Question about the feeling of brain fog

2021.10.16 02:09 mattdeath1112 Question about the feeling of brain fog

So my brain fog is like my mind is for the most part constantly blank and I don’t have many creative thoughts. I just wanted to know if this is what brain fog typically feels like and what you all feel
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2021.10.16 02:09 Fatuous786 I never have to use a stimpak for the rest of my f76 career.

I recently rolled a vamps tesla rifle n good god am I a god... I havent had the need to use a stim in so long I now have 300 stimpak supers n 200 stimpaks, I definitely would recommend 1000% I dont even have a build for this but it still works my wonders in any situation. My buds keep telling me to equip a perk to delude my stimpaks and quite frankly I don't need any more chem space, I have max traveling pharmacy but it not doing jack.
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2021.10.16 02:09 Kogyochi PB or CS for 6x Lem/IST for GF/MF Barb?

Which to use and why? Every guide I find seems different. I understand for GF barb, your merc does the work while you just kind of mull around for them so I would assume 2x 6lem Crystal Swords.

For Pitzerker, the 6IST would be off-hand, so why do people say to use PB instead of CS?
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2021.10.16 02:09 I_H8_Yu Rate my pc

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2021.10.16 02:09 Mothersilverape 📰 🪙 NEWS! NEWS! 🪙 📰. We made INTERNATIONAL SILVER NEWS TODAY! A BREAKING NEWS story has been written by Mothersilverape in WorldWideSilverApes Reddit about what happened today and what was accomplished by the Silver Knights here at Occupy Silver. Spread this story far and wide! 🗞. 🪙

I have written a news report of the gains in the silver price made by this group Occupy Silver. The news report on the price of silver and why it is rising is now posted exclusively at WorldWideSilverApes. Here is the link so you can go over to WWSA and read it. If you have details or more comments to add to add to my news story, please do add them in the comments below.
I know that we are probably all feeling a few battle wounds today after winning this latest battle for silver price freedom, but this is how we win the war to free silver for humanity. Well done to ALL Silver Knights! History will remember you, and your contribution, because we will soon be the victors!
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2021.10.16 02:09 B3NEDET50 and.others/

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2021.10.16 02:09 Financial_Sky8201 Car Crash Probably Leeds To Death... THAT BROTHER GOOONEEEEE

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2021.10.16 02:09 ChickenCooped It’s easier to impress people as a drummer

Of all the instruments I play, all the bands, performances, drumline’s, and ensembles I’ve been in and watched, I’ve noticed this. Drumset is the easiest instrument to impress people with.
I was talking to my band and they had some of the same thoughts. Maybe it’s because guitar is all over the internet, or maybe it’s because of all the coordination? Either way I saw someone playing four on the floor a minute ago to a backing track with thousands of views and thought it was kinda funny
I mean go at it, respect, just thought it was funny that you can take years to hone your skills on guitar and still not impress as many people, or take a week and learn four on the floor and get people headbanging
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2021.10.16 02:09 Bruh-Seriously I’m beginning to think these are straight up Google translations from Chinese language

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2021.10.16 02:09 Huliatt How to make barrel fire?

So far I have put two items into my own camp, the only two I was able to find - an armchair and a canister. The barrel is there by default, of course. Now, I thought having the canister next to the barrel would produce fire, but it doesn't. There is no interaction between the two. I also tried tossing in some newspaper. Nada. What am I doing wrong?
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2021.10.16 02:09 Maleficent_King_3695 ¿Que sientes que te he quebrado Internamente? Y ¿Cómo lo han superado?

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2021.10.16 02:09 zweyys Momento?😱🤦🏻‍♂️🤡😉

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2021.10.16 02:09 rainbowsdogsmtns SLPT: Date multiple people long enough to figure out who has the best job and nicest house. Dump everyone but that person.

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2021.10.16 02:09 SuperAlexandro98 In case you find a loose Rex

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2021.10.16 02:09 Docta-Jay I own my own business but I want to sell and get into an entirely new and different trade, working for the same company my father recently retired from after 30 years.

My father has been working for an Electric company for realistically over 40 years but took some time off to go to Puerto Rico. 30 years straight as of September 20-ish this year. My entire life he's told me to work for this company. It's a great company. But my dad and I never got along well enough for me to want to work alongside him. Now that he's retired, two of my three bothers work there and are doing really well for themselves. I'm not doing bad myself. We make great money. However, drawbacks to my business are.. Winter. I do landscaping. And each year, even with setting up larger jobs for winter, we lose about half OR MORE of our income. We're family owned and operated not a large company by any means. Now, while yeah, we do ok... I'm sick of thinking we might possibly lose it all just because of a rough winter. It's been close these past two years. I called my brother today, the oldest of us, longest time at the company.... He could not stop recommending this job to me. I'm 100% guaranteed a job if I apply being that my dad was the top electrician in the company. He was highly respected and he had always told them all that one day I was going to work there, too. My brother said they've done nothing but taken care of him. He has only been there about 12 years but is making close to what my dad was making.... I'm not worried about the money. It's honestly a paycut for me at this point in my life. But I think the overall will make my family's quality of life much better.
I think I'm really just looking for a "Do it!" Or a "don't do it!" Help, please?
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2021.10.16 02:09 Regular_Department36 My mom blames me for her driving what should I do?

I honestly can’t believe that I’m asking random people on the internet for advice rn but I’m desperate at this point. So my mom has ran red lights and has almost gotten me and her in a car accident. When this happened she always yelled at me and told me I was distracting her but she was on her phone the whole intire time so obviously it was not my fault. Just today she almost hit a group of boys that were crossing the rode. Once again she was on her phone. Obviously one of the guys that was about to get hit who was in the front was in shock and he just froze. After this happened I started to freak out and yell at her. She started to yell at me back saying things like this is your fault and the guys should have been more careful crossing the road and she didn’t almost hit them. She also began to tell me “rules” about crossing the street. Like you should always make eye contact with the person and watch where your going. Honestly at that moment I just didn’t say another word because of how confused I was. I have my step dad that I could go to but I don’t want to put any pressure on him if that makes sense? This isn’t his problem and he shouldn’t be in it. But he’s the only person I could go to but if I did what would I even say. And please don’t ask how she hasn’t gotten her license taken away from her I don’t even know myself.
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2021.10.16 02:09 General_Rasputin Nobles in the Court of Emperor Wade of the Holy Columbian Confederacy

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2021.10.16 02:09 suppressingfire69 who else loves packing the night before a training day?

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2021.10.16 02:09 CompleteAd2799 for trade amazon head gear

for trade amazon head gear
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2021.10.16 02:09 Phoenix_nation131 my first galar shiny

my first galar shiny
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2021.10.16 02:09 consciousbeast FRIDAY WRAP-UP: $HOGE team will be in Boston November 8-10, says @jcrocko3. And, @Hunter06611562 says a mysterious “quick win” may be announced as soon as Monday.

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2021.10.16 02:09 PimpOverlord 2042 Infantry ASMR

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2021.10.16 02:09 sanfran54 Mike Bloomfield - Drinking Wine

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2021.10.16 02:09 Bigblammerr Get more veined up by the day 🙏🏼

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2021.10.16 02:09 hehefella Interested?

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