"لحظات درامية" رافقت مفاوضات إبرام صفقة "شاليط" 2011

2021.10.16 09:07 FADIKALIL "لحظات درامية" رافقت مفاوضات إبرام صفقة "شاليط" 2011

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2021.10.16 09:07 fuyukkun_ Noir Fes Update: SSR Nao Kamiya

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2021.10.16 09:07 Ok-Decision9267 I'm genderfluid but still cis tho

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2021.10.16 09:07 FADIKALIL قائمة سرية قد تكشف تستر "فيسبوك" على المضللين حول لقاح كورونا

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2021.10.16 09:07 Beneficial_Chard_518 Hey guys, why isn't the Al Hosn app working for some devices. Like for me, I can only see visitors and nationals option. No other option!

Yep that's the problem. Any solution?Does anyone else have this problem?
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2021.10.16 09:07 ctomp8 23F join this Aussie for wine night! :) [Chat]

Just a gal from Australia, looking for some friends from around the world. Bonus points if you're an Aussie! (I already know y’all are fun lol)
Saturdays are wine nights so pour yourself a glass and come hang out with me :)
Important to note I'm in a long term relationship! Otherwise, good banter and a good sense of humour is essential
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2021.10.16 09:07 FADIKALIL المحنة ستستمر لهذه الفترة

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2021.10.16 09:07 matsnorberg Streak 131

Kävelimme Bragan pääkatua pitkin, ohitimme torin ja koulun ja käännyimme lopulta pinelle poikkikadulle, joka vietti ylöspäin jyrkälle mäelle. Pysähdyimme kaksikerroksinen, ruskean omakotitalon eteen. Taloa ymperöi suuri vihreä nurmikko, jossa talon seinustalla oli kukkapenkkejä. "Pojat, jotka asuvat täällä, ovat serkkujani. He ovat nuorin setäni pojat ja he ovat kaksosia." Koputimme ovea ja eräs tummatukkainen poika avasi. "Moi, Magnus" Björn tervehti hilpeästi. "Ovatko vanhempasi kotona?" "Eivät ole" poika vastasi.
"Kaksosten vanhemmat ovat usein poissa" Björn selitti. "Joskus he ovat poissa koko illan ja yön. Silloin omistamme koko talon ja voimme pitää bileitä täällä. Niissä bileissä saattaa käydä aika kuumana. "Toivon että voin joskus kutsua sinut joihin niistä bileistä. Se olisi aikamoinen kokemus sinulle." "Eivätkö vanhemmat paheksuisi mokomiin touhuihin?" kysyin hämmästyneenä. "Vaikuttaa siltä, ettei heillä ole mitään sitä vastaan, kunhan me siivoamme kunnolla perässämme."
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2021.10.16 09:07 Sceneddi ITAP- Nature will always find its way

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2021.10.16 09:07 FADIKALIL أكثر من سيناريو سياسي وأمني لـ”واقعة الطيونة”؟ | LebanonFiles

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2021.10.16 09:07 MademoiselleQueen what I post on social vs what my spouse sees

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2021.10.16 09:07 Myflawsmythoughts is this a sin or technically a sin or?

Hello fellow Christians. ls believing that God is compassionate and merciful a requirement of being a Christian? It's not that I believe God is a tyrant but compassionate and merciful isn't something the resonates. Things like leading Paul into places he'd knew he'd suffer and be in-prisoned and got glorification from Peter being killed John 21:19. And Aninas and Sapphira were killed after lying in the Church. It seems like he's just very no nonsense and takes things like martyrdom and sin seriously. Is it risking my salvation by not loving God and not understanding him as compassionate and merciful? I'm still a believer in the Gospel all the same and believe in Jesus sacrifice it's just a lot of things about God is disturbing but alas there is still belief.
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2021.10.16 09:07 Mustathmir BLOG: Nokia fixes mmWave wireless access for faster indoor 5G

This blog explains how Nokia solved the two major problems hampering mmWave adoption: "mmWave’s increased bandwidth comes at the cost of far greater susceptibility to signal loss. Firstly, losing line-of-sight cuts down the coverage area tremendously, seriously limiting real-life deployment scenarios. Secondly, avoiding this loss of line of sight means engineers are needed for every installation, adding a significant financial barrier to adoption. These are exactly the kinds of challenges we relish at Nokia. And I’m proud to reveal that we have found solutions to them." https://www.nokia.com/blog/nokia-fixes-mmwave-wireless-access/
Nokia's press release on the subject: https://www.nokia.com/about-us/news/releases/2021/10/12/nokia-gives-fixed-wireless-access-a-boost-by-enabling-5g-mmwave-indoor-installations/
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2021.10.16 09:07 maricrisD Check this STARL METAVERSE UPDATE vEmpire ownership of the current $STARL Metaverse is over 15% 🚀17Large living modules 🚀16Medium modules 🚀3Small Module Vemp are in a great position ahead of Starlink's full Metaverse launch ✅➡️Twitter: @vEmpiredigital NFTnews NFTgaming

Check this STARL METAVERSE UPDATE vEmpire ownership of the current $STARL Metaverse is over 15% 🚀17Large living modules 🚀16Medium modules 🚀3Small Module Vemp are in a great position ahead of Starlink's full Metaverse launch ✅➡️Twitter: @vEmpiredigital NFTnews NFTgaming submitted by maricrisD to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 09:07 RabsRibs The 5 Dragon Children are 5 Heavenly Creatures

The 5 Dragon Children are the 5 Heavenly Creatures of Chinese Myth:
Cathay Lore Speculation: The Corresponding Traits of The 5 Chinese Heavenly Creatures relating to The 5 Active Dragon Children of Cathay and Their assigned winds of Magic. (I'll be spelling it out and justifying my opinion/speculation. Some may find this obvious or redundant but I hope it is slightly informative)
Also did some light google researching and found this handy-dandy chart enlightening: https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/chinese-zodiac/china-five-elements-philosophy.htm
The Question:

  1. Which 'winds of magic' do Cathay's 'elemental winds' equate to? 6 have clear answers while the 'elemental wind' of 'water' and 'wood' are in question.
  2. Which of the 8 Elemental Winds correspond to the 9 dragon children; Specifically the 5 active ones.
My Answer:
  1. Which 'elemental winds' represent which 'winds of magic'.
  1. The Dragon Children and their assigned Elemental / Magical Wind:
What we know:
Cathay's 8 'elemental winds' and their confirmed or strongly implied 'wind of magic' counterpart:
There are 5 active dragon children; 9 exist, but 4 are missing.
There are 5 Heavenly Creatures in Chinese myth. Each Heavenly Creature has a corresponding cardinal direction (5), Chinese element (5), representative values/traits, and corresponding seasons:
Yellow Dragon (AKA the Emperor): Center - Earth (AKA stone) - Honesty, Stability & Security. - Changing of the Seasons
White Tiger: West - Metal - Righteousness, Ambition, Determination, Progress, Persistence. - Autumn
Vermilion Bird: South - Fire - Propriety, Enthusiasm & Passion - Summer
Black Tortoise: North - Water - Wisdom, Mental Strength, Aptitude, Agile Mind, Brightness - Winter
Azure Dragon: East - Wood - Benevolence, Creativity, Luxuriance, Blooming, Flourishing - Spring
There are clear connections to Cathay's Dragon leaders in their cardinal directions, winds of magic spells/elemental winds, as well as their characteristics.

The Characteristics Argument.
The personalities of the 5 Dragon Children also inform their corresponding creature/elemental identification. This may also inform possible future drama and interpersonal relationships between the siblings.
The Easiest to justify are The Jade Dragon, Zhao Ming, and the Fire Dragon. Maio Ying and Yin Yin are the only ones that may appear more ambiguous or confusing.
The Jade Dragon takes on the head administrative role for the empire of Grand Cathay. Located in the heart of the nation, the bread basket of Cathay is damp and well irrigated from its many riverways moving their bountiful harvests, goods, and people. The heavenly, foundational bedrock of an Empire known for it's astromancers and use of celestial magics. The Jade Dragon likely deals with constant bureaucracy, ordering around subjects, issuing edicts, and attempting to keep human politicians and nobles honest as much as he attempts to keep his other 4 siblings in line with their divine parental guidelines. Clearly a dragon that values honesty, stability, security, and order.
Zhao Ming the Iron Dragon is known for his strange interest in the machinations of his mortal subjects. Often time allowing or even encouraging study and innovation in schools such as alchemy. Many innovators and as well as alchemists are likely attracts to freedom to pursue such studies that would be considered taboo elsewhere in the empire. There's probably other examples of him encouraging progress in his human population that I'm not thinking of. His land borders the dry, irradiated desert of warpstone fallout from the Great Maw's impact crater. Alchemists often times brave these lands for valuable alchemical ingredients. To border such lands must require a sense of determination and resilience. Clearly a dragon that values progress and industrialization.
Side note: Zhao's interest and encouragement of the machinations of mortals might be something he got from his mother's side of the family.
The Fire Dragon, occupying the hot steamy lands that border the Kingdoms of Ind, the Hinterlands of Khuresh, and the Mountains of Heaven where the Monkey King resides. The Fire Dragon is constantly fighting heated battles with them all. Occasionally, calling upon the aid of the Monkey King and his monkey-men to fight alongside Armies of Grand Cathay defend against the horrors of Khuresh and maintain the border with the Kingdom of Ind. Fire, fighting and more fire. A dragon who values doing what is right and is expected of him for his own pride and for the Grand Empire of Cathay. This sense of right and dutifulness may inform his relationship with the monkey King. The former may dislike the latter due to the Monkey King being known for general mischief, a lack of responsibility, as well as not doing what is expected of him. (Since the southern border is always so hotly contested, the Fire Dragon is a bit miffed about Maio Ying who defends the great bastion to the north and steals his thunder.)
Side note: Maio's dampening of the Fire Dragon's pride may have to do with the element of water overcoming fire.
Maio Ying, The Storm Dragon. She embodies fortitude of body and mind. She is the unshakable leader holding the Grand Bastion in the North. The immovable object against which the crashing hordes of chaos break. Being cold and aloof, she is compared to the winter. The season related to the Black Tortoise. Other than being in the northern climate, winter being endured is the biting winds from the northern chaos gates. She stands resolute and steadfast, ever ready to reinforce the bulwark to the north. Never flinching when the torrential gusts of chaos blow strong. Aside from being black in color, water is also the element related to the Black Tortoise. Water is also regularly represented as being related to healing across most fictional universes and myths. These points are what solidify my idea that the elemental wind of water corresponds with life and that Miao Ying is the Black Tortoise.
Side note: She could be her father's favorite since she is the most bright and gifted of her siblings, or maybe her icy, cold demeanor reminds him of his youth in the icy wastes of the pre-Old Ones world. Earth/Stone also overcomes water. So It would make sense for the Dragon Emperor to hold sway over the Miao.
Yin Yin, the Sea Dragon and Admiral of the Grand Dragon Fleet. This argument revolves around how aggressive and expansionistic Yin Yin the Grand Admiral is. From the attempted invasion of the Southlands to fending off incessant Dark Elf raiders, to the unknown wars and disputes with the island nation of Nippon; Yin Yin appears to be the type of dragon who would rather make a preemptive strike, as to be the predator and not the prey. The Sea may seem like a place lacking in beasts, but remember what lies beneath the waves. Giant crabs, scaly beasts, rumored fish people with needle-like teeth, and of course.. Sea Dragons. Lothern might not be the only coast with a leviathan of a beast patrolling it's shores. At the very least, the numerous ships of the Grand Dragon Fleet patrolling the east have a bountiful choice of game amongst the wind and waves of the Jade Sea.
Side notes regarding Wood being the wind of beasts: Since the Cathay 'elemental winds' water / wood & the 'winds of magic' life / beasts are the only two winds left, it only made sense to connect water with life. If for no other reason than I can't justify water being beasts. Yin Yin the Dragon of the Sea and Grand Admiral of the Dragon Fleet may have a potential connection to sea creatures and the ocean of course being water, I can understand the confusion.
The Chinese elements are cyclical. They can either overcome another or synergize with another. Wood synergizes with fire because wood fuels fire. For example, the Greenskins and ogres embody the wind of beasts and both races enjoy fighting and usually war is fueled by that urge to fight. This logic can explain Yin Yin's urge to invade and expand into other lands. If for no other reason than to preventively strike against potential outside threats to Grand Cathay. Wood (beasts) also overcomes the element of Earth (stone/heavens AKA civilization/empires).
I imagine the eastern coast of Cathay is bountiful and flourishing like the province of Talabecland in the empire. Constant growth and bounty like the hearty early summer months with a people living in tune with the land and sea. Sure there will be major metropolises, but I'd guess the majority of the inhabitants to be rural folk.
Wild Speculation Sidenote: Wind of Heavens emperor ruling over a mortal empire? Sounds like Sigmar. Big Heavens Dragon? Sounds like Dracothian. Maybe the Dragon Emperor and Moon Empress went on vacation to visit Dracothian and the other in-laws during that 400 year hiatus?
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2021.10.16 09:07 Opendoorseverywhere Scammer Alert!

Names used on reddit: u/ItsALuca, u/tripolola, u/MrSnoww and many more
Discord username: Cozo#2073
Discord server: Bear Server
Sells cheap plex shares "Movies, TV shows, 4k and XXX | Plex, Emby, Gdrive, Appboxes and IPTV | 1.100 PB of content [W] Crypto currency or paypal" . His posts on any subreddit are up for only 45 minutes before he removes them. Feel free to google the text in quotes and you will see his posts everywhere!
Asks for payment in form of playstation gift cards and blocks you on discord once payment is received.
He has about 700 'active' users on his discord which convinces people he is legit.
Another name he uses is u/MrSnoww. He frequents giftcardexchange, gametrade sub-reddits where he sells the playstation gift cards he scams off people!
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2021.10.16 09:07 Niggelmyniggel Castlevania chronicles clear. Original mode.

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2021.10.16 09:07 stress_depress How to get to a party

I don’t really know anyone who’s ‘in’ the party scene but I’m really desperate to try it out and I super don’t want to go on my own. Help
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