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November's over anyone want to feed or to so I can cum?

2021.12.01 02:45 IndependentAbroad982 November's over anyone want to feed or to so I can cum?

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2021.12.01 02:45 AlternativeAd4983 Think it’s time to re up any one else agree ?

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2021.12.01 02:45 second_to_fun Red hot glowing radiators and RCS quads... Feels refreshing getting some actual realism in a triple A sci fi game for once.

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2021.12.01 02:45 rinku_249 Delhi castle technologies are great!

Delhi has been nerfed to the ground, and the glitched just help to drive further below
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2021.12.01 02:45 generalkenobi66420 Omg gay is for sale

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2021.12.01 02:45 throwaway1846282977 Development company trying to buy my house, advice?

A real-estate development company from out of province contacted the realtor that sold me my house 5 years ago and asked them to ask me if I'd be interested in selling. According to them, 6 other houses on my street have agreed to sell and they would be proposing a large condo unit to the municipality once they get the agreements to sell.
I am completely caught off guard and not exactly sure where to start. My first question is, do I actually need my realtor to represent me in this? They would be taking a percent of the sale proceeds and I'm not sure if I really need anything other than a real estate lawyer to consult with since I already have a buyer.
Comparables in my HCOL city go for 1 mil right now, this company is offering me 1.3, which after capital gains I would net close to 1 mil. So I would incur all the headaches of relocating, and wouldn't really be upgrading unless I went for something more expensive and took out a mortgage (house would be fully paid off in the next 5 years).
Should I be asking for more? How much more? I'm just a little in shock right now and don't exactly know what to do first, but my realtor is sending me a docusign in the morning to allow them to represent me in this, and I'm not sure if I should sign or not.
Realtor seems to think 1.3 is a fantastic deal, I'm not so sure. Inventory is incredibly low where I live and I have a feeling it will be extremely difficult to find another place to live. I just don't know want to be the one lone holdout who ends up living beside a massive condo project because I was the only one who didn't sell.
Any advice appreciated, thanks.
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2021.12.01 02:45 HighGateMeds W:BSS baton H:offers let's talk

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2021.12.01 02:45 need_toBe_normal Dec 1

It’s my birthday finally. Beginning of the month. Eating a cupcake I bought tho. And really just being with my dog rn too.
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2021.12.01 02:45 phatong One Piece starting guide I made for reluctant newcomers. Feel free to critique or add/subtract anything

In the beginning, you're not gonna see why One Piece is an epic shounen. It's gonna take a while. One Piece starts off like Dragon Ball where it's just goofy fun and games. But it will take itself more seriously like DBZ later on. Be sure to look a filler guide to skip all filler episodes. Here's a check list to guide your expectations that worked for me.
Episode 20: it gets interesting.
Episode 30-50: it starts to get a little more serious. This is a taste of what One Piece is like at its core, just without all the world building and satisfying pay-offs to long-running plot points.
Episode 90-130: shit goes down. they face their first wide-scale conflict with a big villain.
Episode 140-200: a slow arc but with a satisfying ending. Good world building but slow plot.
Episode 230-330: it gets as good as Naruto and early Bleach and other shounens. Good plot and action, not as much world building.
Episodes 380-500: this is where One Piece achieves GOAT status and gets better than other shounens like Naruto and Bleach.
After this, the quality/pacing resets.
Epaiode 520: its just okay for a while
Episode 630: shit goes down again. It'll slow down a bit again from here
Episode 750-current: it's making its way to achieve GOAT status again.
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2021.12.01 02:45 tastydepression Happy Tuezday

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2021.12.01 02:45 musicmemes_bot Mixing 8 songs in 2 days, with a deep family discount. [JumpOrJerkOff on /r/Audiomemes]

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2021.12.01 02:45 saintjonah What does he want??

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2021.12.01 02:45 pedal_deals_bot Fender Telecaster 1952 - $3,130 ($3,100 + $30 S/H) 100%

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2021.12.01 02:45 shamless-ad-spot Recommendations for a old used server to buy

I have created a small Java Minecraft group at my school and we are wanting to play together on the same server. There is about 10 of us. I want to outright buy a server for us to play on instead of renting. I don’t know what server to buy exactly should I go with a used poweredge or something. (I have 24gb ddr4 laying around so i can use that if possible) it will also be purely vanilla. And help would be appreciated
If I broke a rule please delete this
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2021.12.01 02:45 EconomistFit Hey I have just got accepted into U Sask and I’m trying to apply for residency but every time I try to apply the website crashes and it won’t let me past one point can anyone help?

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2021.12.01 02:45 musicmemes_bot For me it just doesn't mix. [DontAskQuAskAnswers on /r/MetalMemes]

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2021.12.01 02:45 Artimus_Gordon amazing show tonight!

like the title says, sets were amazing. crowd was great also. i ended up going alone as my buddy had to cancel due to the new date being mid week, but ended up meeting some awesome people and had a hell of a time. worth every second of the wait since 3/14/20.
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2021.12.01 02:45 stockapp Signup for Webull and get two free stock shares. Nothing beats Webull’s free shares at signup and they offer Crypto also

Open up an account with Webull and get a free stock! Fund it with any amount even $1 and get one more free SHARE!
So for just a $1 deposit you WILL end up with 2 free stocks to start your investing journey. You may get lucky and even get a share of Apple or Facebook worth even more. If you want the stocks can be sold after they settle in your account and value either withdrawn or used to buy crypto on the Webull App
Thanks for using my link in advance.
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2021.12.01 02:45 musicmemes_bot Oops, bye bye testicles! [somnum_osseus on /r/ClassicalMemes]

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2021.12.01 02:45 SadChiruno I’m out of shitposts

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2021.12.01 02:45 Ok-Control-3394 The most cutest character/skin to you?

Very, very important question. I just got a cute ward and need a cute characteskin.
Your thoughts?
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2021.12.01 02:45 GrowingTogether Epic Mavic 3 Tips!

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2021.12.01 02:45 EthiopiaWatch “They opened up their Pandora’s box when they messed with the wrong country”

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2021.12.01 02:45 fredjohn50 Can someone tell me what this means?

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2021.12.01 02:45 Ok-Grand-1882 I don't want the job that much, sorry

Reading this sub reminded me of an experience from a few years ago. I was looking for work after leaving my job of 20+ years. I applied and was contacted by the recruiter who asked me to do one of those one-way interviews. I made an attempt. I logged into the fucking website and started reading the questions that I would have to answer into my laptop camera so someone could screen me at some point in the future...
I suddenly became overwhelmingly annoyed and irritated that this was being asked of me. I am a grown ass fucking man applying for a professional fucking role and you don't have the common decency to let me speak with a human fucking being in your organization?
I canceled out of the robo- interview and emailed the recruiter to tell her I decided not to go through with the screening. She called me back. When I told her I was not impressed with the screening process she offered to set up a traditional interview, but I was over it at that point. I said I don't think I'll be a good fit. That's just a shitty way to treat ppl who you are trying to attract to your company.
Do they still make ppl do those kind of interviews?
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