Spain La Liga: Barcelona vs Valencia, Game Preview, Game Prediction, Free Sports Picks, Betting Trends, Gamblers Picks

2021.10.16 08:52 TheGamblersLounge Spain La Liga: Barcelona vs Valencia, Game Preview, Game Prediction, Free Sports Picks, Betting Trends, Gamblers Picks

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2021.10.16 08:52 RandiBeater osu! for linux?

I really want to switch to linux but I also want to play osu and submit scores. Is there a smooth way to run osu on linux?
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2021.10.16 08:52 Optimal_Reception273 Urgent help required

What are my options with 51XXX mains rank general category(no ews).kindly suggest the best option(except drop)
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2021.10.16 08:52 mobile343 As per the New Frontier Data, cannabis market on a global level is going to double by 2025 and would reach the $51 billion mark soon

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2021.10.16 08:52 Lightshadow86 What's the pick?

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2021.10.16 08:52 kmmreddit We come to this place . .

To pay $9.50 for a bag of popcorn, $6.75 for a Coke, and $6.25 for a box of Jujyfruits.
Get over yourself AMC.
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2021.10.16 08:52 1-800-WE-BUILD-ROADS Squid Game is my new favorite analogy for communism.

Squid Game is essentially a fiction about a group of poor struggling sub-working class people who are given the chance to play a game and win $38,000,000 USD worth of their Korean currency. They are taken to a hidden underground base where they are to an extent forced (with some exceptions) to play 6 death games and win all 6 of them for the money. It is completely about fairness without meritocracy, where everybody is equal and has the same chance to win the money. They are all fed very little by this communist-like faction that has kidnapped them, sometimes only being given a raw potato to eat or an egg. There are times when the players have special talents that allow them to perform much better in certain games only for them to be nullified. There is a surgeon who was able to help the guards harvest organs in return for information on the next game, he was killed by one of the top dogs to keep the game fair. There was a glass maker who could tell different types of glass apart by looking at them, which helped him in one of the games, so they sabotaged him by turning the lights off. The leaders pretend to play in the Squid Game too, but give themselves unfair advantages without the other players knowing so that they are not actually able to have bad things happen to them. And at the end of the day... Pretty much all of them died, with only a couple surviving!
It sounds so great on paper, fairness, being equal to others, everybody having the same opportunity to win no matter who they are, etc. etc., but when you truly examine the closer details it is terrifying. How does this not sound like an analogy for Communism? And the funniest part is, commies love this show.
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2021.10.16 08:52 Physical-Pepper3525 Avem aici

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2021.10.16 08:52 viktor_cz giant cave with mineshaft

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2021.10.16 08:52 FxrYT I dont think he gets it... (The guy in red is the young guy)

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2021.10.16 08:52 priyagent Nanami DOAXVV High Poly mod 4K

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2021.10.16 08:52 Unique_Ad3659 Do you use gaming as a way to escape reality?

I have a male cousin who is 17 years old. He has two parents who drive and encourage him to go out with friends. He once told me after our trip to the mall that he didn’t go out with his friend because he didn’t have clothes. He then said he would ask them to watch a movie together. He never did. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this, but I know that I always wanted to go out and everyone else I knew also did. I once asked him if he’s ever been sad and he responded with, “It’s all in your head. Sadness/depression isn’t real.” He hasn’t dated anyone since 6th grade. He doesn’t show interest in any girls and I know this is mostly because he’s just picky. We talk here and there and laugh a lot together. I just always wonder if he’s actually okay.
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2021.10.16 08:52 starcrusher989 Blood for the blood god

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2021.10.16 08:52 That_Organization533 What is the better FD unit

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2021.10.16 08:52 BringitbackDan Bring it back

What would you want Dan to bring back the most
Maybe we can convince him to bring it back!
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2021.10.16 08:52 deaddiekill A massive exp drop #25 Chunkman ddk

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2021.10.16 08:52 No_Gazelle2643 Servent leader God roll

Got a roll with Arrowhead break extended barrel and extended mag and alloy mag with subsistence and multi kill clip with range masterwork do you think it's more of a PVP roll or a PVE roll I've played both does really well
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2021.10.16 08:52 Scandalaivan Poolz Ventures Makes Its Latest Investment in NFT Game FuruKuru

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2021.10.16 08:52 HungryTears How exactly do the "tell all" "exposing everything" type writers fact check?

When Maggie said she fact checked everything, the book contains information about Alex and Mitch, how exactly would she do that? The only source she has is people talking about it(Rumours) which I think are not exactly reliable sources or can be considered "fact checked".
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2021.10.16 08:52 Jacinda-Muldoon Bertrand Russell said that, "The doctrines of Buddhism are profound; they are almost reasonable, and historically they have been the least harmful and the least cruel." Is there any reason to suspect that Buddhist societies have ben less cruel or harmful than others? [x-post: AskHistorians]

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2021.10.16 08:52 Ram_1979 How do you find new yield farms?

How do you get in early etc, what sites do you use?
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2021.10.16 08:52 rijulgarg My school just threatened to suspend me if I don’t get a haircut.

My school has some strict rules when it comes to uniform and “discipline”. Boys: should have a proper haircut. Girls: should have a braided pony and no highlights allowed. (Yes they’re very orthodox and don’t believe in other genders or sexual orientations) Fast forward to 2020-21 and the pandemic resulted in me growing my hair, (I feel so much confident now) and a few girl friends of mine got highlights. Now the school threatened to suspend me and bar me from giving my exams while my girl friends move around with blonde highlights? This is so unfair. I will get back to my usual insecure self after a haircut, and I feel like suing my school under a discriminatory lawsuit, but guess what, my country doesn’t count schools and education centres under consumer law. How amazing.
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2021.10.16 08:52 various_vshar Therapy dog

So I recently got a puppy and while looking into training classes I was interested in having him trained and certified to be a therapy dog. However, I would not want to be his handler as I’m in college. Does anyone know if I’d have to be his handler or if wherever he ended up working would provide a handler for him?
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2021.10.16 08:52 omeglethrowaway222 TIL Michael voiced a character in a Yakuza game!

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2021.10.16 08:52 FeanixFlame has anyone had any issues with being overpaid on disability/social security?

for context, i recently got approved for social security after a good two years or so of waiting. when it came time for backpay to be given, i only got around $300. apparently, i was somehow overpaid around $11,000 back in 2009 when i was still a teenager and my parents were in charge of that sort of thing, so they used the majority of the backpay i was owed to take care of the overpayment before i could even figure out what was happening.
i've already filed a waiver but i imagine it'll take a while longer for them to actually get it and process it and all that, but i'm wondering if i have any other options here, since i actually desperately need that money...
i'm asking basically wherever i think i might be able to get some insight on this, since i don't know what other options i have available to me. i plan on calling them again on monday (though i tend to get a lot of mixed answers and contradictions and such from person to person) and i might even try and make an in person appointment if doing things over the phone doesn't help. but i'm honestly just at a loss, i've been dealt blow after blow the past few months, and i could really use a win somewhere... any help or direction on this would be hugely appreciated.
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