It's not stopping 'till I make a finnywinny dollars fam. Ok? Ok.

2021.10.16 07:02 NicXes21 It's not stopping 'till I make a finnywinny dollars fam. Ok? Ok.

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2021.10.16 07:02 overlord_beef discord_irl

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2021.10.16 07:02 ItchyKnowledge Cursed Wank

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2021.10.16 07:02 DistortedRealityPod Distorted Reality Audio Book Episode 27: The Blind Bandit!

Listen Now! On Anchor or anywhere you find podcasts!

Burdened by the knowledge of Jet's actions, Toph decides to make her own way- leaving the Freedom Fighters behind to remember her buried past and try to make a new future.
Meanwhile, a certain pair of royal waterbenders grow closer to reuniting...
A Toph-centric episode where we learn a whole lot more about the history of the titular character. What do you all think about Toph in the DR universe? What about Jet's betrayal? How does new Toph fit in to the new gaang's dynamic?
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2021.10.16 07:02 RoxEEENNN Mist [1920x1080]

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2021.10.16 07:02 froyomofo I will be cancelling my Nintendo Switch online account, and why you should too.

Like many of you, I've been a die-hard Nintendo fan since the release of the SNES. Endless moments of entertainment and memories have been created due to Nintendo titles. As a consumer, I have poured money into this franchise for my love of the titles and characters that we've grown up playing as. However, we have time and time again seen the incredible game developers' art being bastardised by shoddy business decisions that completely turn their backs on the loyal fan base that Nintendo has gained over the past 3/4 decades.
It is about time that we, as consumers, put an end to this and protest to inspire change within this company. We have tolerated a lot over the years but unless put a stop to this, it is only going to worsen. Wii U owners not long ago could purchase N64 titles and actually own them for much lesser prices, now we have to pay ridiculous premiums to rent the titles. This is the beginning of a very slippery slope that we need to ensure does not happen.
This deal with the expansion pack reminds me so much of when EA introduced Battlefront with its overuse of in-game purchases to unlock characters. This was the tipping point of in-game purchases which we had watched get worse-and-worse for about a decade. We, as a gaming community, made an incredible stand against it and forced them to make changes that was fair to the community. The same needs to be done with Nintendo. I will be cancelling my Nintendo Switch online account in protest this month until valuable changes are made that is fair to us as loyal fans and consumers of Nintendo, and I encourage everyone to do the same.
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2021.10.16 07:02 terrybrennan how hard is it to change the name on a form I have a picture of on my phone? asking for a friend obviously 😛.. please feel free to dm me

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2021.10.16 07:02 namelessBruv My biggest dumbest project yet, Tried this over my last 7 worlds and gave up every time, Finally commited and im FINISHING

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2021.10.16 07:02 Fistulord Anal is fucking disgusting

I would never fuck someone in the ass, man or women. Shit comes out the ass, along with bacteria and many other things. It's fucking gross. I hate anal porn, like why? The asshole becomes expanded and its literally gaping, a giant gross hole. Yet some people get a hard on. What the fuck? Why?
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2021.10.16 07:02 Yeti533 South African Regulator 'Welcomes' Binance's Decision to Terminate Certain Services in the Country – Regulation Bitcoin News

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2021.10.16 07:02 0rw3ll2021 Netflix Fires Activist Who Opposed Dave Chappelle

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2021.10.16 07:02 spacey_stacy Just recently decided to try and perfect this game but I need someone to trade with for the Famous Piñata achievement. Any takers? (Xbox One)

Of course I’ll return it straight back to you, I only want it for the achievement. I would use the website but seeing as it’s been shut down since 2013, I don’t think it’s possible lol
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2021.10.16 07:02 he-who-dodge-wrench Hey mods, question for you.

Why is this an only GME spot, unless it’s a tin foil hat posts against other stocks? It seems as though skirting the rules just pushes more of an echo chamber. Especially when those post are full of opinion, without sources, an on occasion pushes clear misinformation? It selective moderation and honestly, we need better. This is not to say that for the most part y’all have done an amazing job, I am not arguing that, just saying maybe check yourself.
First it’s posts that technically are against the rules but because it’s confirmation bias, skirts by. Next it’s something more divisive in nature, maybe political, maybe something else that one might see no problem with but another does. Point being, the rules should apply everywhere as to not get in that sticky spot.
Full disclosure: I am a proud GME ape, I am also a proud movie ape (and a sad weed stock ape that got into an IPO a few years ago). I haven’t attempted to sway apes one way or the other anywhere. I just do not appreciate speculation with some very wrong information being focused on. Some is opinion, some is just blatantly incorrect.
Downvote me, ban me, whatever. I’m DRS’d an ready for takeoff.
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2021.10.16 07:02 IshkaPt First date: sit across the table, or sit side by side?

I[22M] plan to take my classmate and friend [20F] out for ice cream tomorrow. Just a casual date. Is it too much to sit side by side at the table on a first date, now that I think of it?
On the first dates with my previous girlfriends, I sat side by side and it worked out great.
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2021.10.16 07:02 typicalewan all i see face wise is Lip

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2021.10.16 07:02 afreis Shooting at high school football game in Mobile

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2021.10.16 07:02 Brutorex ui

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2021.10.16 07:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - One and half-year-old child drowned to death in Kerala | The Hindu

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2021.10.16 07:02 Abriella_Castoda Chapter 3: An Unexpected Visit

This is the third chapter to my story Must I be the Villainess? You can find the first chapter on my page Abriella_Castoda.
By the next morning I started to plan out my escape from the villainess's ending. I would rather not die again. The first time was painful enough and who knows where I will end up next, if anywhere at all. I wrote down all I remembered from the plot. All I have are the male lead’s names, the female lead's name and the basic plotline of the book until I stopped reading it. Hopefully It’ll be enough to get me through this.
At this age I have already started to show my terrible behavior and the male leads would have been resentful towards me. Plus, I believe the first male lead is just a common worker in my estate now. The second male lead is the crown prince so I don’t have to worry about him for a while. I look to be about 16 or 17. I would have bullied the First male lead because he refused to follow me around as a knight when I discovered him practicing one afternoon. I thought he was handsome and I wanted him for myself so when he refused I made his life a living hell. Hopefully if I begin to ignore him he will think I’ve given up.
I sent for tea around 12 in the afternoon. I have my plan laid out for the most part and I feel a little more optimistic about my chances for survival. The maid came back but not with the tea.
“Mary? Where is the tea?”
“Apologies madam but you have a guest on the terrace and he requested the tea be left there instead of brought to you.”
“Oh it must be the doctor! He must want me to get a bit of exercise.” I chuckled and began to walk towards the door.
“No madam. It’s Crown Prince Rainier, the sun of our empire.” She shifts uncomfortably and I freeze.
“No, I heard you. What I meant was WHY is he here?” I start to feel the panic rising in my chest. I shouldn’t have to deal with the prince until a royal ball. Or any ball he wishes to attend. So why is he HERE out of all times? I am supposed to be AVOIDING the male leads but if they come knocking on my door I can’t just turn them away. Well I can for the first male lead but not for the crown prince. Not without reason! The maid didn’t answer and I didn’t expect her to know. I just paced my room for a moment and asked her “Is this presentable enough to meet the Crown Prince?”
“Yes madam”
“Alright, lead the way Mary.” We walked along the grand hallways to the terrace where the crown prince was waiting for me. With every step I felt more nauseous. I really don’t want to meet him now. We used to be friends as children until my obsessive behavior over him drove a wedge between us. We haven’t spoken in years. What could he possibly want now? I hesitated outside of the door and glanced at Mary. She wouldn't look me in the eyes. Haha… that doesn’t make me feel any better. Am I going to die only a day into this story? I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
“Enter.” I hear from inside the room. It’s a deep commanding voice and it sends shivers down my spine. NOT in a good way though. I slowly open the door and step in. He has his back turned to me as he looks out the window to the garden.
“You called for me, your highness?” My voice waivers ever so slightly at the end. I think it startles him for a moment. He turns to see who it was and he doesn’t hide the disdain on his face.
“You can stop the act, we both know you’re not the timid kind.” He doesn’t turn back to the window but he sits at the table cluttered with tea cups, kettles, sugar and little cakes. I almost don’t want to sit down but why let the food go to waste? I grab a small cake on my way to my side of the table and sit in the chair furthest from him.
“What brings you all the way to my estate, your highness”
“First, don’t call me that, it sounds like you’re mocking me.”
“How should I address you then?”
“What you always call me works fine.” How am I supposed to know that?!
“Alright” I’ll just try to avoid calling him at all. We wait a moment in silence before he finally speaks.
“How is your head?” He sips tea and stares at me
“Better now thank you. I’m sure you didn’t come all this way to ask me that though.” Oh what the heck if I’m going to die anyways might as well go out showing my disdain as well. Shock is written all over his face and I want to laugh so bad. He clears his throat
“To be honest, since you were hurt at my party, my father sent me here to check on you. So yes, that is exactly why I came.”
“Ah I see. Well I had a very good doctor. Thanks to his help I am in perfect health now.” He hummed as a response and we sat in the most awkward silence of my life for the next 10 minutes. I had time to look at him though. He is definitely a male lead. He is handsome. He has dark eyes, almost black but not quite and his hair matches his eyes perfectly. He sits so prim and proper like he has no chill. Of course I guess he has to. He is a prince after all.
“I think that should be enough to say we talked and you were fine.” He muttered to himself. He stood and walked out without another word, leaving the door slightly open. I took a deep breath to calm myself.
“Oh god finally!” I stood up and stretched. Grabbed another cup of tea and a different cake. I opened a window and sat on the bay window seat. I happily ate my cake and hummed a little tune overlooking the garden.
After I had finished my tea and cake I walked out the room and bumped right into our first male lead. I hate my life. Why two in one day?! I am not mentally prepared for this! We were both startled for a moment and stared at each other in shock.
“Excuse me.” I said out of habit which made him have the funniest horrified look on his face. He had green eyes and orangish red hair. He was actually kind of short? He’s about an inch shorter than me and I am roughly 5’7. I walked quickly past him so I wouldn’t burst out laughing. His expression was just so out of character.
Once I made it back to my room I had to come up with another plan. I must be prepared at all times to meet with the male leads and NOT make our relationship worse. To my surprise when I got to my room Doctor Pruitt was waiting for me. Sitting in my corner chair with his back turned to me, reading the book I sat out this morning. I don’t make a noise but I stand there and watch him for a moment. How is this man not a male lead? I slowly close the door and walk quietly over to him. Once I’m right over his shoulder I say
“Enjoying the book?” He screams and I laugh so hard. Struggling for breath I collapse to the floor. Doctor Pruitt fumbles for a moment.
“I didn’t hear you come in, are you alright?” He starts to laugh with me. I can’t control my laughter and he just helps me to the edge of the bed.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it!” I gasp out in between chuckles. He smirks at me
“How would you like it if I’d done that to you? You would have had a heart attack. I know not to sit with my back to the door again.” He chuckles and starts his examination.
“I’m sorry nooooo. Make yourself comfortable please! I won’t do it again!”
“I’m going to need you to stop laughing if I’m ever going to finish your examination.” I burst into a new fit of laughter. You know how once you start laughing it's hard to stop? Yup that’s what’s happened.
After a few moments I FINALLY calmed down and he finished his examination. “It looks like you are feeling much better. A few more visits and you won’t need me anymore. It truly is a miracle that you came out of this unharmed.” I furrowed my brow at his words.
“You mean you’ll stop coming?”
“Well essentially, yes. You won’t need me anymore.” He looked concerned
“Oh” I look out the window for a moment. “Where is your practice?”
“Down South Street. You’re welcome anytime you know?” I perked up a bit after that
“That sounds nice. Thank you.” He finishes his examination and bows as a goodbye. I’ll have to visit his office soon.
Thanks for reading the third chapter! Let me know what you think! The next post will be on Wednesday the 20th. Sorry for the long wait in between, planning and editing take a lot of time. TwT UNTIL NEXT TIME FRIENDS!
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2021.10.16 07:02 smoothlikeag5 Does anyone in the South Florida area get these $50-$200 batches that I often seeo n here?

I feel like the regular batches I get are $7-$50(rare), the average is $10-$30, I'm just curious to know if anyone in South Florida get these high priced batches.
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2021.10.16 07:02 Inverzet-Resistanze Big hole in the coverage of the most important aspects of the Rød Larsen case The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Helps Launch Artif Big hole in the coverage of the most important aspects of the Rød Larsen case The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Helps Launch Artif submitted by Inverzet-Resistanze to uitdeEUredNederland [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 07:02 death_or_die アメリカの子供たちの大定番「お手軽ランチ」がコロナで大ピンチ!

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2021.10.16 07:02 dilfandrius How to get up here for the electroculus???

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2021.10.16 07:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - India introduces draft resolution in UNGA for granting Observer Status for International Solar Alliance | The Hindu

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2021.10.16 07:02 melancholicwizard LF Crow or Frost Dragon | Paying with Roblox GC

Name your price
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