Are these libs?

2021.10.21 12:05 ValueOk4054 Are these libs?

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2021.10.21 12:05 Hans06452 need help for this

its because of peoples like you society fails nowadays
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2021.10.21 12:05 SadGamer418 "This is bad!"

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2021.10.21 12:05 Exciting_Plastic9016 How long is a believable friendship?

How long do you think a real genuine believable friendship would be from start to finish? And by finish, I mean a cut interruption...of the tragic sort. Does duration matter? Or is it more like what the two characters go through in that span of time? Would a friendship with solid ground that lasted for 1 to 3 years be more believable than a friendship that lasted... let's say 8 years? Gravity Falls seemed to pull off Grunkle Stan, Mable and Dipper having this wonderful bond within just a few months. That's quite a short amount of time for these characters to be together yet some of us seem so infatuated with how they bonded and didn't question it's believability. What do you think?
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2021.10.21 12:05 Bluebomber_24 Time to break my game again

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2021.10.21 12:05 nekoatsumepw 2021-10-22 Password

日本語: 時代行列
English: sleet
28 Silver 2 Gold
Note: Passwords are dated based on the JST.
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2021.10.21 12:05 SzegedNewsBotka Leégett a tűzben a szociális tűzifa – fotók, videó

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2021.10.21 12:05 Skarzer With the amount of bullshit FOMO Skin Packs they sold, I don't expect this game to release for another 5 Years.

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2021.10.21 12:05 wizard680 posted by an offical U.s. government account

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2021.10.21 12:05 howie2020 Democrats “Build Back Better” BS and Resistance

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2021.10.21 12:05 78maverick Another cool find! A binary flipper (not a true flipper).

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2021.10.21 12:05 twinsea At least it's a medium priority ticket ..

Client: Be Warned Department: Support Subject: A warning to all Priority: Medium This is a message to everyone. I have planted 3 bombs inside of your datacenter. They will go off randomly in a short period of time from now. Do not try to find it. You will not be able to locate it. I have recruited an employee to plant the bomb for me and erase the security camera footage. Do not contact the police. I will see and detonate it on the spot, killing anyone near it. I am requesting you send me $5000 USD. Payment must be made to ---------- in a timely manner. I will explode the device if I feel that you're trying to avoid paying, or that I hear from my insider that you're alerting the police. I know where you and your families live. They will be next if I do not get what I want after you're dead. Remember, alert police about this email and you're as good as dead. You can respond to this ticket by simply replying to this email or through the admin area at the url below. 
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2021.10.21 12:05 Geoffk123 What is the Rarest Song that Someone could Hear on Actual Hardware?

There's been many debates on rarest Pokemon or event but about music tracks? Id be interested to hear what the Rarest music track is for someone to hear on their actual Gameboy/DS/Switch with and without Events and Glitches.
Gen 1 I guess would have to be the professor Oak battle theme seeing as the only way to trigger it is via a glitch.
Gen 2 I have no idea
Gen 3 I would think without Events would have to be the Emerald Frontier brain theme but with events it would likely be the Mew Encounter theme since the Old Sea Map never released outside of Japan. Although Thats kinda boring as it's just the FR LG encounter theme but at a different pitch. If you don't count that I guess it would be Deoxys.
Gen 4 I'm guessing would have to be Arceus but since the Azure flute never actually released it's questionable whether this should even count. Other than that maybe the Regi theme in platinum as it required an Event Regigigas to even obtain. Without Events I'd have to guess the frontier brain theme in Platinum and HG/SS.
Im clueless on gen 5 and beyond.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe hear some tracks I overlooked or didn't even know about.
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2021.10.21 12:05 HankWilliamsVIII 35 [M4F] Dude with an accent looking for east coast friends

I’m currently travelling the East Coast and looking to make new friends. I’ll be crossing into Quebec in about a month. Somewhere on the east coast of America or Quebec would be great but it’s not necessary. I’m not American so I do have an accent and I also tip really well. Making friends in your 30s is already pretty tricky. Doing it during a global pandemic makes it that much tricker. I don’t really have a preference who I talk to. I think that’s the fun of Reddit. You can meet all sorts. I do tend to get along better with confident, strong personalities.
I’m a big fan of music, I’ve travelled the world to see my favourite bands. I also just enjoy travelling.
Until recently with going to gigs and travelling pretty much off the cards, I filled the void with exercise. I started training in a martial art and lifting. I’m definitely much fitter than I was pre-COVID. Exercise has thankfully offset my other new pandemic hobby, which is cooking.
If you're interested, send me a message with your kik. I like to think I’m pretty good at making conversation. Look forward to hearing from you!
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2021.10.21 12:05 Limks589gfa Ajouter moi sur wickr loana6ha

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2021.10.21 12:05 Training-Car-8112 5700 xt Vs 3070 ti

Hi guy im pretty new to mining. Planing to get one of this cards. Which one is better
View Poll
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2021.10.21 12:05 DietSelfLoathing Looking for a sub for living a low caffeine lifestyle.

Realizing I have a caffeine problem (no one needs 700mg/day.. and I wonder why I sleep like crap) im beginning my journey to a low caffeine lifestyle. I don’t think I can do no caffeine as I do love tea and matcha, but those are relatively low compared to energy drinks and coffee.
Is there a sub for living a low caffeine lifestyle?
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2021.10.21 12:05 takemetothenewworld Your love or hate for technology is taking on your relationship

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2021.10.21 12:05 kuhusiqu Need some help on picking a budget press for loading rifle rounds.

Hi, I personally own a Dillon 750 progressive press at my parent’s house but due to me still in college I have to live at a different city in a apartment, I want load some precision rifle rounds, but I don’t want to have a big progress press in my apartment, what’s a good budget option press that can have the dues to be changed relatively fast and stay in the position I took them off, because I don’t want to have to reposition the dues every time I change caliber, I think I saw a press where the case stay in place and the dues on top rotates around that’s fairly small, does anyone know what that is?
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2021.10.21 12:05 sahelt12 Shooting an Unfletched, 1 fletched, 2 fletched and 3 fletched arrow

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2021.10.21 12:05 tough-sorbet Disconnected every time I fail to join a game

Disconnected every time I fail to join a game Every time after I fail to join a game - for example typing a game name incorrectly, or trying to join 'cows-05' before it's created, I get this error message: "An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers/ Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again ".

This error persists until I exit the game and come back in, forcing me to have to wait in the queue again if there is one. It's absolutely crazy that the error doesn't clear up without exiting the game first. For me this makes the D2R experience way worse than the original D2. It's ruining my ability to play games with other players and making me consider just quitting the game all together.

Is anyone else having this happen?
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2021.10.21 12:05 KenshinSX 2nd best girl

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2021.10.21 12:05 desiringmetanoia Hit my eyes with the face mask

Day before yesterday I went to the mall w mother. We stopped to browse around in a store when I accidentally shifted the face mask (N95 - ish with sturdy edges) in an upward direction (I don’t even know how .. everything happened so quickly) and the top edges hit both my eyeballs before I had time to shut my eyes.
Goddamn it hurt so bad. Eyes kept watering for a while and it was painful but I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous all this was. Was still trying to talk to store manager, looking for what I wanted to buy with eyes brimming with water & wiping away my tears continually.
Ngl I thought it would damage my eyes for sure but thankfully all is well today. And this isn’t even the first time I’ve hit my eyes with these kinda masks. I need to shift to softer edged ones 🥲
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2021.10.21 12:05 Ok-Promise-5380 old photo of Lovely Dey

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2021.10.21 12:05 Little_Al1991 The strategy that Vic and Gas had to beat the Windows Case

According to Al D'Arco, Amuso's express intention when he left New York was to avoid trial with his codefendants on the original Windows indictment, and to return at a later date to face trial on his own.It is interesting to point out that before Vic discovered that Chiodo was cooperating with the government Amuso discussed the timing of his return with D'Arco on several occasions but, after learning of Chiodo's defection, such discussions ceased.
The Mafia Cops told Vic and Gas that they were going to be indicted in the Windows Case so Vic and Gas decided to lam it because they believed that they would have a better chance of beating the charges against them after seeing the government’s strengths and weaknesses in their trial when the other defendant of the Windows Case were on trial.Al D’Arco became the Acting Boss because he was Vic’s guy and Vic knew that he could trust him to do what he exactly told him.Even though he was the Acting Boss, he couldn’t kill or induct anyone, the major decisions were still up to Vic Amuso.When Vic and Gas went on the lam, they ordered murder after murder but things were going much better then they seemed.
It was in May of 1991, when things truly began to fall apart.Peter Chiodo, a Capo who was sworn into the family by Amuso, pled guilty to charges in the Windows Case and this enraged Vic and Gas because this effected their strategy to beat the charges so they decided to murder Peter Chiodo.Al D’Arco was the one who supervised the hit, Peter was shot 12 times but miraculously survived.This led to Chiodo’s parents being threatened with death if Peter cooperated but it only got worse for Chiodo as his uncle was murdered and his sister was shot Al D’Arco’s failure to kill Chiodo led to his demotion and eventually in September of 1991, he was almost killed in the Kimberly Hotel because of this so then he decided to cooperate to.
In 1992, Vic Amuso was sentenced to life in prison because of the testimony of Al D’Arco and Peter Chiodo.In 1994, Anthony Casso cooperated after realising that he had no chance of beating his case because Chiodo and D’Arco would testify against him.Vic and Gas came extremely close to actually achieving their plan of turning themselves in after seeing what the government had against them but it all came crashing down when Peter Chiodo pled guilty without the permission of Vic Amuso.If Chiodo didn’t plead guilty, history would be very different for the Lucchese Family…
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