, but that we had still messed around before without needing any of that.
'As I have told you before, I don't. At all.'
I said that she had only said she didn't have feelings for me anymore, so I didn't really know where we stood anymore. I responded with a lot, just saying that I don't know why things happened or why she felt the way she did, but I summed it up in a final message saying:
'I'm not asking for anything other than an elaboration. The more I know about how you feel, the less I'll end up accidentally bothering you. I'm sorry for the way things turned out. I'm glad we're able to stay friends, just, as a human, I'd like to know more. I hope you're having a good night. Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow.'
Now, I hadn't seen her message until 2am my time, so I hadn't replied until 2:30am. So she hasn't seen my replies yet. As of posting this, it's 4am (yes, it took an hour and a half to type on my phone.)
I don't really want anything in particular. Posting this just allows me to write my thoughts down without my toxic masculinity calling me a pussy.
So, I hope you all out there are having an easier time than I am.
Hope you're having a good night, morning, school day, work day, national holiday, etc.. Stay safe, and take care.
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2021.12.02 07:11 69analninja69 When It Comes To China, WTA Proving More ‘Courageous’ Than The ‘Cowardly NBA,’ Former Ambassador Says

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2021.12.02 07:11 croblegfhgfg 🐶 FlokiVengers 🐶| New Heroes NFT Token 💥 Marketplace & NFT Launch Incoming ✅ Doxxed Dev | BUSD Rewards | Join the Resistance! 🔥

Already launched🔥   
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Growing more every day, 4 weeks since its launch.   
Avoid scams and rugs and join a healthy community 🦸‍♂️
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2021.12.02 07:11 Jodiewildflower18 Items not selling

So I have about 30 items on my page that aren’t selling, I keep refreshing my listing s but not getting anymore likes. I don’t know what to do. Just want to get rid of the stuff so I can stop selling on Depop. But then again Depop is where I mostly sell my stuff🥲 @jodiewildflower18 is my depop to tell me what’s wrong….
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2021.12.02 07:11 Stoehovve A Warlock, The Genie Class Tutorial, from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

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2021.12.02 07:11 Spran02 What the fuck Pakistan

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2021.12.02 07:11 MaOzEdOng_76 Something's wrong

Has anyone in the global server logged in the game? For some reason, it shows me the welcome back **** screen but it says under maintenance. It's been 6 hours since maintenance happened what's happening
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2021.12.02 07:11 information_abyss LPT: Dried kidney beans must be boiled before slow cooking to avoid food poisoning

Soaking them for five hours and then boiling for ten minutes will break down the toxin phytohaemagglutinin (PHA), which causes extreme nausea, severe vomiting, and sometimes abdominal pain.
(Canned kidney beans are already cooked and ready to go.)
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