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Not sure what makes this video dangerous or scares him for life. Looks like he was standing next to a havan kundali. (This is an effect using a filter. The fire is in his actual reel)

2021.11.30 21:37 notabollywoodfan Not sure what makes this video dangerous or scares him for life. Looks like he was standing next to a havan kundali. (This is an effect using a filter. The fire is in his actual reel)

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2021.11.30 21:37 Daryomo Where does one start?

For the sake of this post, I will have to unpack some of my personal stuff here. I hope you do not mind.
I was interested in meditation and ESP for a longer time, but never quite followed through to do so. I tried out meditation, but couldn't and still can only rarely silence the mind.
In the past I was suffering and therefore created depression for myself, but last month I had only two meetings with a shaman/witch doctor, but through a meditation where i was lying down, trying to meditate, and he breathed smoke from the Mapacho-tobacco into my chakras to cleanse them. I can't remember when I have ever felt as refreshed as after these sessions. Now he does take money for it, but he also does it as a job and I do not want to discredit his professionalism in this. So i think this is ok. The aim we agreed upon setting is that I would be able to "feel my soul"/be able to communicate with my higher self. Now ever since i went there my depression died down and I dont want go into my negative thought patterns again.
My patterns of bodily doing have hardly changed though and i still need to adjust/change in that aspect. Unfortunately my experience with meditation has been quite fruitless so far.. I can not seem to go as deeply as with the assistant of my shamanic teacher. Now I have read the FAQ and tried to cleanse ground and shield, but I feel like I am still stuck at a couple steps before that and already blocked in my tracks. Don't get me wrong I'm the happiest I have been in a long long time and I appreciate and recognize that in my daily life aswell as in my meditation practice, but I want to try to keep going. Maybe you can help me.
Where I lack in my opinion is: I can not consistently silence my mind. I can not "feel" my innehigher self. I can not feel my chakras, can't see energy/aura. You could say I don't have access to them. I can't open my third eye.
Maybe I am afraid to change and still cling on to my comfort?
I have been meditating daily 10-30minutes for a month now, and while it keeps my negative thought patterns away, I would say I don't consciously see growth. I'm just not certain what I should do differently. Is this just a part of the healing process? Should I meditate for longer? Are there other things I should do?
Sorry to bother you with my low level and thank you very much for reading and also trying to help.
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2021.11.30 21:37 keith204 What is this? (Dad said Mom would like one for Christmas)

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2021.11.30 21:37 RealSamF18 G915 TKL Firmware update

Hey everyone,
I keep reading horror stories of people complaining that upgrading the firmware in their 915 TKL broke them (or some of the functionality). I'm really tired of my keyboard having the generic "demo rainbow pulse" RGB lighting that I'm tempted to update myself (I use my keyboard on lightning for my desktop and on BT for my laptop, so RGB schemes are super useful to me to know instantly which profile I'm on).
Has anyone managed to update the firmware without somewhat messing up their keyboard?
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2021.11.30 21:37 jimmythewiz Wtf is happening to my cats?

Hey y’all, looking for some insight on a weird situation to help quell mine and my wife’s fear until tomorrow when our vet clinic reopens.
Yesterday morning one of our two indoor cats stopped eating randomly. Both of our cats are very food focused, so that was pretty odd. We tried feeding him again after work, but he wouldn’t eat still. We took him to the vet fearing intestinal obstruction or that he had urine crystals (he’s had them before and has been on diet food for it ever since). The vet took urine samples, blood samples, and did an ultrasound and everything seemed fine. The vet gave him fluids, a pain killer shot and a nausea shot and said he likely had a stress induced issue due to us leaving for thanksgiving longer than usual.
He still hasn’t eaten, which we thought might happen, but what we didn’t expect was that our other cat (even more food obsessed than the last) just refused to eat dinner. This has never happened to either of them and is straight up bizarre behavior for them. They both are a bit lethargic, but otherwise acting normal.
Did one cat catch something and spread it to the other? Did we bring something back home with us that they caught? Did they eat something that gave them stomach issues? Honestly, I’m at a complete loss and our vet is closed until the morning. Literally any advice or info would be appreciated.
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2021.11.30 21:37 Jumpy_Studio_4960 Storage Help (gift)

Hey all, my brother has gone BIG for BT this year, and has purchased some 50-60 mechs. And has at least a dozen terrain pieces. He is running out of storage room, and thought some type of foam storage would be a nice gift. Anyone have any recommendation for storage for mechs with the new miniatures?
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2021.11.30 21:37 JackSkelllington Would a 3 hour shift be worth it to you if it’s was double pay OT?

Given the commute wasn’t a factor
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2021.11.30 21:37 yuqqwechat 现在油价这么高,tg也不降降占油价一半的各种税

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2021.11.30 21:37 Rahodees Today's experimental patch--actual candidates for changes, or just for fun?

It says the changes were submitted by content creators and are intentionally over the top. So is this just for fun? Or are they actually looking to make some of the changes or changes like them?
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2021.11.30 21:37 ShootingSun I bought the Avery set, and am not sure I want to keep or what to replace her with

Last week I bought two of the dolls I thought I would never want--the original Hair Salon Amaya Raine, and Avery and the closet set. These are very play-oriented sets, and I don't play with my dolls. I have ended up loving this version of Amaya. She has become one of my favorites of the entire series.
I still have yet to unbox Avery, though. It's dumb, I know, but I didn't realize that her hair was removable (how else would the other wig get on...?). I don't like the idea of her hair being detachable. It looks very much like it isn't anchored to her head, too. I'm also not crazy about the tinsel, which is strange because this is something I'd normally like. I love the strand of tinsel in Amaya's hair, but Avery looks like she's wearing a cheap Halloween wig.
The wardrobe pieces I have absolutely no interest in. I generally have not, and do not intend to change most of my Rainbow High dolls from their original outfits, even if I do like their second ensembles. I do like what Avery comes wearing, at least.
What is the general consensus on this doll?
Also, which doll do you think I should potentially replace her with? I've been considering Winter Break Skyler (who is getting hard to find), Jett Dawson (Walmart has a great deal on her, too), or Vanessa Tempo. I'm mostly inclined toward Sklyer and Jett.
WB Skyler completely escaped my attention at first. I have all the other dolls from that set, but I'm not a big fan of blue--with the exception of something like Gabriella Icely's shade. Once I saw the doll in person at Kohl's, I was quite impressed. I think she might be the best dressed and styled of those dolls.
I didn't care for Jett at first, but just as on the other iterations of Amaya, I love the combination of black and rainbow colored hair. I also have come to love the dramatic look of her second ensemble.
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2021.11.30 21:37 a113a113a113 The new voice of Mickey Mouse

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2021.11.30 21:37 Theannoyinggrill What T.V shows do you think are overrated?

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2021.11.30 21:37 AdmiraMcC2908 I'm trying to play facist Lithuania, I want to conquer the rest of the baltic states, and join up with germany, and take some of the USSR, if possible I want to reatore the king for the achievement is this possible.

In order to restore the king I have to exile Voldeemaras but it seems like that not a very favist friendly tree, help please.
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2021.11.30 21:37 Tylkk Missing AirPods Case

Hi, I think I dropped my AirPods case either at ISR or between ISR and LAR. They’re gray and don’t have the AirPods inside them. Has anyone found them? Thanks
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2021.11.30 21:37 Jerome-Starr Every Time Dom Toretto Has The Power Of FAMILY

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2021.11.30 21:37 InsaneVic Struggling with Creativity

I'm currently trying to do YouTube as a hobby, and I've found it's been hard to find creativity with making videos entertaining, I also look at my analytics and they don't show promising information, what should i do?
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2021.11.30 21:37 weathermaynecc Best recommended AFOQT pre-tests?

Title knows all. Thanks for any input you may give.
I have absolutely no chance in securing a position with Air Force in commissioning, but a closed mouth don't get fed.
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2021.11.30 21:37 SchluberSnootins What can I expect from an entry level (tier 1) support job?

I finished my first certification last week, been looking at remote jobs since then. It seems that some jobs seem to vary in their requirements and what they want you to do. What can I generally expect from a Tier 1 help desk position?
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2021.11.30 21:37 Straight_Ad883 Opinion: Castle needs more function

There's nothing but garrisoning the troops and serving as a head of 2 fiefs that the castle can do. So here is the list of things castles can do:
Noble recruitment: The castle can spawn tier 5-6 troops. Only the owner clan has access to the castle, the recruitment price is high considering tier 5-6 troops are expensive. It would be around 500 for each T5 troop and 650 for T6 troops.
Drill: Similar to the custom battle, you can assign units from your garrison and your own army to be on different teams. You can choose to have a field battle or siege. A drill cost around 10k to host, you can also invite a noble's party to the drill to raise relations.
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2021.11.30 21:37 printres Impressions of the Beatles after watching Get Back

As someone who didn't know much about the Beatles but hasn't lived under a rock about their legacy, I wanted to offer what I understood after an 8hr marathon.
The four musicians went from a god-like thunder-tribe to poor lost souls. This Mr Epstein character was a manager and a father figure who could reign them in, and now they're flying apart.
Everyone looks 40+ years old. I was genuinely surprised when Lennon mentioned they were 28. I'm assuming hard years of drugs and drinking have wrecked all of them. They've had too much fame and are therefore very cognizant of its waning.
Paul has become the de facto leader who's writing and producing everything - John apparently used to share those duties but has checked out. As a result, Paul has become an angry-sad papa noel with a beard and a grandfather's wardrobe. This has stressed his relationships with the others. George and Ringo are songwriters as well but aren't at the same level.
Ringo has internalized the stress of being a secondary content creator compared to Paul and John and now just wants to play the f*cking drums and then film his movie. His outfits and his wife's outfits are fresh.
George idolizes Clapton and, over the months they haven't met, has trained hard to learn how to solo. But no one has acknowledged it and he's disappointed. For real though, his passages with the wah pedal in part 1 is on point but it's like no one wants to turn to him and say "yo that was a sweet riff" which is all he wants to hear. As a result he starts to unnecessarily noodle around to Paul's annoyance. John is secretly happy about Paul looking like the asshole.
John is jealous of the Rolling Stones - those f*ckers are still flying and the Beatles are spiraling down. He also doesn't care abut his band anymore, doesn't think Paul's new songs are all that good, but is there to get it done. He couldn't give a shit about reliving a visit to a commune which is a golden memory for Paul, and wants to play his guitar parts and waltz around the room with Yoko. It is super-clear that they are a shiny-new-couple. Her presence - to be really honest - seems really chill and supportive of everyone. I was waiting for a Queen of Mean moment for the first half.
Billy's arrival is basically a godsend. As soon as he walks in it's like someone sprayed eau de parfum in a room of five-day-old farts. The guy is super handsome, looks dope, and plays like satan. If he didn't show up the whole thing would have failed to launch.
Everyone else is a so clingy - especially that Hogg guy. "Ohhh you guys are so amazing everything you do is so hell yeahhhh"
I had no idea that the song Get Back would be played thirty seven times in the movie, and was repeated three times on the roof! I get that the documentary wants to show how they craft the song but I had no idea that they played it on the roof several times. I also thought that they were arrested by the cops or so popular culture made it seem. Also, one of their best known tracks - Let it Be - is relegated to the credits.
Still, I got sucked in and enjoyed the whole 8 hours. I'm sure it's going to bring more fans
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2021.11.30 21:37 ruben2x Skill missing for Spider-Man?

Hey did anybody get to level 29 or further and didn’t get a skill point I felt like I missed 2 points?
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2021.11.30 21:37 JacoboPissa what are the hints for Hanma being the you know what?

I've seen a lot of people saying he is the second time leaper, but I have not seen the hints, can someone point out to some of them, are there any hints, or is it just people wanting Hanma to be relevant because he's cool?
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2021.11.30 21:37 Bossmanplayzzz made him do backflips - GTA 5 online

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2021.11.30 21:37 Lucho_741 SLATER DEMON

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2021.11.30 21:37 whateonisit I (19f) need assistance setting up a (fun) general learning plan that would help me become a better, more effective autodidact. What would you do, pedagogically speaking, if you were an autodidact?

I'm teaching myself a few subjects (ex: chemistry, psychology, linguistics, biology, etc) for 5 months. I want to develop a fundamental understanding of these subjects during this 5-month period so that I can then move on to more complicated concepts later. I've been approaching this by dedicating 5 hours a day to reading books, underlining unfamiliar terms, defining them in my own words, and then rereading. I also jot down questions, summarize concepts, and use google.
I'm wondering how I can make this more interesting, more interactive, and ensure that my understanding is sufficient. I feel that if I make learning fun it will increase my chances of becoming a polymath. I'm not seeking to become an expert. I want to be able to hold a conversation with and comprehend the words of several types of experts.
Can you guys help me brainstorm some methods that would enhance my self-teaching?
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