2021.11.30 03:41 69zeeb join

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2021.11.30 03:41 BusySir7715 20 year old Arab Muslim female looking for advice for moving out! (It would be greatly appreciated if an ethnic Muslim female can comment on this since they can most relate.)

I'm a 20 year old Canadian arab muslim female and I want to move out so bad. I grew up quite sheltered - I wasn't taught how to cook or clean (my mum completely refused to teach us), how to go places alone (not allowed to leave my province alone), or how to manage my own money (I have no idea about anything to do with taxes, or buying houses/apartments, leases, contracts. I'm still not allowed to buy things online, and my mother doesn't trust me with large sums of money). Because of all of that, I literally feel like I'm always living under a rock. I feel useless and incompetent, which is awful. I get into fights with my family constantly and I am so depressed. I'm also so dependent on them and their opinions, which I hate. I want to be able to make my own decisions without the pressure of my family’s opinions on my back. And without my older brother or mother bullying me into another decision. I want to learn more about Islam, which I wasn't taught as a child. (I'm also scared to learn in front of them because my older brother would make fun of my Arabic pronunciations when I tried to speak Arabic). I also want to unlearn a lot of the toxic traits I have now, like anger and yelling, which I think stems from living in this household. I love my family so much, but I am so miserable living here. I honest to god feel like if I don't leave when I'm young, it'll be too late for me to change myself into someone I can love in the future. The problem is, my family is very against me moving out.. especially my brother and mother... It doesn't help that they are always saying things like, you will never in your entire life leave the province [my brother says this], the farthest you'll get is (then my brother names a close city right next to ours), you don't even know how to cook for yourself, you're not responsible, you have to live here until you're married. They don't understand that I want to leave in order to learn all of these things. I want my own life. My dad is the most lenient. He trusts me and believes in me. He does say things like, 'you can't leave until you're married', or 'if you want to leave, you have to be finished university and get a job and I have to come with you.' I hate when he says things like this. It makes me feel so damn guilty for wanting to leave him and live my own life. I love him and I know he wants the best for his daughter, but I don't want to always be around my family for the rest of my life every single day. I think if I get a job after I'm done university, he mighttt let me leave if I reallyyy want it. But I probably won't be finished university until I'm in my late 20's... like 28 maybe? So idk what I'm going to do. I'm thinking of applying to another university outside my province once I'm done my undergraduate degree. But I honestly think if I do that, I'll get disowned.. which would make me very depressed. Can I please have some advice? Would you recommend that I bite the bullet and go to school outside the province after I'm finished my undergrad? Or should I just wait until I get a job in my late 20s? What age did you move out and leave your family if you don't mind me asking?
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2021.11.30 03:41 GhostPepperFlippa Looks like this is why Sos n Com are beefing (not my ss btw) @citymorgueupdates on ig

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2021.11.30 03:41 the_boiiss hhkjhg

global proc DiceRoller(){
if(`window -q -ex "window1_ui"`)deleteUI("window1_ui");
window -t "DiceRoller" -s false -wh 400 250 "window1_ui";
columnLayout -w 150 -adj true;
rowColumnLayout -p "window1_ui" -w 150 -nc 4;
//declare global var
global int $gDiceSize;
//create buttons with command to set var
radioButton -l "D2" -onc "$gDiceSize = 2";
radioButton -l "D6" -onc "$gDiceSize = 6";
radioButton -l "D10" -onc "$gDiceSize = 10";
radioButton -l "D20" -sl -onc "$gDiceSize = 20";
radioButton -l "D3" -onc "$gDiceSize = 3";
radioButton -l "D8" -onc "$gDiceSize = 8";
radioButton -l "D12" -onc "$gDiceSize = 12";
radioButton -l "D100" -onc "$gDiceSize = 100";
intSliderGrp -p "window1_ui" -w 50 -f true -l "# of dice to roll" -min 1 -s 1 -v 1;
columnLayout -p "window1_ui" -adj true;
button -bgc 1.0 0.616583287716 0.0 -ebg true -l "ROLL DICE" -c ("diceRoll();") -aop true;
//declare global var
global string $gRollResult;
//set with result of text creation
$gRollResult = `text -h 30 -fn "fixedWidthFont" -rs true`;
showWindow "window1_ui";

proc diceRoll() { //just trying to pass var
//the global vars must be declared in every proc you want to use it
//you could think of it as like importanting the var into the proc
global int $gDiceSize;
global string $gRollResult;
print "\n";
print $gDiceSize;
//Edit the roll result text with current dice size value
text -edit -label $gDiceSize $gRollResult;

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2021.11.30 03:41 LeadingNewspaper3304 Budget Gaming Laptop

Yes I know having a PC is better than a laptop! I heard it a million times. HOWEVER! For me I enjoy portability and therefore laptops just work better for me. However when I say I want a "gaming laptop" Everyone immediately assumes I want to play AAA titles on the go. Not the case at all. I am looking for a laptop that can handle classic PC games. In my definition games from 2015 and older. As I want to play games I never gotten to experience like everyone else has. Also bonus points if It can emulate. Preferably systems to PS2 to Origianal Xbox and PS3. Help?
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2021.11.30 03:41 Think-Team9983 Almost yoinked vortex

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2021.11.30 03:41 NotSureWhatToDoHere0 Not even first December yet :)

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2021.11.30 03:41 vision_san What is it about Xenoblade 2 that you love the most?

Since it's the one I find has the most problems and have a hard time appreaciating it, I wanted to know what makes it the amazing game most people say it is.
If you could, please add some resoning behind your answer (not just a "I like Pyra" or something like that).
I feel like comparing both 1/DE and X to 2 is kind of thebroot of the problem for me, since those games are way too different to 2 and trying to find the same positives in 2 as in 1/DE and X would be fairly impossible. Kinda like wanting Sonic CD to be Sonic 2, same series, extremely different pros and cons.
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2021.11.30 03:41 nathiyadlk networking inplant training in chennai

We are providing networking inplant training in chennai for the students who want to shape their career to the high level. We give you the best networking inplant training program that will help you to excel in your future career. Are you interested to know more, visit our official website or contact us:- +91 44 4203 2818
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2021.11.30 03:41 Zanthous 12 year old

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2021.11.30 03:41 nk0909 Whats the best goofy comedy film to watch when your body aches like hell and needed a medicinal laugh?

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2021.11.30 03:41 BJZelaya ¿Qué opinan de esta estrategia?

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2021.11.30 03:41 ADPXEROX I wish you wouldn’t laugh Ouija, my brother just passed away from ______

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2021.11.30 03:41 LowDownSlim Otis Rush

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2021.11.30 03:41 coletteiscool Was feelin these pics earlier :)

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2021.11.30 03:41 Wintomallo This is for all the trans women on this exclusively MTF subreddit that caters exclusively to trans women. oh and everyone else is valid kinda too I guess.
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2021.11.30 03:41 Shashwat31072008 Isekai Anime with OP MC (Dubbed)

I want some nice Isekai anime which also have a OP MC and have dub.
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2021.11.30 03:41 dancho_razboinika The snow is back

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2021.11.30 03:41 LadyA052 (69F) How do I stop mourning for something that didn't happen 35 years ago?

Worked with a guy that I really really liked 35 years ago. I have been thinking about him ever since. I recently ran across his name online and sent him a message. He was excited to hear from me...we shared work memories then he told me he had been really interested in me all those years ago. I said, Why didn't you say anything?? My heart just dropped. He talked about getting together sometime. But as soon as I sent him a current pic, he ghosted me. Now I feel even worse. He looks much different now, but all I can think of is the young version of him and what could have been. It makes me so sad. And embarrassed.
I don't know how to get this out of my head. It has hit me really really hard for some reason. Regret. Possibilities that never happened. And he made it worse. I wish I had never messaged him.
How do I get this never-to-happen fantasy out of my head? I have thought of him every day. The current guy is a jerk, but the past guy has never gotten older in my head.
This really hurts. The one that got away, and I didn't even know it.
If you've gone thru this, please tell me if you were able to resolve it in your head and how you did it. I'm miserable.
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2021.11.30 03:41 Smokeybearvii Are many generic brand items really made in the same factory as their brand name Counterparts and how can you prove it?

Often told generics are made side by side with brand names. But which? And where? Any details?
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2021.11.30 03:41 Regular_Gap3414 Boss made a dollar Grandad made a dime But that was a poem From a simpler time Boss made a thousand Gave my pa a cent But that penny bought a mortgage Or at least paid the rent Now boss makes a million And gives us jack Smugly blames his workers For the labor he lacks JOIN YOUR UNION!

This is the more modern version of these saying
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2021.11.30 03:41 Pro_96 Installed an Apple Arcade game, which created a folder called games with chess in it. I moved it to my utilities folder, and viola, I have 2 chess games installed! But seriously, WTF? How can I get rid of it?

Installed an Apple Arcade game, which created a folder called games with chess in it. I moved it to my utilities folder, and viola, I have 2 chess games installed! But seriously, WTF? How can I get rid of it? submitted by Pro_96 to MacOS [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 03:41 naks26 Elephant rams safari vehicle in South Africa

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2021.11.30 03:41 FanningFucker Hayden Panettiere

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2021.11.30 03:41 Fejkl_Tondrej Is here a way to cheat in terraria? (journey mode doesn't count)

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