I get that a lot of people may feel uncomfortable with gender expectations and how society views them and want to just nope out of it...

“In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out. Usually, what you wish for doesn't fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. This isn't because the universe is cruel. It's because the universe is smart. Education Left-wing radicals school university dean about 'racist' professors. Sitting through Orwellian anti-white training at a college campus has become as routine as last-minute studying and fraternity parties, but one public university is pushing the propaganda with a new twist: The training is mandatory for some faculty members and is now tied to their paycheck. People stop living in the real world for reasons, figure out her reason, take the time to go deeper, you will sort out any issues that you and she have (as a couple and as individuals, why are you ... Just disappear. Leave behind everything that keeps you from creating your masterpiece. Your job and family and home, all those obligations and distractions – put them on hold for three months. Live with like-minded people in a setting that supports total immersion in your work. Food and lodging included free for those who qualify. Find all the latest news on the environment and climate change from the Telegraph. Including daily emissions and pollution data. Like I said, it's still just a buzzword people throw in to make it sound well thought-out. As with most feminist ideas, the buzzwords are a mechanism to add pretense as a mask for being wrong. It's just them complaining and being resentful about nature. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The church has change a lot the people the leaders they are focus on the same people going there for years, and the don’t see the potential of other new People visiting the church, Pastors Evangelist, leaders that have moved to there church, they leave them sitting down and don’t give them an opportunity to preach, they’re afraid I don ... 3) Fear of Intimacy. As my father, psychologist and author Robert Firestone, wrote in his article “You Don’t Want What You Say You Want,” “Most of us profess that we want to find a loving partner, but the experience of real love disrupts fantasies of love that have served as a survival mechanism since early childhood…Pushing away and punishing the beloved acts to preserve one’s ... People like me have been pointing them out, and reading them out loud, for 17 months now. Anyone who knows anything about the history of totalitarianism, how it incrementally transforms society into a monstrous mirror image of itself, has known since the beginning what the “New Normal” is, and we have been shouting from the rooftops about it.

2021.10.16 02:13 MrWapuJapu I get that a lot of people may feel uncomfortable with gender expectations and how society views them and want to just nope out of it...

but they really shouldn't lump themselves in with the nonbinary and trans community, especially since how they feel and go about expressing themselves and their ideas very from reasonable to insane. I've especially noticed this with afab/cis females. Personally, I don't care if a girl who doesn't suffer from disphoria wants to be addressed as they/them and still dresses as female. I'm cis, so it doesn't seem like the worst thing ever, but please correct me if you do find it disrespectful. They should call themselves something else, but I don't know what they would. What do you think?
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2021.10.16 02:13 icyifyy 3DMark Benchmark Results.

I tested my RTX 3060Ti and Ryzen 5 3600 on the 3DMark Demo benchmark. Was just wondering if these results are normal, your comments will be highly appreciated. The benchmark results are in the link given here- https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/67294256
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2021.10.16 02:13 TheSilentRonin23 What pitchers should the Giants pursue in free agency this year?

Looks like a solid batch of FAs.
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2021.10.16 02:13 tailsotaku Classic music

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2021.10.16 02:13 cocainecarolina28 is there a spirtual reason our ears burn ?

I'm interest to know because my ears are on fire right now !
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2021.10.16 02:13 gabrielempyrean San Martin updated clasp -$32 AliStore

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2021.10.16 02:13 Nevrozz Worth buying the season pass at this time of the year?

I just got back into paladins and really enjoying myself so I was looking into buying some skins and stuff and so I saw the season pass. I'm just wondering if it's worth it to buy it at this time of the year? Is there any chance it will go on sale in the next few weeks and I'd better just wait?
Ps I do have all the champions already since I bought the founders pack way back in the days
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2021.10.16 02:13 OkRepresentative2195 vibes

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2021.10.16 02:13 RLCD-Bot [Purple Octane] [Purple Meteoroid] [Forest Green Comet] [TRI-2050]

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2021.10.16 02:13 BrokeBankVegan Mexican garnachas made with jackfruit

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2021.10.16 02:13 LostBookman10 Fitgirl Repacks VPN

Fitgirl Repacks VPN Sorry for asking a dumb question, but do I need a VPN when the installer is downloading? Picture attached in-case I didn't call it the right thing.
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2021.10.16 02:13 refillwill Pumpers be pumping

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2021.10.16 02:13 pincheperroloco Started exploring Big Sur with a friend.

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2021.10.16 02:13 ApexGunner How much pizza do you eat a week?

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2021.10.16 02:13 Ziglvleit You sir, are a fish

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2021.10.16 02:13 CosmosRider17 What If GT Pan got sent back in time to the Saiyan Saga?!

The GT version of Pan gets sent back in time to the beginning of the Saiyan Saga. Specially the day Raditz arrives. From there she interacts with the past version of the Z-Fighters and their villains.
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2021.10.16 02:13 nymets12985 Elite 7 Pro Observations

I previously made a thread about whether or not the Elite 7 Pros would be good for work. I decided to get them and this is what I thought after using for a day...
To compare, I have owned Edifier TWS5, TSW1, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, Plus, Pro, Earfun Air Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4, Sennheiser CX, Momentum 2, Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, and Jabra Elite 3.
Jabra Elite 7 Pro observations
Fit 9.5/10: Very comfortable. I was surprised by how much I liked the fit of the Elite 3 and these are very comfy too. No pain or ear fatigue at all. I don't have to constantly adjust them and even during movement, they seem to stay put fairly good. Along with the Elite 3's and Edifier TWS1, these are probably the most comfy TWS earbuds I have owned. Sony XM4 was the least comfortable and hurt my ears no matter what new tips I bought.
Sound 7.5/10: I like the sound from these..but I'll be honest here, I don't hear any major discernable difference between these and the $80 Elite 3s though. I would say the overall sound here is good, comparable to the sounds from the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, Plus, and Pro for the most part. Good but not earth shattering.
These do not sound as good as Edifier TWS1 (and for only $50 - sound wise - those are the best bang for your buck. Plus they have a 12 hr battery). These also do not sound as good as either Sennheiser earbuds I owned or the Sony. XM4 Still, it sounds fine/acceptable to my ears especially after some EQ tinkering.
ANC 0/10: Am I missing something here? It's non-existant. I am on the latest firmware, I did the ANC hearing test and just for fun, tried all ear tips and every slider setting in the app. I then went to youtube and played various sounds at different decibels...nothing. Zero difference between having ANC off or the slider on any setting. Is this a bug? Are they really this bad at ANC? I read in some reviews that some called the ANC "subtle" and others said it's not as good as the 85t but it's better than 75t. I can't imagine anything being worse than this because it simply doesn't exist.
Call quality 8/10: So far, so good. I haven't had a Zoom meeting yet but I did have two work-related phone calls and both people said I sounded good. I felt like THEIR voice sounded a little low, but that might have just been because the call volume was not initially as loud as the music I was listening to before I took the calls? Either way, I simply turned up the call volume and it was fine. They sounded clear and I got no complaints about quality from my end. I also had a fairly long personal call at home and again, no complaints. True test will be calls in an outdoor environment possibly with a little wind maybe or just in a noise coffee shop or something.
I got these as work buds so I will probably still keep them despite having other TWS buds that sound better with music, have longer battery life, and better ANC. However, these are very comfortable and so far are good with calls. It will be even more useful once Jabra actually incorporates multi-point with a future firmware update.
If you're looking for decent sound and a comfortable fit (and still performing fine with calls for the most part), honestly, I'd say just go with the Elite 3's. You'll save $120.
If you favor sound quality in terms of music and extended battery life, I'd say go even cheaper with the $50 Edifier TWS1. No EQ on the Edifier app but if you're on an Android device, just download the Wavelet app.
Elite 7 Pros are also not the TWS buds for you if you want good ANC, that's for sure.
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2021.10.16 02:13 kelley496osu Who to drop for Allen Robinson? I put $11 on him dropping Fields right now…thoughts?

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2021.10.16 02:13 Khonsu_81 Trade McCaffrey

I hate to say this but maybe we should see what we can get for Christian. Two seasons now he's missed a lot of games and he seems to be injury prone now. This latest injury he wasn't even touched when it happened. I'm sure we could get a first round pick for him easily, Chuba seems to be doing good for us, he may not be as dynamic as Christian when healthy but at this point Christian isn't dynamic at all cuz he can't stay on the field.
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2021.10.16 02:13 THENITEHYNTER Help

I wanna make a community on what triggers you like you can talk about what angers or saddens you also you can chat about almost anything as long as it's legal can someone help and say if that's a good idea
Also does this count as self advertising because I known that's not allowed I just wanna know if its a good idea
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2021.10.16 02:13 COLD_SPID3R Bloodborne: FINALLY DESTROYED FATHER GASCOIGNE! - Part 16

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2021.10.16 02:13 Nodjia New World DISK Write while playing?

Upfront Info: My Specs: Air cooled, i7 6700k, 1080 ti, 64gb 3600 ddr4 - no issues running high settings, 55-60 fps all the time, stable. My Wife Specs: Water Cooled, i7 10700k, msi 3080, 16gb 3600 ddr4 - inconsistent framerate between 30-40 on low settings, stuttering, randomly will run 60 fps with no issue (sometimes). [Her ram has been upgraded to 64gb 3600 ddr4 since the start of the issue, which has fixed stuttering]
All drivers are current, up to date. Fans cooling at 100% all times on both devices, neither device is going over 38C. Both of us are running on high power settings, with Nvidia configured for high performance settings by default.
The Question: While trying to troubleshoot the issue of stuttering and overall terrible framerate on my wife's device compared to mine, we opened the task manager and noticed that both devices had around 70% CPU usage, 6-8 GB Memory usage, and about 50-60% GPU usage. However, my system had zero DISK operations, while hers had a constant 20-40% disk usage at all times, and the slow down seemed related. We decided to check if Nvidia Shadowplay was involved or if the Paging File was utilizing virtual memory, and neither seemed to be the case.
We have since ordered and installed 64 gb of DDR4 for her system and she is able to get consistent 60 fps now, but she still has Disk operations happening while I do not, and this still seems to impact performance. It is interesting to me that we are still only seeing about 6-8 gb of memory being utilized, but having quadrupled her RAM has helped the stuttering issue. I have seen benchmarking videos of people running 1440 / 4k and achieving over 100 FPS consistently using the same card as my wife, so I am worried her card is damaged in some way or the device is misconfigured somehow.
I am curious if anyone knows why she would have Disk operations happening from NewWorld.exe on her device, while mine does not?
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2021.10.16 02:13 nuhanra I think grab tried to scam me. Please help

Two days ago (Thursday), my uterus decided to surprise me. I was unprepared. I took MRT to work and there are no stores that sold feminine hygiene stuff within walking distance.
So being a millennial that I am, I got it delivered to me through grab. The first place I looked at was grabmart. It had free delivery so I thought fine clicked on the item I wanted, next page, next page, then oh... Order confirmed? Turns out they had Grab pay later as the default payment method. Usually with other vendors, I had more time because I need to input my maybank2u info first.
Turns out, grabmart delivery is for the day after. So I ordered again. But this time from a different store. A pharmacy. The delivery guy came in less than 30 mins.
So I tried to cancel the order from grabmart. And there was a glitch or something because when I selected the grabmart order to cancel, it kept saying the pharmacy name and that it can't cancel because the rider already picked up. So that's problem 1.
I tried to contact help center. Told them abt the glitch, why it makes no sense that I can't cancel because obviously rider hasn't picked a next day delivery yet. Then, the staff informed me that I cannot cancel a next-day-delivery within 24 hours from the time I placed the order. That staff specifically said I can cancel at 12.10 pm the next day, meaning after the 24 hour mark then only I can cancel. So I fkg set my alarm clock.
Well, next day come. I see the same glitch that confuses my grabmart order with the pharmacy order again. So I cannot cancel again. So I contacted the help center again. Guess what??? I can't cancel if the delivery is scheduled in less than 24 hours.
Bullshit. But they pressed on. Sent the item and placed it at the guard at my office, and charge my grab pay later.
You know how this story ends? I got an email that said no refund sorry this happened due to misunderstanding on my part. They kept saying sorry but I can't cancel when it's less than 24 hours to delivery . Bull fkg shit. I wanted to cancel way before the 24 hours mark. If I hadn't been lied to, or there wasn't that glitch, I would have cancelled it.
Im so frustrated and angry. Is there anything else I could do?
Screenshot in the comment
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2021.10.16 02:13 Brokensaint1 Razek Godblessed but all dressed up and ready to despoil

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2021.10.16 02:13 Redroses19 Use this code for $200 free bonus cash!!!

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