Giritina on me 2813 9831 7114

The Contract Address 0x956c4A78a43C6aC675453b05657750EC5E04F10f page allows users to view the source code, transactions, balances, and analytics for the contract ... [ October 14, 2021 ] Health experts urge southeastern NC residents not to let their guard down against COVID-19 News [ October 13, 2021 ] Local roundup: Collins, 3 doubles teams advance to United ... Statewide (Tallahassee) Beth Frady Email Central Office. Telephone: 850-414-4590 Fax: 850-414-4085. Mail Station: 54  현재 29명 신청중. 에펨코리아 - 유머, 축구, 게임, 풋볼매니저 종합 커뮤니티 “原创力文档”前称为“文档投稿赚钱网”,本站为“文档c2c交易模式”,即用户上传的文档直接卖给(下载)用户,本站只是中间服务平台,本站所有文档下载所得的收益归上传人(含作者)所有【成交的100%(原创)】。 13200 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro MD 20772 Office Number:(301)-627-7575 Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

2021.10.16 09:18 Lost_Ad_2659 Giritina on me 2813 9831 7114

Giritina on me 2813 9831 7114
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2021.10.16 09:18 amanbhatia97 PokePunks collectables, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (Weekend offer) |​​ Now minting: Shiny Bulbasaur, Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados | Links in comments!

PokePunks collectables, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (Weekend offer) |​​ Now minting: Shiny Bulbasaur, Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados | Links in comments! submitted by amanbhatia97 to CryptoMars [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 09:18 KingProfessional4280 Ns help and vocation advice

So I am meant to join NS this year but because of covid, I'm stuck in limbo overseas (I'm living in HK currently). cant even book my IPPT cause they haven't finished reviewing my medical screening results. I've completed and sent all my medical stuff overseas, still waiting for a response.
Anyway, I was wondering what is the best vocation for SAF. I'm thinking about challenging myself over the 2 years because I don't want to waste time slacking off. I'm interested in studying engineering or CS in the future so should I join an engineering-related vocation. ( maintenance or combat engineer). Is the experience worth it or should I just join something more fun eg armoguards
I was also wondering how does vocation enrollment work? do I just sign up through the ns portal and they will give it to me? do I need to do some tests? Also what score do I need in IPPT to get the 8 week BMT reduction?
and finally are there any tips yall can give me in NS, what I should do and not do. ( especially for someone who doesn't know Chinese or Singlish).
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2021.10.16 09:18 No_Alternative314 MemriTV Shoes Compilation

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2021.10.16 09:18 Winquisitor Customer refuses to work with me, so I make sure she has no reason to work with anybody else.

(There's a fair bit of backstory leading up to this, but I'll toss a TL;DR at the bottom.)
A large portion of my job involves buying and selling jewelry. Most of my customers stick primarily to either buying or selling, but I definitely have some regulars that do both. Most of them are reasonable people looking for cash or a decent deal on gold and/or diamonds. There is a small Karen-esque group of customers in the city, that I have dealt with at four different locations during my time in the industry, that I don't particularly enjoy working with. This series of events deals with one such individual, who we shall call May.
When May was much younger, she....let's say....had many older boyfriends with a lot of money. She received a lot of nice jewelry for many years, and got lots of attention along the way. Since then, the years have not been kind to May, and she, in turn, has not been kind to anybody that I am aware of that doesn't effusively kiss her wrinkled ass.
My first exposure to May was a friend of mine in the industry telling me how she had worked over a store to the tune of almost $30k in overpayments and fake jewelry. She found a broker that she could work, and only dealt with him. She started by bringing in smaller, but real, pieces of jewelry and gave some sob story about how she needed the money for whatever-the-hell and kept that up periodically for a few months. She leveraged her sob stories with all the stuff she had sold into better prices and eventually got the broker to stop fully testing her jewelry. Then the fakes rolled in. She sold as much as she could, as fast as she could, until it was found out. That dude was fired (justifiably), and his boss was nearly fired as well.
It was at this point that my friend in the industry was explaining to me why he had a spot for me in the organization. I interviewed with my friends boss, got an offer, but we couldn't end up agreeing on compensation so I didn't end up working for them right away. Several months down the road, my friend left the company and they reached back out to me to offer me his job, which I accepted. In this time, May was still allowed to do business with the company. She feigned ignorance about the fakes, and the owner decided to let her continue to do business but restrict who she was able to do business with; only store managers with approval from area manager (me) or higher.
Right off the bat, I was involved with her sales. And she hated me. I was never unkind or unprofessional, but I never gave her special treatment or better deals than anybody else. To somebody that is used to having people fawn over her and give her special treatment, you would think I had killed her dog by the way she acted toward me when I wouldn't. But, she kept coming back. Not because she was getting great deals. Not because she really liked who she had to deal with. But because we were one of only a few places where she could do business. She had been banned from several businesses and was running out of places.
All in all, I probably only dealt with her maybe a dozen times directly. Gradually, she stopped coming in to my stores and found one of our competitors who treated her better. All of that seemed to be going well until about 18 months later when I accepted a position with that company, in the wake of losing a manager that was a little too laid back when it came to things like compliance and controlling profits.
I had been with the company for maybe a month, and was working on inventory audits for a store than had been underperforming. I would step in and help work the sales floor when it would get busy, but my main focus at that point was operations. One afternoon, the other brokers were busy and an older man comes in with a few small boxes. He wanted to sell me some older specialty tools (like really specific testing instruments that were older than I am), and I made what I felt was a reasonable offer for something that won't have much demand or profit margin. He was upset by my offer, and said he was told that the manager (that I replaced) would give him a good deal on whatever he brought in. I explained that he was no longer with the company, and that I felt the offer that I made was perfectly fair for the age, condition, and niche nature of the tools. He left upset, and I went back to my audit.
A couple minutes later, May walks through the door and walks right up to the counter where I am working. She immediately starts yelling about how poorly I had treated her boyfriend (she had not even been in the building at the time) and how she wouldn't stand for being mistreated blah blah blah. She was so in to her little scene that she didn't recognize me at that point. She kept going with some crap about me being new and if I knew who she was....and I cut her off.
Winquisitor - "Oh, I know exactly who you are, May. You don't remember me?"
She stopped for a moment, trying to recall where she knew me from.
Winquisitor - "From [previous employer]? Where I had to approve all of your transactions after you ripped them off?"
That did it. She remembered.
May - "Ohhhhhh, no, I'm not dealing with you. I want to talk to (previous manager)."
Winquisitor - "He's not here anymore, so you're stuck with me. Now, what's the problem?"
May - "You were VERY RUDE to my boyfriend!"
Winquisitor - "....Because I told him I couldn't give him very much for his old tools?"
May - "I told him he would get a good deal here, and now he's mad and discouraged!"
Winquisitor - "O....kay....?"
May - "I want all of my payments back and I'm never doing business with this company as long as you're here!"
Winquisitor - "*shrugs* Alrighty, here you go."
I paid out whatever small down payment she had put down on a ring, cleaned it, and put it back out for sale. I asked a couple of the brokers about May, and they confirmed what I had assumed; that she had been working solely with the old manager, getting better deals than she should, and they had ended up with a couple fake pieces from her that she claimed she didn't know were fake. As a precaution, I went ahead and instituted the same policy where if she came back in any transactions at all required my involvement and approval.
About a week later, she called the store. I saw her name on the called ID, so I picked up the phone. She heard my voice and immediately hung up. She tried back a couple hours later, I picked up again, she hung up again. The next morning she called again, and I let one of the brokers pick up the phone:
"Hi, May. Yeah....yeah, he's here. Did you want to talk to him? Okay. I can't do that for you. No. Yes, he has to. No, he isn't here. I can't give you his number. No. No, May. Yes, I can give him a message. Uh-huh. At this number? Okay."
May has a large solitaire that she's trying to sell and she's having trouble getting anybody to give her the price she wants. She REALLY wants to do business with us, but she just isn't willing to work with me. So she wants my boss's phone number so she can try to deal above my head. We relay the message, and my boss declines to call her. That was a few weeks ago, and we didn't hear anything more from her....until yesterday.
I came in for a half day in the afternoon, and May was there when I arrived. She was talking to one of my brokers about getting a deal on buying back some of the jewelry that she had sold us. One of her tactics is to oversell the quality of her stuff when she is selling it (look at the clarity! It's nearly flawless! etc.), and then on the very same item tell us how dull it looks and the inclusions that only she can see when she wants the price knocked down so she can buy it back. It's annoying, and I don't like it. If I'm buying your stuff so I can resell it, you don't get to attack my margins at both ends. Either your stuff is great and I should be paying better for it, or your stuff is crap and I should be charging less for it. It can't be both.
Evidently, after years of selling off jewelry and not having the same caliber of "boyfriends," she ended up selling some stuff that actually meant something to her and she wanted to buy it back from us. The broker saw me when I walked in, but May did not. They talked for a few more minutes, until I hear the broker tell May that my approval would be needed. I have worked out deals in situations like this before. I'm not completely heartless. But, as soon as she saw me she started right in on her nonsense about how I mistreated her, and she really wants to do business with us, just not with me, and she left.
She's not selling to us, because I won't overpay for her gaudy jewelry. She's not buying from our normal inventory, because she doesn't get any special deals. The only thing keeping her coming in is that we have several pieces (rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces) that she sold us, but that she wants to buy back at a steep discount. So, I found a way to make sure she has no reason to come back at all. I pulled a report of all the items bought from May, ran it against current inventory, and pulled every piece from the sales floor cases. I transferred them to a different store a few hours away. Next time she comes in looking for the pieces, the brokers are going to tell her that we decided to scrap (pull the stones, melt the gold) all of her pieces because they weren't selling.
I really hope I'm there the next time she calls or comes in.
TL;DR - Entitled, scamming, customer refuses to work with me and tries to go over my head, not realizing that nobody else wants to deal with her, either. She ruins her last chance at what she wants, and I make her jewelry disappear.
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2021.10.16 09:18 MemoryRune BG3 download and internet speed tactics

So BG3 (Baldur's Gate 3) dropped a 70GB patch and I had to uninstall the game, because if I download anything that big, I won't be able to do anything besides downloading. To explain, I have good internet speed of 2MB per seconds, but if I download anything big, I can't do anything else on computer or phone for next five hours, nor my other family members, I could only download that big thing.
But I still want to play the game, I have BG3 over to GOG.COM.
Could you advise me how to or what to do in order to download 80 GB and still do other internet activities?
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2021.10.16 09:18 flithyfrankchef With ✌ & ❤ Ethan, you have also pooped your pants.

I think the video of the quartering pooping his pants was so funny, but all I could think about was the time ethan did the same at the a casino with his family.
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2021.10.16 09:18 adrienn123 OG.Ceb , they did it to you...

Remember when you called russians 3rd world country dogs,and flame the whole russian community? well they did it to you Ceb.
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2021.10.16 09:18 buprenorFiend_ Staking Juno

Where can I find information about validators? I'd like to delegate my Juno to a validator that is active in the community and in governance. I also can't find anything about rewards apr. Thanks!
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2021.10.16 09:18 BucsCW24 Looking for tutorials

Looking for tutorials to make the League of Legends music videos 'Burn It All Down (ft. PVRIS) | Worlds 2021' and “BREATHE | Official Launch Video - Legends of Runeterra"

Any tutorials on the art style or cartoon-y environments and the textureon the characters
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2021.10.16 09:18 a_moist_brick64 look at her little fangs 🥺

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2021.10.16 09:18 H25azbxwyz At least 46 killed after fire tears through residential building in Taiwan

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2021.10.16 09:18 NRS_BAM hhhmmm... I wonder who got into the trash?

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2021.10.16 09:18 enddemon_ joo

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2021.10.16 09:18 blyatman006 Ich_iel

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2021.10.16 09:18 Yellow_XIII How does receiving unsolicited pussy pics make you feel?

I was reading another thread that gave me the idea for this one. Plus I receieved a pussy pic a few days ago that almost got me in big trouble. From a girl I blocked months ago.
It's just a major turn off. Feels kinda pathetic too. How does it make you guys feel when shit like this happens?
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2021.10.16 09:18 PineappleKami420 Extra thicc dutch style roll with some wicked bud!🤤💨💨💨💨👌

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2021.10.16 09:18 koenNEC024 Need help getting account progress back.

Okay in short ; i accidentaly removed the game i had a good account. I reinstalled but the progress is gone?
Is there a way to get it back?
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2021.10.16 09:18 lionaroundagan My first time at Haloweekends after going to CP every year the past 30+years of my life and it exceeded expectations. We lucked out with low crowds, we waited in line the longest for Maverick at 20 min. Great job to all employees for the great attitudes all night; scare actors were creative. TY!!

My first time at Haloweekends after going to CP every year the past 30+years of my life and it exceeded expectations. We lucked out with low crowds, we waited in line the longest for Maverick at 20 min. Great job to all employees for the great attitudes all night; scare actors were creative. TY!! submitted by lionaroundagan to cedarpoint [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 09:18 pure_vessel33 Looking for friends (PS4 and I have zenith)

Hey I'm looking for some friends to play with you can add me and tell me your username (mine is Funky-dudesmacre) see you then!
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2021.10.16 09:18 GrankScout Old Gen Monster Hunter Progression

Old Gen Monster Hunter Progression
This about sums up the first two generations of monster hunter right here.
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2021.10.16 09:17 MexipinoVlogs I wanted to introduce you to Mr. Shillz, a full-blown one-stop marketing agency! Usecase already running, no roadmaps needed!

The devv is doxxed, and on constant video calls in the main Telegram group ✌️
So I see you wonder, what is Mr. Shillz? 👀
We are a fullblown one-stop-shop for crypto marketing💥, for both existing and launching projects. We have the utmost priority of connecting secure, legit influencers with prevetted projects, so at the end of the day, both parties can feel secure at what they do. ✅
We are not a project that promises utility x months from now, our utility has been live, working and making revenue for months now🌎. having great contracts with various influencers across all platforms to be able to provide our clients safe, and their moneys worth of marketing. 💯
Also our native token will be highly represented in all transactions, and provides a constant boost to the chart and buy pressure 📈 50% OF ALL REVENUE OUR BUSINESS MAKES IS DIRECTED INTO BUYBACK! 📢📢
On top of that we are hosting a private KYC service, for projects that either want added trust or are slightly hesitant of public doxxing. 💯✅
Mr. Shillz is providing JOB opportunities look at the information below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 As an very added specialty, our project allows us to have plenty of work opportunity for those who want to change the course of their fortune by doing work, rather than relying on luck 🤝💪
BUY 🟢🟢 2% Liquidity 2% burn 2% Redistributed to the holders 2% Developer wallet
SELL 🔴🔴 4% Liquidity 4%burn 4% Redistributed to holders 4% Dev wallet
Socials 📸 ✅
Whitepaper 🍀
Website 🔗
Telegram Mainchat 🔵
Discord channel✅
Twitter 🐦
Instagram 📸
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2021.10.16 09:17 Derrie_Crim •Kamisato Ayaka• one of the most "POWERFUL" but "ELEGANT" character in Genshin. U//u//U

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2021.10.16 09:17 ltsr Jag_ivl

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2021.10.16 09:17 o0Jahzara0o New Texas Law Means More Unwanted Children Placed with Private Companies

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