tftzz 5f7f8 6a2r2 5anks b6dt8 3z3kb i6i5s 7y245 zz5ia sbb7r y8h2r eka63 deyn8 aht2a ii2dy 2y23r bikk8 4ti4n 96tth sts9f tisen If anyone needs help upgrading the Original First Gen SD card Hotspot due to resync 100 plus time and still not mining anything. Let me know I can walk you through the steps |

If anyone needs help upgrading the Original First Gen SD card Hotspot due to resync 100 plus time and still not mining anything. Let me know I can walk you through the steps

2021.12.08 17:10 MKBtravel If anyone needs help upgrading the Original First Gen SD card Hotspot due to resync 100 plus time and still not mining anything. Let me know I can walk you through the steps

If anyone needs help upgrading the Original First Gen SD card Hotspot due to resync 100 plus time and still not mining anything. Let me know I can walk you through the steps submitted by MKBtravel to HeliumNetwork [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 17:10 vantanike How do I use sudoedit with nvim on fish

I tried:

$ set -U SUDO_EDITOR nvim 
and I also tried:
# nvim is stored in sbin/nvim instead of /usbin/nvim, confirmed with `which nvim` $ set -U SUDO_EDITOR sbin/nvim 
The result every time:
$ sudoedit test sudoedit: /usbin/vi: command not found 
Why is this not on the docs??
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2021.12.08 17:10 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 83 votes

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2021.12.08 17:10 fried_lobsters Can't stop shaking/twitching?

Hey y'all, I was wondering, does anyone else have super shaky hands all the time? Or like my legs will start shaking and I can't control it. I dunno if this is bc I'm restricting and am just hungry or something else. I know I'm anemic and I'm working w/ my therapist rn on diet and stuff; but, wanted to know if anyone else had the same experience, thanks xx
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2021.12.08 17:10 Damselinrampage I feel stuck.

English isn't by first language.
So yeah, I feel stuck in life and I know what I can do about it, but it's hard. I have hobbies but they feel like tasks now, like I have to do them for my daily sense of accomplishment quota. I have ideas but I feel exhausted at the thought of expressing them through my work or working on them. I learn something new but I enjoy it untill I get good at it then I lose interest. Lately, I also somehow associate all my hobbies with my profession and it feels like I'm doing to somehow add to my portfolio. I keep saying tomorrow's my day but it really never happens, maybe a little push a day. I think I'm in a point of my life where I'm happy with myself, it's not like I feel bad about myself, if I look back at the last two years, I've accomplished a lot, I found new hobbies, looking back things don't look bad collectively, but every day feels like a drag, why?
I made a friend who sketches when he has time, like it's fun to him, the kind of fun I feel watching netflix maybe? but ig he doesn't feel the guilt later like I do. After hanging out with this friend, I felt how bad it is for me, I am good at many things but I don't enjoy them, they feel like tasks. Sometimes I'm excited to work on something only to get bored 30 min into it. I work better if someone has expectations on me, how shitty is that? I'd work on myself for others but not for myself? I work better with deadlines but I no longer want everything to be about the end goal, I wanna enjoy the process but how? I feel like I know all the answers but somehow telling it to myself ain't cutting it so maybe if I hear it from someone else? I guess that's why I'm writing this.
So yeah, any sort of advice is appreciated, I can give it a go cuz why not?
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2021.12.08 17:10 hehewhynot Cajun Chicken Pasta

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2021.12.08 17:10 speeds3 Absolute intimacy with pain - Powerful Guided Practice

This guided contemplative meditation is designed to bring those aspects of you that feels most unbearable, in a compassionate and soothing way.

As with any practice, if you don't bring 100% intention in this meditation, results will greatly vary.
Here it goes:

Place a hand to your heart area
Simply place your hand on your heart area now

Say to yourself:
"I allow myself to feel. I allow myself to experience all that I've been hiding from. I allow myself to fully feel and forgive my body"

Now, rest the hand, and bring up a situation that has been bothering you the most recently. Recall the situation, person, environment where you were bothered

Imagine you want to show the scene to someone else, a trusting friend. Imagine your trusting friend can temporarily see through your mind's eye, and you want to show them the situation you were bothered by
Try your best to mentally depict the situation, for your friend wants to fully grasp the situation
What are the sounds, the smell, what do you see, can you get a feel of this situation?
Take your time, and make the situation as clear and lucid as possible for your friend

Now your friend can see clearly what you went through
You start to notice your friend looks at you with tender compassion. They feel sorry for you. This was evidently a hard experience for you

With great gentleness on their face, they say to you, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry you had to go through this"
See your friend feeling for you, as their heart is opening up to you

You feel vulnerable, and yet you allow yourself to feel this moment

Imagine your heart area trying to open up to your friend
Simply feel the place of pain, and visualize the chest area where you heart is located beginning to open up

Looking at your friend, you notice they become full of light. They start to emanate luminous, bright rays of light
It feels very warm and healing
You see one ray of light, coming from the prism of their heart, touching your heart
The gentle touch of their light tenderly kisses your pain
You can feel it
Feel the light and its warmth gently and tenderly kissing your pain
I want you to fully feel the kiss to your heart

More light of their prism of their heart start to touch your heart
It feels overwhelming and very warm at the same time
Feel the warmth in your heart. It is totally safe

All of the lights are kissing your pain and immediately dissolving the pain into light

Keep feeling this process, feel all the thousands of little kisses coming towards your heart
(take as much time as needed with the feeling process)

The light loves you
It cares about your hurts
You feel the brilliant light inside your heart

Now, place your hand back to your heart, say to yourself:
"May I be loved"
"May I be forgiven"
"May I be happy"
"May I be kind"
"May I be at peace" (repeat as much as it feels right)

Your friend, now full of luminous light, departs, as they are so happy to have been able to assist you
You feel grateful and loved
You are always loved
You are Love.

- " The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi
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2021.12.08 17:10 Spuddyminer2 We are in love 😍

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2021.12.08 17:10 oddben Arctic Liquid Cooler II 240 - Screws too long?

Hey guys, quick one… received the lga1700 kit and started building.
I received 4 screws that look like they are supposed to be used with the mounting clips. I tried all 4 but they don’t seem to fully screw in? I would need to use a ton of force to get them going and am afraid to break something.
Clearly this is me fucking up. What am I doing wrong?
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2021.12.08 17:10 FinestTreesInDa7Seas If you could transport any band back in time to perform a concert for Mozart, which band, and which songs would they play?

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2021.12.08 17:10 elfstone08 Kyrios is down...

And I just finished a discussion post for school. Someone hold me.
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2021.12.08 17:10 THESHOWNATION21 Looking to sell stubs, possibly account

Over 1.5 million stubs, Nolan Ryan, Justin Verlander. WS x5, BR 12-0 X1, $10 for 100k stubs. Will sell 1.5 million stubs for $115 or best offer. Will sell account for $450 or best offer. Comment in chat.
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2021.12.08 17:10 ww2database 8 Dec 1943: Carl Spaatz was appointed Chief of US Strategic Air Forces in Europe.

8 Dec 1943: Carl Spaatz was appointed Chief of US Strategic Air Forces in Europe. submitted by ww2database to ww2database [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 17:10 thrdgeek Preseed install of Focal

I am trying to use a pre-seed file from a custom iso that will perform an installation at the end of the install of the OS. I am using the late command but it doesn’t appear to be installing. Anyone have any luck?
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2021.12.08 17:10 Corporal_Retard Broker V DRS - Pro's & Cons

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2021.12.08 17:10 tbdgraeth Anyone else roll your eyes out loud during 'All Hands Meeting'?

Like rolling so hard that you can see your brain. My favorite point would be the one concerning 'minority inclusion' rankings.
"We did 0.1% better and are at---4% of our minority workforce feeling included."
They try to spin this crap and everyone knows its made up because management hasn't bothered to send out those surveys in years....and they stopped because management was consistently rated poorly. When was the last time anyone saw any of these surveys? My group hasn't seen them in 5 years. How much time do they waste putting these presentations together and forcing people to attend?
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2021.12.08 17:10 assagitaz 7Even & Nick.Sal - Corals (Haris Kate Remix) [Pasilda]

Publisher: Pasilda
Out Date: 2021-12-06
Quality: MP3 13.15 Mb / AIFF 57.88 Mb
Genre: Electronica
7Even & Nick.Sal - Corals (Haris Kate Remix) / (Key Gm, BPM 107, Length 5:28)​
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2021.12.08 17:10 ChironClassic Hot Wheels Unleashed: RD-02 vs Deora II

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2021.12.08 17:10 Ecurtis1999 Finally got a lovely little ear, but the holes inside were all very small and a bit denser than usual. Is this underproofing? Thankyou! 😁

Finally got a lovely little ear, but the holes inside were all very small and a bit denser than usual. Is this underproofing? Thankyou! 😁 submitted by Ecurtis1999 to Breadit [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 17:10 Straw27 Hollywood Squares

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2021.12.08 17:10 Supreme05 Is Summerhouse leaving Netflix?

I thought I’d do a rewatch to hold me over until the next season. I fired up Episode 1 of Summerhouse and noticed that in the left corner a little message popped up and said the last day to watch is Dec 31. I’m in Canada btw. This doesn’t make sense if they’re putting out a new season
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2021.12.08 17:10 brewerc1 Christmas Neb

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2021.12.08 17:10 Hau_On_Reddit UPVOTE if you are HOLDING DWAC, we got the DWAC FAM HERE

come THROUGH for 20,000+ DWAC
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2021.12.08 17:10 Fluffy-Pickle819 Why does Apple disable original language on so many movies (not for Americans)?

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2021.12.08 17:10 WatchingTrees Fire passasjertog står fast på Sørlandsbanen

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