Perfection on Winter 4, year 2 -- mostly. Discussion inside. (no mods, no exploits) [some spoilers]

2021.10.16 02:16 Propagander Perfection on Winter 4, year 2 -- mostly. Discussion inside. (no mods, no exploits) [some spoilers]

First, thanks to Concerned Ape. I love this game. I've done a bunch of runs on different farms, romancing different characters, focusing on different parts of the economy. Every run I've learned new things, and in this run I felt like I was ready to try hitting perfection by the beginning of year 3. I tried once before but fell a bit short. This time I succeeded in getting perfection on Winter 4 of Year 2 -- well, except for the three recipes that come later in the winter and have no other way to obtain. After achieving everything else for perfection and having all the ingredients for the missing recipes, I felt like I was done and wanted to start a new run with different goals.
I love that this game can be played in so many ways. I chose this challenge for myself as a way to try something new, but I firmly believe that everyone should play in the way that gives them the experience they want.
I used the beach farm map, default economy settings, random mines/community center packages w/o guaranteed Year 1 completion. I've found the Beach farm to be the most fun.
Guiding premises
Time and energy are the biggest limits to what you can achieve in Stardew. However, there are many ways to remove the energy limit, which makes your only real limit time. This is about identifying cheap ways to get more energy. For me, that starts with spring onions -- I make sure to harvest them every single day in the first Spring, and eat them continuously to allow constant energy expenditure. You can also supplement with Field Snacks and fish if needed. I then prioritize chopping trees and gathering forage in order to increase Foraging skill to 4 so that you can harvest double salmonberries. Once you have that, you can easily get hundreds of salmonberries, which are an amazing energy source and effectively get you unlimited energy until blackberry season, when you aim for Foraging 8 in order to get triple blackberries. By this point, you should never have any challenge with energy for the remainder of the game. Salmonberries/spring onions are also cheap liked gifts for Leah and Linus, two favorites of mine, and many villagers like blackberries.
Once energy no longer limits you, you can grow considerable amounts of crops even w/o sprinklers. It doesn't take a lot of time to water them, just a lot of energy, and that doesn't end up mattering with this approach. You can also go ham on cutting trees and breaking rocks, mining, fishing, etc. Aim to get home late in order to maximize time -- if you start home at midnight, you can get home from anywhere before 2 am, but it can be close.
All that wood-chopping also helps get coops and barns up early. These are a massive economic engine, requiring very little time/energy for significant cash flow and community center progression. Some animals are way better than others: for coops, chickens are solid, but rabbits are better. For barns, nothing competes with pigs, but cows are a fine start as well. Economically, you don't want to overfill with ducks, void chickens, dinosaurs, goats, or sheep, but you'll likely want at least one of most of these to get community center / museum targets. Also, never sell your animal products unprocessed except to complete the "ship-one-of-everything" perfection target.
Building relationships can take a lot of time if you have to hunt people down or make special trips to get gifts. There are certain times in each season when you can see many people together, and it helps to have placed chests to hold potential gifts so that you can easily fetch something someone likes each time you see them. Once I have a big enough backpack I often keep a stack of quartz and a stack of blackberries with me, because a large percentage of the villagers like at least one of the two, and they're both cheap and easy to come by big quantities of.
Key resources or economic opportunities come from unlocking the desert, the greenhouse, and Ginger Island, and so completing the community center is a top priority.
Once you've got a solid start, the best way to economic expansion is through crafting kegs, preserves jars, and bee hives. Since preserves jars and bee hives compete for coal, I generally favor the latter until I have a surplus of coal. Expanding these rapidly when you're ready means keeping on top of your tree planning and tapping. You have to start early on tapping to prepare for this if you're looking to grow fast.
Movement speed is extremely important because it effectively stretches how much time you have available. Once I can, I try to keep both food/drink speed boosts on continuously, usually via coffee plants in my greenhouse and about 3 ruby crystallariums to trade for spicy eel. Two spicy eels and roughly 9 coffees a day means constant speed.
Filling out perfection targets that have no direct rewards -- crafting, cooking, etc. -- is a low priority, and can be done in the second year. It's not worth priotizing acquiring these in year 1 and keeping them -- that's a waste of time and resources that can be used better.
In the later game when you've achieved most goals, one of the best ways to get cash and resources with extra time you have is to go to challenges mines w/ monster musk. You can plow through giant crowds of monsters and get tons of valuable resources quickly.
How it went
It's been about a real-life month since I hit the target, so I've lost some details, but I'm gonna reconstruct the outline a bit. In spring I got a coop with upgrade, mostly copper tools and maybe a bit of iron.
In summer I went hard on hops and got some kegs to start working on pale ale, with enough hops left over to last me through most of the year. By the end of the summer I had top-level coop and barn and some pigs, which made for a solid daily income, and I was able to get my tools to iron+.
In fall, I tied the knot w/ Abigail, mostly because I like her 14-heart cut scene. I got a second deluxe barn full of nothing but pigs, got all gold tools, and wrapped up most of the community center. I started getting a little iridium from the skull caverns, which I mostly saved for the Ginger Island boat repair. Right towards the end of the month I got my first ancient seed, so I decided to hold onto it until I got my greenhouse. In both summer and fall there was very little rain, and I ended up short on batteries, which I really regretted. I had even sold some earlier in the summer, with the assumption that I'd have plenty more. By this point I also had maxed out most of my skills.
In winter, I wrapped up the community center and got it planted with a variety of trees and plants -- mostly starfruit, coffee, and hops made from seed-makers. Plus that one ancient fruit seed. I did most of the ginger island exploration and started developing it. I mostly was filling out the initial plantings with hops from seed-makers and with starfruit. I would have preferred to do ancient fruit, but that wasn't an option. It was slow going ramping up plantings because I had no way to craft iridium sprinklers thanks to the battery shortage. I started buying them from Krobus instead. During the season I did a lot of skull caverns and danger mine raiding (Qi quests) and upgraded my tools to iridium.
In the second spring I caught the Legend, my last fish. It took my third rainy day to do -- I missed the first and failed at the second. I continued to ramp up Ginger Island production, gather minerals for the museum and bones for the archaeologist, and get more golden walnuts. I also expanded my oak resin production by planting up the quarry in order to increase keg production. I planted three honey arrays on the left side of the island, centered on the small areas of diggable terrain. I also got 10 hearts will all the starting villagers and made progress with Leo, Sandy, and Kent. For Kent I had saved a bunch of rabbits feet, since it's one of the few loved gifts you can easily get for him in year 2.
In summefall I prioritized wrapping up crafting and cooking perfection goals and getting everyone to 10 hearts, continued planting up the island, and making kegs. At this point I had a shed full of kegs, an island house full of kegs, and kegs splling across the farm on the island and up to the parrot express station.
Finally, in Winter I sold all my pigs (since I didn't expect to see another spring), sold some big batches of wine, and got the gold clock, finishing off my last goal aside from the three recipes I couldn't get. I probably could have done this a few days earlier, since I still had a ton of stored items in my sheds. One of the last items I needed otherwise was a squid, which I waited til winter to get. I tried a little to get it with Qi's Magic Bait, but gave up in Fall figuring I might as well just wait.
Overall it was a lot of fun to push for. I feel like my overall luck was average -- some mildly good breaks, some mildly bad ones, especially the batteries thing, but overall just fine.
A word on exploits
I know there are a bunch of exploits possible, mostly from reading this subreddit. I tried to avoid all exploits, including a new one to me that I noticed where you can scan your farm for forageables by using the Move Barns interface on any animal. No chair clipping, no item duplication or free items from naming, no exploiting the casino to get money w/o spending time. I even went down to level 100 of the skull cavern the honorable way for Mr. Qi. Still, there are a couple things someone could consider an exploit that I did, and I'll list them here:

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2021.10.16 02:16 ChristineWhy 741 Theory??

Apes! I was scratching my shiny smooth brain trying to figure out any meaning to this 741 stuff beyond obvious SEC/bankruptcy codes, angel numbers, etc, and I did a little g00glin’. I searched “741 Gamestop” and what comes up but a Funko Pop! Vinyl, number 741: Gamer Rick… only available at Gamestop.. 🧐 (idk how to add photos to posts, I’m ultra smooth)
Funko Pop! Vinyl 741: Gamer Rick
Ever the curious ape, I jump to the tube of Yous, and look for “gamer rick and morty” and this episode comes up. The first thing I notice is the sign: ”The simulation is corrupt! Repair the core.”
Then Rick and Morty go on to fight legions of baddies including a golden bull (!!) and a cat that is a cat but is also not a cat (!!) helps them along the way.
What else do you notice?? What could be here?
Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine
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Because they literally can’t even
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Yea I'm not really sure how to explain it but basically, the video I'm using for the stinger transition doesn't play all the way through sometimes. in addition to this the properties I assigned it don't always work either. It's like I change to one scene and it works fine but I change to a different one and it's buggy. I'm genuinely confused as to why this is happening. It's really weird. I'd love some help.
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2021.10.16 02:16 RecliningBeard Dev update 2021-10-15

Work continued on the tractor beam all week. They’re now equippable on any ship in your fleet! I designed the visual effect for the tractor beam which will be implemented next week. I’m really enjoying how using the tractor gives many more tactical options!
Seven achievements have been fully implemented in the game, including visuals.
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PSN: PetroleumTea
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My friend hasn’t texted me since Wednesday morning and I don’t know why. Am I overreacting? He didn’t say anything that implicated he’d be away from his phone for a little bit.
The only other person that I know knows him is my ex boyfriend and I really don’t want to talk to him. It’s a very long story.
I just wanna make sure he’s alive. He hasn’t ever taken this long to text me and now I’m worried sick. I tried to call him this morning and it rang a few times so his phone isn’t off at least, but still. What do I do? I already had an attack in the bathroom at work.
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