[Business] - Oversight Board slams Facebook for giving special treatment to VIP users | NPR

2021.10.21 11:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Oversight Board slams Facebook for giving special treatment to VIP users | NPR

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2021.10.21 11:46 agsking When switching audio devices, is it possible to use "Play all audio via this device" by default?

When switching audio devices, it doesn't always switch the device that a currently playing audio source is playing on. To force this to switch, you can open the menu next to the audio device and select "Play all audio via this device". I would like this to happen by default so I don't have to change the audio device, and then specify that I want all audio to play on that device.
Is this possible? It's not a huge inconvenience, but I've never been in a scenario where I wanted to switch audio devices but not change the device that currently playing audio is playing on. Thanks!
System Info

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2021.10.21 11:46 IlseWasden Arbitrum deployed on SmashCash Platform

Since the last fortnight, we have been working on deploying on a new blockchain and here we are! Arbitrum is deployed on SmashCash!!! This makes us the first platform in the world to facilitate anonymous and private transactions on Arbitrum blockchain.
During the last few months, SmashCash has been expanding its presence by settling on new blockchains. The protocol already got deployed on Ether, Binance chain, MATIC, AVAX, Moonriver , Fantom, Harmony one, Solana, xDai and Arbitrum.
We are glad to inform you that our journey isn’t finished yet. SmashCash is still on the move and intends to continue its conquest.
The next stop? Arbitrum One
As of now, SmashCash smart contracts are ready to join Arbitrum, which is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum, offering a unique combination of benefits: Trustless security: security rooted in Ethereum, with any one party able to ensure correct Layer 2 results. Compatibility with Ethereum: able to run unmodified EVM contracts and unmodified Ethereum transactions.
Arbitrum in Few Words
Arbitrum is an Ethereum scaling solution designed by Offchain Labs to reduce the costs and latency of decentralized applications (dApps) for users and developers. Using a variation of one of Ethereum’s popular scaling solutions, known as an “Optimistic rollup”, the Arbitrum Rollup protocol minimizes the amount of data used on-chain and supports arbitrary Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts using common Ethereum tooling. Arbitrum smart contracts can be created using the Solidity programming language. These smart contracts drastically reduce transaction fees and are highly customizable without compromising on privacy and security.
Developed by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum allows users to deploy and interact with smart contracts with minimal costs compared to using Ethereum natively. Also, Arbitrum uses the same tooling as Ethereum, without any loss of security or decentralization. Moreover, Arbitrum smart contracts can use any Ethereum-based token. Plus, anyone can be elected to validate without the need for custom tooling.
SmashCash* Arbitrum One
By entering the Arbitrum One network, SmashCash will benefit from a fast & scalable network. This new opportunity will allow the protocol to attract new users and allow more crypto-holders to earn back their privacy.
Arbitrum One Metrics 📈

Arbitrum does not have a token. That’s because Arbitrum One doesn’t have a native token. The rollup’s transactions are paid for in ETH, and Off-chain Labs currently has no plans for a bespoke Arbitrum token.
Are you ready to go to the next level with SmashCash ?
If you look at the tokenomics of SmashCash you won’t believe it!
***SmashCash Tokenomics**\*
Total supply: 1 Billion
✅ Market Cap (IDO) - 100K USD
✅ Fully diluted Market Cap - 1 Million.
✅ Competitor Market Cap (TORN) - 75 Million USD
✅ Competitor Fully Diluted Market Cap (TORN) - 700 Million plus
✅ Circulating Supply - 100 Million
✅ Team Tokens Locked - 3 years
✅ Blockchains Supported - 10 Blockchains
✅ Fully Open Source
✅ Audited Code
Get in before it's too late!
To know more you can visit
🔥Website: http://smashcash.io 🔥YouTube: SmashCash 🔥TG: Smash Cash 🔥Twitter: Smash Cash🚀🚀 (@smashcashio) | Twitter 🔥Medium: SmashCash – Medium 🔥Tik-Tok: @smashcashio 🔥IG: SmashCashio
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2021.10.21 11:46 Individual-Pace-7324 What are you using for handling incidents in the cloud?

How well is it working?
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2021.10.21 11:46 Nohan07 Le projet de loi de "vigilance sanitaire" adopté à l'Assemblée nationale contre l'avis de cinq députés réunionnais

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2021.10.21 11:46 Beautiful-Phase3934 [Free] Kanye West type beat TiTle 'Im a Genius' by JayandSeafeld

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2021.10.21 11:46 dalyllama35 An Interview with Beat Zeller of Voodoo Rhythm Records & The Monsters

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2021.10.21 11:46 BigTipsInTheSky On Hasan

How do y'all feel about Hasan? I've been trying to warm up to him but I just don't jive with his vibe. He seems like the kind of guy at the party that I would kind of not avoid. He just doesn't feel like a bro, ya know? Like Dan, he feels like a bro. I just don't feel that with Hasan. Let me know how you feel about him.
*If you want to have an argument instead of a discussion, I'll only reply with a clown emoji. This isn't a place for arguments. Only discussions with fellow h3 fans. ✌️n ❤️
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2021.10.21 11:46 Mushroomhead_Fanatic How can I recover Google Play services for my Model 8080, android version 5.0.1, build 01001 device?

I was uninstalled Google Play services. Help me get it back as a not uninstallable app.
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2021.10.21 11:46 Signal_Confidence828 What should I surprise my boyfriend with?

I (22F) haven't been dating my boyfriend (25M) for very long, but we just spent two weeks apart, which is the longest we've been apart since we met. He was out of town for work, and he hit some milestones at work. I want to do something for him that shows him that I am proud of him and that I missed him. Any ideas?? He comes back into town tomorrow night. Also, he does not care about gifts and I don't want to spend too much money... He really values physical touch, acts of service, and quality time.
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2021.10.21 11:46 hanya_tuhan_yangtahu Nice pictures...

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2021.10.21 11:46 Jeff_boyeser I got a bucket of chicken

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2021.10.21 11:46 aceofheartsfolf Why does it feel like herb is never doing his job and never reaching hollyberry and moon rabbit

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2021.10.21 11:46 edutreasure Learn to Host Multiple Domains on one Virtual Server udemy coupon

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2021.10.21 11:46 SomewhereOk2800 YA Vampire Hunter / War where girl takes elixir to become powerful

I vaguely remember reading part of this book in 2010-2013

There is a war going on with vampires, and people enlists to help fight. Main girl is in love with a vampire from Spain if I remember correctly?
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2021.10.21 11:46 inkbandgr ΙΝΚ - Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)

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2021.10.21 11:46 bluethecoloris France hails victory as Facebook agrees to pay newspapers for content

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2021.10.21 11:46 ksk63_ 7-Round Mock Draft + Coaching Carousel

7-Round Mock Draft + Coaching Carousel Hey y'all, here's the seven-round mock and coaching changes, as mentioned.
Coaching Changes As y'all voted on, here are the coaches who were hypothetically fired:
  • Jon Gruden (resigned from Raiders)
  • Urban Meyer (Jaguars)
  • Matt Nagy (Bears)
  • Joe Judge (Giants)
  • Mike Zimmer (Vikings)
  • Vic Fangio (Broncos)
With those being said, here's the coaching hires I made for each of y'all. Heads up, you're going to be disappointed, because I am not as cliche/generic as some would wish, and think a flashy 33-year old OC who knows how to use pre-snap motion is the solution to every team's problems. Good coaches can be found anywhere, culture and team environment are every bit as important as play-calling, and there's no such thing as a sure bet!
Las Vegas Raiders: The reality is that we all know Mike Mayock would love to hire Dabo Swinney as their front office has been infatuated with the Clemson (and Alabama) program(s). Really not taking race into account here one way or the other here, but someone is going to be smart enough to give Todd Bowles, the Bucs defensive coordinator, another shot. His run at NYJ did not go well, but no one really has had success there since the early years of Rex Ryan a whole decade ago. The Raiders need a transformation on defense, and Bowles has certainly orchestrated one of the best.
Chicago Bears: Chicago is another really quality opening, as whoever takes the role will get a very talented young QB to mold, with Justin Fields already in town. For the Bears, they are one of those teams that really should focus on the flashy offensive coordinators, as Justin Fields brings a unique skill set you'd hate to waste. Thus, Chicago hires Dallas offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to provide that spark for Fields. Perhaps a reunion with former defensive coordinator Vic Fangio in the same role could be in the works for Chicago as well.
New York Giants: While I think this is not the best gig available, I am going to go ahead and put Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll into this gig. The reason for this is that there are some rumors that Daboll really isn't looking to leave the Northeast. He's spent a majority of his career there, aside from some brief stops in Miami, Alabama, and Kansas City. Other than that, it's been a heavy dose of New England, so getting him a head coaching opportunity in the area could be tempting, especially if Gettlemen is out with Judge and the Giants were to hire someone like Bills assistant GM Joe Schoen.
Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings had a very long, successful run of competitive play under Mike Zimmer, but unfortunately, it's starting to collapse in on itself. Minnesota could choose to retool, and with QB Kirk Cousins playing some of his best football recently, hiring someone like Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, a former Vikings assistant from 2006-2010, would be best. He's well due for an opportunity, and Minnesota could really use him.
Denver Broncos: Denver probably has the best roster out of these spots, but the biggest issue is the lack of QB play. Obviously finding a QB will be very important, but finding someone who can build an offense around a QB is just as important, and few teams have done that as well as the Saints. A very underrated coach is Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. who has been Sean Payton's right-hand mand for over a decade. He's not the flashiest hire, but he's a very savvy coach who has certainly proved worthy of a shot running his own franchise.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Urban Meyer has thus far flamed out in spectacular fashion but QB Trevor Lawrence makes this a pretty attractive opening nonetheless. We're assuming that things continue downhill, though Urban and co. did notch a win in London. We're going a little out of the box here, but the Cardinals are off to a terrific start this season, and their special teams coordinator and assistant head coach Jeff Rodgers has gotten a lot of praise in insider circles recently, including handling a good chunk of Kingsbury's responsibilities while he was out this past week. STCs aren't always the sexiest hires, but it'd be foolish to once again prioritize making a splash over making a good hire.
Enjoy your new head coach!
TRADES DEN sends: 2022 first-round selection, 2023 first-round selection, 2022 fourth-round selection, 2023 sixth-round selection and CB Michael Ojemudia GB sends: 2023 fifth-round selection and QB Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers came back to the Packers for this season, but anything beyond that is still undetermined. Best case scenario for GB is one more playoff run with Rodgers before acquiescing to his trade request, and sending him out West for a nice haul of picks.
SF sends: 2022 second-round selection, 2023 fourth-round selection CLE sends: WR Odell Beckham Jr.
The 49ers faithfully most commonly said they'd like to see a veteran addition at either cornerback or wide receiver, so this one works out for the latter position. OBJ joins a nice trio of George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and a talented, but inconsistent Brandon Aiyuk.
FIRST ROUND I used the order from Tankathon, but with one caveat - I added the minority hiring 3rd round picks for Tampa Bay (Bowles) and Kansas City (Bieniemy) at the top of the compensatory list, and then bumped the bottom two seventh-rounders (ARI, TB) from the picks given, capping it at 260 picks all the same.
1.) Detroit Lions - EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon - Thibodeaux made his 2021 debut this past Friday night, and showed exactly why he's a major contender for the top spot in this year's draft class, tallying 11 pressures in 22 pass rushes. Detroit's been plagued by the injury bug on an already depleted roster, but Thibodeaux represents an exceptional building block for this defense to build around.
2.) Jacksonville Jaguars - OT Evan Neal, Alabama - This works out quite well for Jacksonville, as they can either select a premium player at a major position of need, or they can trade the pick to a suitor looking to move up for a quarterback of their liking. Neal is a freaky athlete, and would be a big boost to Lawrence's development, protecting his blindside.
3.) Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA) - S Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame - Probably the best safety prospect since Derwin James at least, Hamilton is a freak athlete with elite size as well. He really can do just about everything well, whether dropping deep, manning up a tight end, or filling into the box and tackling. He can become a very instrumental piece to any defense at the next level.
4.) Houston Texans - CB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU - Stingley went down with a foot injury, and with LSU's season already on the brink, it's not certain if he'll be back. However, he's already demonstrated his unique coverage ability, stepping in as a superstar true freshman to dominate opponents at every stop. He fits nicely as a centerpiece to Houston's defense.
5.) New York Giants - EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan - Hutchinson showed some flashes in 2019, but has absolutely burst onto the scene in 2021, arguably the most dominant player in the nation at the moment. He's got elite athleticism, explosive power, and a wide arsenal of pass rush moves. He'd be a very strong fit across from Azeez Ojulari in the Big Apple going forward.
6.) New York Jets - EDGE George Karlaftis, Purdue - Another Big Ten defensive end headed to New York City. This time it's the top pass rusher in the Big Ten West, who was practically unblockable against the #2 Hawkeyes this past weekend. Saleh had a lot of success with elite pass rushers anchoring his defensive line, so adding Karlaftis to the mix with Carl Lawson and an underrated Bryce Huff should be a strong move.
TRADE! The Washington RedWolves (y'all voted this as the new name!) jump ahead here, sending a 2022 first-round pick, a 2022 third-round pick, and a 2023 third-round pick to the New England Patriots for their selection here.
7.) Washington RedWolves (via NE) - QB Matt Corral, Ole Miss - Ensuring that Philadelphia doesn't take a QB themselves with one of their three top-10 picks, Washington adds their franchise QB here in Corral. He and Willis are very close for QB1 honors, but Corral's a bit more developed, and has better experience in the SEC, giving him a very narrow lead right now. He fits Washington's offense quite well.
8.) Philadelphia Eagles - DL DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M - Leal has the ability to play multiple spots in a defense, whether playing on the edge in early downs, or kicking inside on pass rushing downs. With Brandon Graham getting old, and Fletcher Cox taking a step back as well, this is a very nice long-term addition for Philadelphia.
9.) Philadelphia Eagles (via IND) - CB Andrew Booth Jr., Clemson - The Tigers may have fallen a bit in 2021, but Booth has still been an exceptional piece to their defense, which is not to blame for those struggles. He's a great athlete, and would really fit nicely with Kyle Hamilton in a revamped Eagles secondary going forward.
10.) New York Jets (via SEA) - OT Ikem Ekwonu, NC State - A monster road grader in the run game, Ekwonu has shown very light feet and a ton of improvement in pass protection, enough to consider keeping him at tackle. The Jets have room for him either way, either at right tackle across from Mekhi Becton, or at right guard across from Alijah Vera-Tucker.
11.) New England Patriots (via WAS) - CB Ahmad Gardner, Cincinnati - An ideal scenario for Bill Belichick, as he lands a trade back to add some additional draft ammo, and also grabs an experienced cornerback with ideal length and man press ability to step into their defense right away and find success. Luke Fickell's done an excellent job developing some studs on that Bearcats defense, and Gardner's arguably the best of the bunch.
12.) Atlanta Falcons - EDGE Drake Jackson, USC - Aside from Thibodeaux and Hamilton, I'm not sure any defender has a higher ceiling than Jackson, another freaky athlete (common theme this year). He's a bit rawer than some of the other edge rushers (thus going twelfth), but still has all the traits and upside to become a game changing pass rusher for Atlanta.
13.) Miami Dolphins (via SF) - OT Nicholas Petit-Frere, Ohio State - A Florida native who journeyed north for college, Petit-Frere has been stellar for the Buckeyes this fall, and has all the traits and tools to continue climbing up draft boards. That end of the season matchup with Aidan Hutchinson and Michigan is certainly one to watch. Miami's OL remains a mess, so this looks to rectify that.
14.) Green Bay Packers (via DEN) - WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State - Wide receiver is not Green Bay's biggest need (unless Davante Adams leaves), but Wilson is too good to pass up here. He can fit with Davante Adams, or potentially replace him, depending on if GB can convince their star WR to stick around without Aaron Rodgers here. Jordan Love will at least get one season to prove his worth.
15.) Carolina Panthers - QB Malik Willis, Liberty - If there's a spot I think Willis could really develop well at, it's in Carolina with a nice collection of talent around him, and Joe Brady (for a little while longer at least) running the offense. Like I said earlier, he's got QB1 potential, thanks to some tremendous traits and athleticism, but needs a little seasoning and consistency first.
16.) New York Giants (via CHI) - OT Charles Cross, Mississippi State - Threw on a couple of Miss. State games recently and Cross has been exceptional to start the season. The Giants need help on their offensive line, even with some improvement coming from LT Andrew Thomas, and Cross could certainly do the trick for them.
17.) Cleveland Browns - WR Chris Olave, Ohio State - With the Browns moving OBJ here, there's certainly an opening to add one of the many talented wide receivers available in this year's NFL Draft. Olave, playing just south of Cleveland in Columbus, would be a really nice addition for Stefanski and Baker Mayfield.
18.) Kansas City Chiefs - EDGE Kingsley Enagbare, South Carolina - I try to avoid some of the more common picks I see in mock drafts, but really not sure how to avoid this one. Enagbare has been really good this season, and the Chiefs defense is faltering, showing a need for more pass rushers like Kingsley. The fit is very good here.
19.) Minnesota Vikings - CB Roger McCreary, Auburn - Auburn's been a solid, competitive team this season, and that's largely in part due to the play of McCreary, a lockdown cornerback who broke out a bit last season, and now finds himself in contention for an early selection here. The Vikings need some younger players here, and McCreary would be a good one.
20.) Pittsburgh Steelers - QB Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh - The Pittsburgh-to-Pittsburgh pipeline was unintentional, but Pickett should seriously be considered in the first round with the type of season he's having. Demonstrating a very good arm, accuracy, touch, and anticipation, Pickett has also shown some ability to maneuver in the pocket and make throws on the run. He's got a lot to like, and the Steelers certainly need a QB before they waste their exceptional defense.
TRADE! The Green Bay Packers send a 2022 first-round pick, a 2022 third-round pick, and a 2023 first-round pick to the New Orleans Saints for their selection here.
21.) Green Bay Packers (via NO) - DT Jordan Davis, Georgia - The Packers have never been gunshy, and with extra ammunition from the Rodgers trade, can afford to get aggressive for an elite defensive tackle. Pairing Kenny Clark and Jordan Davis together on the interior could be devastating for opposing offenses.
22.) Buffalo Bills - C Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa - Linderbaum could certainly be in consideration to go higher, but centers don't tend to go that high. Either way, I doubt he'd get past Sean McDermott and company, especially given the injury history for center Mitch Morse recently. He's an absolute stud at the center position.
23.) Tennessee Titans - LB Devin Lloyd, Utah - Some PAC-12 players end up being underrated because of the late start times, but Lloyd is absolutely someone who deserves to go in the first-round. He's a fantastic linebacker who does everything well, and has really improved his pass coverage as well, making him a genuine three-down linebacker.
24.) Dallas Cowboys - CB Trent McDuffie, Washington - Trevon Diggs has been the defensive breakout star of the 2021 season, but Dallas still needs some more reinforcements to their secondary. Washington may not be great, but that's certainly not the fault of McDuffie, who has been really solid on the season, and projects as a really good CB2 for someone.
25.) Las Vegas Raiders - OL Kenyon Green, Texas A&M - Green can play a couple of different positions, and has for the Aggies, but his best bet is likely at guard going forward. Turns out, the Raiders could use a guard, and Green would excel there.
26.) Los Angeles Chargers - OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa - With Spencer Brown last season, and Penning this season, FCS Northern Iowa is certainly churning out offensive linemen better than most FBS programs right now. Penning would be a big piece for the Chargers, especially as the long-term option for them at right tackle.
27.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Kaiir Elam, Florida - There really isn't a position that the Bucs need an immediate starter at, so taking a shot on Elam is worth the risk here. He's shown some truly elite flashes, but needs a little bit of development to become more consistent. Tampa's got an excellent roster and can definitely afford to be patient and bring him along.
28.) Detroit Lions (via LAR) - WR Treylon Burks, Arkansas - GM Brad Holmes has certainly prioritized speed and explosiveness in the handful of wide receivers he's brought in, and that's Burks to a T. Arkansas' had a breakout season thanks in part to players like Burks, who five touchdown receptions on the year. The Lions could look at QB, but no need to force it if they don't love their prospects. Less need to win now than some others.
29.) Cincinnati Bengals - OT Jaxson Kirkland, Washington - Some may get a bit down on Kirkland after he got worked over by Aidan Hutchinson, but there's still a lot of potential there. The Bengals are having a major turnaround with QB Joe Burrow now healthy, and keeping him that way ought to be their top priority.
30.) New Orleans Saints (via GB) - QB Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati - Ridder has lead the Bearcats to an astounding #2 overall ranking this season, featuring an upset of Notre Dame in South Bend. Ridder's a really nice player for Sean Payton to mold into a franchise passer, and since New Orleans still doesn't know what they have in Jameis Winston, this could be a nice move.
31.) Baltimore Ravens - LB Nakobe Dean, Georgia - Dean has been the heart and soul of the Bulldogs world beating defense. They've dominated everyone they've faced in historic fashion, and Dean is a big piece of that. The Ravens could certainly use his destructive abilities paired next to fellow SEC linebacker Patrick Queen going forward.
32.) Arizona Cardinals - DB Daxton Hill, Michigan - The Cardinals have proven a lot of people wrong, myself included, storming their way past the Rams to the top of the NFC West. Now, they add Daxton Hill, a versatile defensive back from Ann Arbor, who has played safety, slot cornerback, and even some outside cornerback. He's been a big part of Michigan's resurgence this season.
SECOND ROUND 33.) Detroit Lions - S Jaquan Brisker, Penn State - Safety Will Harris has been atrocious, so Brisker serves as his replacement in Detroit.
34.) Miami Dolphins - WR George Pickens, Georgia - Even with Jaylen Waddle in the fold, Miami needs weapons on the outside.
35.) Houston Texans - WR John Metchie III, Alabama - Houston can be patient in their rebuild with Tyrod Taylor. They need more WR's however.
36.) New York Giants - C Ricky Stromberg, Arkansas - Again, the Giants add a key piece to their offensive line to ensure Brian Daboll can open up the playbook.
37.) Jacksonville Jaguars - CB Noah Daniels, TCU - Daniels has been injured this season, but has flashed as a very talented cornerback, something Jacksonville needs.
38.) New York Jets - TE Isaiah Likely, Coastal Carolina - With TE Chris Herndon being traded, they need a replacement. Likely has eight touchdowns for the undefeated Chanticleers.
39.) Philadelphia Eagles - LB DeMarvion Overshown, Texas - Philly waits until its fourth selection of the draft to add a linebacker, taking the athletic Overshown to man the middle of their defense.
40.) Indianapolis Colts - WR Jahan Dotson, Penn State - Dotson's not a very big receiver, but he's explosive and would be a great receiver for Carson Wentz and co.
41.) Seattle Seahawks - CB Sevyn Banks, Ohio State - Seattle's got a clear need for another cornerback or two, and Banks is a very reliable one.
42.) Washington RedWolves - S Lewis Cine, Georgia - The whole Georgia defense should be drafted, and Cine is a very good safety that can find a role in Washington.
43.) New England Patriots - S Brandon Joseph, Northwestern - A run on safeties here, as this is a great year to need one with so many good options.
44.) San Francisco 49ers - S Jordan Battle, Alabama - A versatile safety who can play either role, he'd fit nicely for coordinator DeMeco Ryans.
45.) Atlanta Falcons - RB Zach Charbonnet, UCLA - To the anti-RB crowd, sorry, but the NFL values RB more than you do, and Charbonnet's a stud who'd take some pressure off the Atlanta passing game.
46.) New York Jets - LB Owen Pappoe, Auburn - Pappoe gives me some Fred Werner vibes, and he'd fit very nicely in the Jets defense.
47.) Chicago Bears - OT Rasheed Walker, Penn State - Chicago's OL is currently held together with scotch tape and loose thread, so adding Walker to the mix (and T. Jenkins return) should help greatly for the safety and development of QB Justin Fields.
48.) Cleveland Browns - EDGE Myjai Sanders, Cincinnati - Another local college product. Sanders has the tools to become a great pass rusher down the road.
49.) Kansas City Chiefs - WR Drake London, USC - Elite size and surprisingly quickness and ability with the ball in his hands. Chiefs add another weapon.
50.) Denver Broncos - LB Christian Harris, Alabama - Very good player, just not getting all the first-round hype. Fits nicely just outside it here.
51.) Pittsburgh Steelers - OT Darian Kinnard, Kentucky - The Steelers grabbed their new QB in Kenny Pickett, and now give him and Najee Harris the OL they need.
52.) Minnesota Vikings - DE Zach Harrison, Ohio State - Some very big flashes, needs to develop more consistency, but the Vikings have certainly been able to do that with guys like Danielle Hunter.
53.) New Orleans Saints - WR Jameson Williams, Alabama - A big breakout player for the Crimson Tide, Williams was a major portal addition.
54.) Atlanta Falcons - CB Martin Emerson, Mississippi State - A.J. Terrell has been a solid player thus far, but Atlanta certainly could use some reinforcements at the position.
55.) Buffalo Bills - RB Breece Hall, Iowa State - The Bills have some serviceable backs, but Hall could be a star alongside Josh Allen in this offense.
56.) Dallas Cowboys - S Jalen Catalon, Arkansas - The Cowboys brought in a couple of safeties and then ended up moving them to linebacker, so this is still a need for them, especially with potential legal issues for Kazee.
57.) Los Angeles Chargers - NT Travis Jones, UCONN - Arguably the only redeemable aspect of the Huskies program right now, Jones would fit a bit need.
58.) Las Vegas Raiders - CB Jermaine Waller, Virginia Tech - Waller's been a little banged up, but has played some excellent football for the Hokies.
59.) Los Angeles Rams - OT Bernhard Raimann Central Michigan - A very good athlete, Raimann's been a breakout player these past few months, and the Rams need to develop a long-term replacement for LT Andrew Whitworth.
60.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Zachary Carter, Florida - At 6'5, 285 lbs and 6 sacks on the season, Carter would fit very well as a versatile lineman next to Vita Vea and Shaq Barrett.
61.) Cincinnati Bengals - G/C Dohnovan West, Arizona State - West has experience at both center and guard, and would be a very nice piece in this rebuilding OL.
62.) Green Bay Packers - EDGE Nik Bonitto, Oklahoma - No such thing as too many pass rushers, especially if Preston Smith's days are numbered due to his contract.
63.) Baltimore Ravens - DT Travon Walker, Georgia - Throw a dart board on the UGA defense and you're adding a terrific defender. He fits Baltimore's scheme inside as a long-term replacement for Calais.
64.) Arizona Cardinals - TE Trey McBride, Colorado State - A major breakout player here, McBride has 49 catches on the season for the Rams.
THIRD ROUND https://preview.redd.it/1xt6sx8bnnu71.png?width=409&format=png&auto=webp&s=36c49d3a2bec393a023564aa2122337dfc1b0af2
  • Detroit doubles up on WR (much needed!) with the addition of Demus.
  • QB Carson Strong is an interesting evaluation. Lot to like, but don't see him as a first-rounder, so a little slide, though the Colts take a chance on him as a potential Wentz replacement if that doesn't go super smoothly.
  • RB Jaylen Warren is a big time riser here. Love his game, and have him joining Brady and the Buccaneers here.
  • Saints do get their CB here, finally. Thought Jameson was too good to pass up in the second, but Jones has a lot of upside if he declares.
  • A few other picks I really liked...
    • WR Khalil Shakir to Atlanta. Fits nicely with Ridley and Gage.
    • C Alec Lindstrom to Dallas.
    • LB Jestin Jacobs to Kansas City.
    • NT Devonte Wyatt to Arizona.
    • G Ed Ingram to Pittsburgh
FOURTH ROUND https://preview.redd.it/kqvvyzvxqnu71.png?width=409&format=png&auto=webp&s=b6d190273960b117e5d43c45ea80510dd1e40fd0
  • Back-to-back Bearcats to start the round! Great program churning out some really good players.
  • Fourth-rounders are guys I think can be a starter, but need at least a year, if not two, before they really take over.
  • Some of the favorite picks...
    • G Andrew Vorhees to Carolina.
    • QB Jake Haener as a backup to Baker Mayfield in Cleveland.
    • TE Brent Kuithe headed to Houston, and TE Cade Otton to Green Bay. Both really well rounded tight ends out of the PAC-12.
    • OLB Sam Williams providing excellent value for Los Angeles Rams.
FIFTH ROUND https://preview.redd.it/ioijvqytatu71.png?width=409&format=png&auto=webp&s=11e1af250cb7bf8d2a63e390be7ca6ad998df90d
Favorite picks here:
  • S Markquese Bell to the Jets.
  • C James Empey to the Panthers.
  • WR Jaylen Hall to the Chargers.
  • EDGE Kadofi Wright to the Dolphins.
SIXTH ROUND https://preview.redd.it/vvyyu822gtu71.png?width=409&format=png&auto=webp&s=a4918cece2cace12524a5afd09b2e00f6dcf4952
SEVENTH ROUND https://preview.redd.it/f8lq9nk5gtu71.png?width=409&format=png&auto=webp&s=97cd016da18e08360324011953e826a01fa91836
I'm not really reading comments because every other comment is "Wow, man, great effort for anyone doing a seventh rounder. Oh, also, this absolutely sucks for my team! We don't need a running back in the fifth, we need a sixth linebacker way more! Glad you aren't the GM for us!". So feel free to argue amongst yourselves about how much it sucks.
Additionally, I did take some tweener prospects out as potential return to school kind of candidates. You'll see a lot of that at QB, with Howell and Slovis being the most notable.
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2021.10.21 11:46 davidjschloss HUGE problem with the garbage bags or MAJOR continuity error S1E1

After watching ep 2 I had a theory about the garbage bags and Mabel, so I went back and watched the garbage room scene. I just watched it again, and something is wrong here.
It's a major plot point that Tim had bags with blue handles, but his apartment has red handle garbage bags.
The position of the bags shifts around during cuts, which is normal continuity stuff, and Mabel is seen looking in a bag in front of her, and a bag to her left. (Start about 17:30).
However at 17:43 she is clearly pulling items from a bag with a red handle, which is where she pulls the "suicide notes" with Jan's handwriting on them.
When it cuts to the next shot of her and a bag, she's pulling from a blue bag. When it cuts again, she's holding the red bag.
There's a blue bag open to her left, and Charles goes to that bag.
Charles looks at the blue bag and says "this is his, there's mail in here for Tim Kono."
So a few problems. The suicide notes are in a bag with red handles, when Tim is holding a bag with blue handles, and that becomes a major plot point. Also, Charles finds Tim's mail in the blue handle bag—why would Tim's mail be in a bag he was given by Jan with more notes.
Did they screw up the continuity on a major plot point here? This is the key to the whole mystery. Having her pull from a red bag, which then is a blue bag? And the bag she's pulling from is NEVER the same bag Charles is pulling from. There were never two garbage bags involved, but they both pull from bags.
Misdirect, gaff, or plot point?
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2021.10.21 11:46 0ud31s Wip. some graphemes from the new syllabary of my conlang Liliko

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2021.10.21 11:46 mstdn8407 30 [M4M] looking to give no strings eyerolling service and swallow a straight guy

Cleancut professional very discreet here looking for buddy to suck off nsa . One time or regularly. 30yo, 5'7'' and 140lbs bbr asian guy. No gag reflex, patient at servicing, love to feel a guy cum in my mouth.
Can host in center city.
Prefer guys 20-35yo. Str8/bicurious/married guys are a plus. Please send stats with your msg.
Ideally you'd be straight and just chasing that feeling of getting a top notch bj. If this is up. I am looking...
kik bythewater12345
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2021.10.21 11:46 Tall_Crew8993 Surgery (VP surgery)

After a year of Diamox, the neurologist took me off it for a few weeks to see if my headaches would return. surprise surprise, it did and along with it paps! I was initially diagnosed with IIH but with pseudopaps (aka drusden). Since I match the criteria for a drainage, I will be seen by a neurosurgeon. I am thinking of opting for a VP surgery. Any veterans who have had this and could let me know if they needed revisions? How long were you off work to recover? Thanks!
** I also have to say that I was stable on Diamox but taking it long term does not appeal to me hence the surgery.
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2021.10.21 11:46 Colebates47 Really upset as a Cardinals Deck between the mileage sig and anniversary pack

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2021.10.21 11:46 QuantumBitcoin Fenix 6 Sapphire no longer recording 10+ minute runs for v02max or training status

Did something change? I did a 10+ minute run back on October 13th that recorded but the two 10+ minute runs I have done since then although they saved did not get accounted for in my VO2 max calculator nor my training status. So despite refereeing 5-7 days a week my training status is "no status".
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2021.10.21 11:46 mbhammock 1st and 2nd Kings

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