2021.10.16 01:37 spidermansbutthole SECOND GIRATINA RAID

SECOND GIRATINA RAID submitted by spidermansbutthole to PokemonGoRaids [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 herrickv getting error when inputting q in my code. can anyone check ?

def main(): #Getting user input for initial balamce balance = float(input("Enter starting balance: ")) print("You have a balance of $" + str(balance)) #Loop till user want to Quit while True: option = input("d-Deposit w-Withdrawal r-Repeating payments q-Quit \n Please choose from one of the above options: "); if option.upper() == "D": amt = float(input("Enter deposit amount: ")); while amt < 0: print("Deposit amount must be positive. ", end="") amt = float(input("Enter deposit amount: ")); balance += amt print("You deposited $%.2f. Your balance is now $%.2f" %(amt, balance)); # Withdraw elif option.upper() == "W": amt = float(input("Enter withdrawal amount: ")); while amt < 0: print("Withdrawal amount must be positive. ", end="") amt = float(input("Enter withdrawal amount: ")); if amt > balance: print("You do not have sufficient funds. Withdrawal denied!"); else: balance = balance - amt; print("You withdrew $%.2f. Your balance is now $%.2f" %(amt, balance)); elif option.upper() == "R": amt = float(input("Enter Payment amount: ")); numPay = int(input("Enter number of payments: ")) if (amt*numPay) > balance: print("You do not have the funds to cover requested payments. Payments denied!"); else: for i in range(numPay): balance = balance - amt; print("Payment %d for $%.2f made. Your balance is now $%.2f" %(i, amt, balance)); elif option.upper() == "Q": print("Your balance is $%.2f. Have a nice day! " %(amt, balance)); return; else: print("You have made an Invalid choice.") main(); 
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/nfshome/c8055027/", line 48, in
File "/nfshome/c8055027/", line 41, in main
print("Your balance is $%.2f. Have a nice day! " %(amt, balance));
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'amt' referenced before assignment
submitted by herrickv to learnpython [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 thedoca Help: Inefficient Disruptive Building Glitch

I started playing a new rimworld colony and I have noticed early on in the game this "phenomenon", but more of inconvenience has been happening and I am concerned it will reduce efficiency as my colony grows.
When ever I task for something to be built, when available, multiple colonists will gather resources to bring to and possibly build. While this is fine for larger projects, the issue begins when it is a simple construction. If it is a single simple building like a wooden wall and requires such little resources. In time, when such wooden wall is built (I did this for testing), any colonist on their way to bring the resources would drop them and return to the next available task.
In previous colonies, I have not seen this before, and it is already disrupting tasks by drawing my whole colony to build something simple when you only need one colonist.
I hope someone may be able to lend a helping hand! Thank you so much!
Attached are my mod list below.
- Id: brrainz.harmony
Name: Harmony
- Id: ludeon.rimworld
Name: Core
- Id: smashphil.neceros.srtsexpanded
Name: SRTS Expanded
- Id: ludeon.rimworld.royalty
Name: Royalty
- Id: ludeon.rimworld.ideology
Name: Ideology
- Id: fluffy.modmanager
Name: Mod Manager
- Id: unlimitedhugs.hugslib
Name: HugsLib
- Id: jecrell.jecstools
Name: JecsTools
- Id: edb.preparecarefully
Name: EdB Prepare Carefully
- Id: dubwise.dubsbadhygiene
Name: Dubs Bad Hygiene
- Id: lwm.deepstorage
Name: LWM's Deep Storage
- Id: akri.starcraftersarmory
Name: Star Crafters Armory
- Id: jangodsoul.simplestorage
Name: '[JDS] Simple Storage'
- Id: telardo.dragselect
Name: DragSelect
- Id: dubwise.dubspaintshop
Name: Dubs Paint Shop
- Id: neitsa.preparelanding
Name: Prepare Landing
- Id: kyrun.reunion
Name: Reunion
- Id: brrainz.achtung
Name: Achtung!
- Id: razor2.3.anotherrimworldmod.autocutblight
Name: Auto-Cut Blight
- Id: roolo.almostthere
Name: Almost There!
- Id: elif.srts.helicopters
Name: '[ELIF] SRTS - Helicopters'
- Id: yiuaaa.netgun
Name: Net Gun
- Id: rh2.bcd.casevac
Name: '[RH2] BCD: CASEVAC'
- Id: rh2.bcd.first.aid
Name: '[RH2] BCD: First Aid'
- Id:
Name: '[RH2] CPERS: Arrest Here!'
- Id:
Name: '[RH2] Rimmu-Nation² - Clothing'
- Id:
Name: '[RH2] Rimmu-Nation² - Security'
- Id:
Name: "[RH2] Uncle Boris' - Used Furniture"
- Id: cp.rimmunation.2.weapons
Name: '[RH2] Rimmu-Nation² - Weapons'
- Id: captainmuscles.beatyourprisoners
Name: Beat Your Prisoners
- Id: rabisquare.bondagefurniture
Name: '[SR]Bondage Furniture'
- Id: bustedbunny.capturethem
Name: Capture Them
- Id: xercaine.industrialage.artillery
Name: Artillery Gun
- Id: erdelf.humanoidalienraces
Name: Humanoid Alien Races
- Id: ogliss.admech.armoury
Name: 'Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury'
- Id: ogliss.admech.xenobiologis.orkz
Name: 'Adeptus Xenobiologis: Orkoids'
- Id: spencer7w.adeptusasartesgear
Name: Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines 40k)
- Id: spencer7w.chaos
Name: Chaos (Warhammer 40k)
- Id: bedrestforfoodpoisoning.1trickponyta
Name: Bed Rest For Food Poisoning
- Id: iforgotmysocks.caravanadventures
Name: Caravan Adventures
- Id: wastelandr.betterroads
Name: Better Roads
- Id: owlchemist.cleanpathfinding
Name: Clean Pathfinding
- Id: comigogames.traders.grim
Name: Comigo's Grim Traders
- Id: porquenolosdos.colorcodedmoodbar
Name: Color Coded Mood Bar
- Id: jangodsoul.tierarmor.civil
Name: Civilization Beyond Earth Armor Sets
- Id: dracoix.doormat.r12a
Name: Door Mat
- Id: oskarpotocki.vanillafactionsexpanded.core
Name: Vanilla Expanded Framework
- Id: strill.cosmeticarmorcapes
Name: Cosmetic Armor Capes
- Id: dubwise.rimatomics
Name: Dubs Rimatomics
- Id: nilchei.dynamicdiplomacy
Name: Dynamic Diplomacy
- Id: drenzyme.euphorium
Name: Euphorium
- Id: wit.expandedroofing
Name: Expanded Roofing
- Id: sr.modrimworld.factionalwar
Name: '[SR]Factional War'
- Id:
Name: '[KV] Faction Control'
- Id: aoba.fortress.medieval
Name: Fortifications - Medieval
- Id: aoba.fortress.neolithic
Name: Fortifications - Neolithic
- Id: aoba.fortress.industrial
Name: Fortifications - Industrial
- Id: aoba.fortress.medieval.material
Name: Fortifications - Medieval - Material
- Id: albion.goexplore
Name: Go Explore!
- Id: captainmuscles.gotosleep
Name: Go the F*** to Sleep
- Id: derekbickley.goldbars1991
Name: Gold Bars
- Id: theinfinityiq.halo.unsc
Name: Halo UNSC Weapon Pack
- Id:
Name: Improved Load Transport Pods
- Id: orion.hospitality
Name: Hospitality
- Id: falconne.heatmap
Name: Heat Map
- Id: dhultgren.keepbedownership
Name: Keep Bed Ownership
- Id: newcolonist.largefactionbases
Name: Large Faction Bases
- Id: salmontoastie.jointbattles
Name: Joint Battles
- Id: zhrocks11.letstrade
Name: Let's Trade! [1.3+]
- Id: itchyflea.medicaltraining
Name: Medical Training
- Id: sumghai.medpod
Name: MedPod
- Id: giantspacehamster.moody
Name: Moody
- Id: owlchemist.moonlight
Name: Moonlight
- Id: syrchalis.moreslaves
Name: '[SYR] More Slaves'
- Id: mlie.morefurniture
Name: More Furniture (Continued)
- Id: fluffy.musicmanager
Name: Music Manager
- Id: captainmuscles.nopawnleftbehind
Name: No One Left Behind
- Id: zyxabacab.nosympathyforprisoners
Name: No Sympathy for Prisoners
- Id: mehni.numbers
Name: Numbers
- Id: mlie.organizedresearchtab
Name: Organized Research Tab (Continued)
- Id: mehni.pickupandhaul
Name: Pick Up And Haul
- Id: jp.perfectpathing
Name: Perfect Pathfinding
- Id: avius.prisonlabor
Name: Prison Labor
- Id: erdelf.prisonerransom
Name: PrisonerRansom
- Id: mlie.prisonersdonthavekeys
Name: Prisoners Dont Have Keys
- Id: ogliss.thewhitecrayon.quarry
Name: Quarry
- Id: legodude17.qualcolor
Name: Quality Colors
- Id: brrainz.rangefinder
Name: Range Finder
- Id: aoba.rtg
Name: Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
- Id: sr.modrimworld.raidextension
Name: '[SR]Raid Extension'
- Id: lucifer.realisticrooms
Name: Realistic Rooms Rewritten
- Id: bustedbunny.recylethis
Name: Recycle This
- Id: torann.rimwar
Name: Rim War
- Id: stevezero.repairablegear
Name: Repairable Gear
- Id:
Name: RimForge - Only Power Poles
- Id: roolo.runandgun
Name: RunAndGun
- Id: trinity.runtimegcupdated
Name: RuntimeGC [1.3]
- Id: syrchalis.setupcamp
Name: '[SYR] Set Up Camp'
- Id: sf.more.steel.from.slag
Name: SF More Steel from Slag
- Id: uuugggg.sharetheload
Name: Share The Load
- Id: owlchemist.ceilingutilities
Name: 'Simple Utilities: Ceiling'
- Id: owlchemist.wallutilities
Name: 'Simple Utilities: Wall'
- Id: weilbyte.snapout
Name: Snap Out!
- Id: marvinkosh.sometimesraidsgowrong
Name: Sometimes Raids Go Wrong
- Id: spencer7w.theinquisition
Name: The Inquisition (Warhammer 40k)
- Id: uuugggg.thepriceisright
Name: The Price Is Right
- Id: orion.therapy
Name: Therapy
- Id: gt.sam.tilledsoil
Name: Tilled Soil
- Id: smashphil.dropspot
Name: Trade Ships Drop Spot
- Id:
Name: '[KV] Trading Spot'
- Id: trickity.samurai.faction
Name: T's Samurai Faction
- Id: uuugggg.usebedrolls
Name: Use Bedrolls
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vappe
Name: Vanilla Apparel Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.varme
Name: Vanilla Armour Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaeaccessories
Name: Vanilla Apparel Expanded — Accessories
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vbookse
Name: Vanilla Books Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vee
Name: Vanilla Events Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwe
Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwehw
Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy Weapons
- Id: turnovus.submod.backpacksarenotbelts
Name: Packs Are Not Belts
- Id: sneaks.veggiemix
Name: Veggie Mix
- Id: murmur.walllight
Name: Wall Light
- Id: codeoptimist.jobsofopportunity
Name: While You're Up / PUAH+
- Id: mario1.3patch.metaldontburn
Name: Metal Don't Burn (UNOFFICIAL 1.3 PATCH)
- Id: unlimitedhugs.mapreroll
Name: Map Reroll
- Id: syrchalis.ak47
Name: '[SYR] AK-47'
- Id: iluvsilicon.reunion
Name: Reunion movement
- Id: derekbickley.ltocolonygroupsfinal
Name: '[LTO] Colony Groups'
submitted by thedoca to RimWorld [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 JattWalker Wizard Nebula / NGC 7380

Wizard Nebula / NGC 7380 submitted by JattWalker to Astronomy [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Kmeek01 BACK4BLOOD (Review and Gameplay) :

submitted by Kmeek01 to SelfPromotionYouTube [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 ScaryBean Trichrome beetroot (Pentax K mount camera | Pentax M 50 1.4 | HP5+)

Trichrome beetroot (Pentax K mount camera | Pentax M 50 1.4 | HP5+) submitted by ScaryBean to analog [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 DDRDiesel Looking for a way to tune the 2.4L 4B12 engine

submitted by DDRDiesel to lancer [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 rachel0601 add me! 3EE101F

submitted by rachel0601 to weedincfriendcode [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 DreiwegFlasche My attempt to settle the Exp share debate once and for all (please take your time to read this ^^)

Please, before you downvote this post and leave or go down to the comment section and start typing, take the time to read this text to understand where I am coming from. This is not meant to be provocative, patronizing or condescending. After you've read what I have to say, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions down in the comments.
The debate about the exp share in BDSP has been going on for a few days now, and I have decided to try and settle this ongoing debate once and for all.
First, I want to establish a common ground for all of us, something we can all agree on. There are mainly two groups of people that are relevant to this discussion: those that prefer to play the game with the exp share, and those that prefer to turn the exp share off. Of course, the same person can belong to both groups, since some players prefer to switch between playing with and without exp share depending on the situation.
Both groups have their own valid reasons why they prefer each variant. No one should be concerned with what reasons the other side might have, but simply except that both viewpoints are fair. Still, for the sake of the argument, let's explain two of the most common reasons for preferring to play without exp share:
A Pokemon game using the full-team exp share can either be designed and balanced around a player who keeps the exp share on all the time, or not designed and balanced around this premise. If a game is designed around the exp share, let's assume that that means the player is not overleveled the casually playing the game without grinding. Players who want to turn off the exp share might want to do that because they actually want to be a few levels below the opponent, or a few more levels below than they would be with the exp share. In case the game is not balanced around the exp share, players might want to turn off the exp share so they don't over-level. This also means that players who prefer to turn off the exp share often or usually don't mind to be lower-leveled than the game might intend.
The second reason why a player might prefer to play without the full-team exp share is their desire to train their Pokemon individually. Maybe it feels more natural, more immersive or more earned. It might feel like the player actually put work into raising their team. No one has to have this view on training, but there certainly are people who think this way.
The last premise we have to elaborate on is that training your Pokemon individually has been the common state of things before Gen 6. In the first 5 generations, there was no alternative to training like that. With the full-team exp share in Gens 6 and 7, players could freely choose to keep training like that or to adjust the exp gained from battles to not have to train each Pokemon individually. No matter who has what reasons for either variant, this change allowed for generally more options how to play the game without making the experience less enjoyable for anyone.
Then, from Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee onward, the option to turn off the exp share was taken away. Keep this in mind, it was taken away. That is an important point.
This meant that now players who do like to use the exp share could still do so, but players who prefer playing without it did not have the choice to do that anymore.
The question now is: is there any good reason why this change was made? Does it benefit anyone to not have the option anymore? Because the question is not if there are any workarounds for people who don't want to use the exp share. The only workarounds that do exist are very inconvenient and can impact the enjoyment of the game significantly. Please don't try and say that the workarounds aren't inconvenient, this is completely up to the individual person to decide for themselves.
There are generally three main arguments that I have heard why it is a good choice to remove the option:
a) it is easier to balance the game around the exp share when everyone is using it
b) the developers don't run the risk of upsetting newcomers or little kids who don't know about the effect of the exp share, accidentally turn it off (since the exp is turned on by default) and face some issues during the game because of that
c) There are not enough people who'd want to turn off the exp share to justify programming it.
Regarding a) I think it is fair to say that the people who prefer to turn off the exp share are not too concerned by the fact that the game balance would not revolve about them, but around the users of the exp share, in fact, I don't think it's wrong to say that most people would prefer it that way, be it exp share users or others. And people who prefer to use the exp share don't have to worry about what the others might think about the game balance.
Regarding b) the question is how realistic this scenario really is, and in what way users could face any issues due to accidentally turning off the exp share. I would say that the game usually still provides the player with enough tools to win the game even without the exp share, even if the game is balanced around having it turned on all the time.
Regarding c) I don't think this argument is good. After all, we had the option in Gen 6 and 7, they just took it out of the game. An on/off switch is not hard to program and they already have the general setup for providing exp to a single party member from previous games. The workload to make this feature certainly is not too big to cut this feature. Otherwise, it could be argued that things like the "set" option in battles is free to be removed as well, since not enough people allegedly use it. That's another point, no one actually knows how many people used this feature, it could just as well be quite a lot.
We have to keep in mind that the exp share only used to be an option and that the individual training was the original way, so the people are not asking for something new or something big, but just for the return of the option to play the game how they used to.
So, in conclusion, the removal of the option to turn off the exp share is not really supported by any good reasons, especially not when comparing the theoretical benefit of the removal to the issues and lessened enjoyment of those that prefer to turn the exp share off. No workaround that is brought up to argue that the exclusion of the turn-off option isn't that big of a deal for people is actually convenient enough to justify the decision. People who prefer using the exp share don't benefit from it being mandatory. People who prefer to turn it off do benefit from having the option and do suffer from the option being taken away. So, with the removal, no one has gained anything, yet some people have lost something. Which means that it was a bad decision to remove it.
Some people say that they are indifferent to the exp share being mandatory. This however would also mean that they should support the idea of bringing back the option, since some people benefit from the option and nothing changes for themselves. Which means, everyone who does not support the return of the option to turn it off actually doesn't want other people to have as much fun as they could, just because he/she himself/herself does not care about it either way.
Please feel free to address any of my points, add some things to the list, ask some questions or criticize some of my arguments. Please stay civil and respectful in the comments, we all want the same thing in the end: a good, enjoyable Pokemon game. Thanks for your attention!
submitted by DreiwegFlasche to pokemon [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Tsukikoi She couldn’t sit on my lap to look out the window, so she became a meerkat…

She couldn’t sit on my lap to look out the window, so she became a meerkat… submitted by Tsukikoi to WhatsWrongWithYourDog [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Royal_fr2 21/pc/bst

Hi, looking for some new people to play some games with and maybe become friends.
I'm 21, can play on both EU and US servers. A little introverted and shy but I do open up given time. I'm active on ps4 most days.
I play a range of games, including rocket league, overwatch, fortnite, siege,apex, terraria, Minecraft, mincraft dungeons, bo3, Don't Starve together
Also have a bunch of small fun games downloaded like Uno, monopoly, fall guys, human fall flat, gang beasts, tricky towers, ultimate chicken horse.
Also have some other games I'd be willing to download if we get along.
Plz message me if interested. thnx for reading all of this.
submitted by Royal_fr2 to GamerPals [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 ComiX-Fan Star Wars High Republic #10 Preview: Missed connections

Star Wars High Republic #10 Preview: Missed connections submitted by ComiX-Fan to StarWars [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 towshow7 Chill rougelite games

Rougelites are probably my favorite genre. I love the variance each run provides and trying out different synergies to get a busted build while making some long-lasting progress. I am looking for games that fit this description but are not overly complicated with mechanics that I can play while watching YouTube/listening to a podcast. I recently played SNKRX and it scratched this itch while being simple enough to play while doing something else. Other rougelites that I have enjoyed but are a bit more involved than I am looking for; Dead Cells, Gunfire Reborn, Hades, Loop Hero, Monster Train, Slay the Spire and Tainted Grail. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
submitted by towshow7 to gamingsuggestions [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 argos321 Join the 🔞13-17 TEENS LEAKS 🔞 Discord Server!

Join the 🔞13-17 TEENS LEAKS 🔞 Discord Server! submitted by argos321 to Corinnakoponlyfans [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 WtdYouExpect_Condams Appa the sky bison, ball of fluff now living the best life!

Appa the sky bison, ball of fluff now living the best life! submitted by WtdYouExpect_Condams to puppies [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Blindrafterman Time for a change in direction

Well, I think it's time for a little backsliding. Tonight I am going to delve back in time, to a simpler time when things weren't as meticulous. CIV III has been loaded, it is time for the stacks of doom to once more cross the globe in wars of conquest, the seas shall be full of merchants and navies, transports carrying the armies of Kings and Queens will once again make landfall on enemies distant shores.
Going to have some fun with old gem for the next little bit, accompanied with an edible and a Vodka Gimlet or two my night is set.
submitted by Blindrafterman to civ [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 schillerstone YUP. Boomers all the way 😠

YUP. Boomers all the way 😠 submitted by schillerstone to BoomerTears [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Soldier dies in tank incident during army exercise | Telegraph

[World] - Soldier dies in tank incident during army exercise | Telegraph submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Space_Cowboy98 Are Conquest and Hazard Zone going to be the only officially supported game modes?

Cause what I hate most about playing old BF games is all the dumb rules people make on servers banning 50% of the games guns/equipment.
submitted by Space_Cowboy98 to battlefield2042 [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 FlOpPy_LoPpY Strange stuff growing on one of my plants. Should I be concerned?

Strange stuff growing on one of my plants. Should I be concerned? submitted by FlOpPy_LoPpY to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 joey57013 Anyone who has some BNB on his metamask wallet can make some good profits 🚀🚀

Anyone who has some BNB on his metamask wallet can make some good profits using flash loans arbitrage. its really easy ! you just have to do all the steps correctly and it'll surely make you some crazy profits in the short term. there are many videos on youtube about flash loans but i'm sharing with you now the one that i tried and worked for me. Dont miss your chances... Good Luck everyone !
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2021.10.16 01:37 bigger__boot The East and Taurria during the rise of the Nichollean Empire

The East and Taurria during the rise of the Nichollean Empire submitted by bigger__boot to imaginarymaps [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Low_Analysis7575 Why are so many hot girls posting in the subgroup?

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2021.10.16 01:37 CreepinCreepyCreeper Motherboard caught fire

I was installing some new fans and when I went to turn my PC on for a test, uh, the motherboard caught fire.
It was only for a split second and as soon as I saw flame I cut the power supply, and nothing on my monitor changed as it was booting up so I think the rest of the components are fine but, I'm not sure of my next step. I had installed 1 more fan than was previously in the build though if that helps at all.
I've been wanting to get a new motherboard for a while as I've suspected that it had something to do with my computer giving continuous errors while having 2 ram sticks installed but either on its own is fine. But I'm fairly new to building and I'm not super knowledgeable, so I don't have much to backup whatever theories I may have so I need some help to figure out my next step.
Any help greatly appreciated!
submitted by CreepinCreepyCreeper to buildapc [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:37 Rstollenwerk Nice natural privacy fence, but it's growing too big!

Nice natural privacy fence, but it's growing too big! submitted by Rstollenwerk to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]