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2021.10.16 02:45 basementdweller001 orange bordering

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2021.10.16 02:45 No-Cartoonist4484 🎃 PUMPKIN Token! - Fill your bag for your next Halloween token! - Launching Today - Liquidity Locked - SafeMoon - Dont miss that! - Join our Telegram! 🎃

Hello everybody, we are happy to announce that the new PUMPKIN Token! 🎃
Next big moonshot! Fill your bags! 🎃
How does it work? 🎃
Fair launch today!
The contract is verified.
After Launch proof of lock LP will be shared in the telegram group!
VC will be live before during and after launch
No dev wallet.
🎃 Great features:
📊 6% $BNB rewards to all the holders
📝 3% Marketing
🔐 3% To Liquidity Pool
📈 2% Buyback wallet
🐳 1% Max wallet at launch to avoid early whales then 3%
⛔️ 0.5% Max transaction
🎃 After launch:
🚀 We are planning on a heavy marketing campaign, multiple CMS posts on reddit, twitter giveaway and we will reach for multiple influencers available to promote us! Together we will reach the moon!
Also, a game will be developed as Halloween is approaching and the theme will be perfect!
Hold and earn $BNB while sleeping!
Don't forget to upvote and spread the word! Lets get this thing mooning! The community is super active and the team aswell.
Contract: 0x0401bb079f63f705ce9892ad965b4c1e997214f7
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.16 02:45 lanobrick Found on a job site. What is it

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2021.10.16 02:45 Young-entrepreneur88 I need 100 karma but only have 87 and wanna post in pennystoxks

Im so close :/ why
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2021.10.16 02:45 Ajit9315 KYA HERO KI POWER KAM KAREGI | veer ki ring ki power kam karegi | new pr...

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2021.10.16 02:45 Sandnar 37 [M4F] North Dallas - Educated, Fit, Professional (pics attached) seeking FWB

I'm down-to-Earth, responsible, health-conscious, intelligent, and looking for the same in my counterpart. It would be nice to have someone to cuddle with a movie, or even have sleepovers so we can lay in bed and talk. I'm having a hard time finding someone to share a connection with that isn't a flake, hopefully you can help fill that void, so I can fill yours :p
My hobbies include computer gaming, board gaming, sleeping in on weekends, biking, working out, and watching movies.
I'm including pictures at the imgur link below, please provide in kind as well, and tell me about yourself.
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2021.10.16 02:45 Recyclebeann [For Hire] Character Illustration/Sketches (PM for Inquiries)

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2021.10.16 02:45 yelp_Blease New update breaks mouse sensitivity/audio ingame

As soon as I installed the new G hub update, games get awful audio and unbearably slow sensitivity, happening on the G533, G502. After uninstalling the G hub, everything was back to normal, except all my setting were lost of course and after reinstalling, the problem is back. How a multi millionaire company have such an absolute garbage software to this day is beyond me, not the first time stuff like this happens, I'm no longer buying anything from Logitech.
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2021.10.16 02:45 No-Experience-7339 who should I link slot first😅

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2021.10.16 02:45 itspastyourcurfew How does Work-Study work?

I was just wondering how work study worked if I received it for financial aid? If I don't end up working and I accepted $x, would I have to pay $x at the end of the year? I apologize if a similar post has already been made with the same question, I've looked and haven't found a clear answer.
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2021.10.16 02:45 GamerCarrot237 Thank you Daddy Dom😈 for your wisdom

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2021.10.16 02:45 AngelmZeal1 Happy Family

Many people in this world have had at least one paranormal experience. It is often a onetime thing anyway. Most of the time urban legends emerge from small towns just like the one I grew up and lived in. Old stories told by the elderly to scare little children or just as a way of entertainment around campfires. In my case, they remained stories until the night that changed my life in December 2008.
"Hey Jim! You sure you don't want a ride?" My pal Luke questioned from the bar's entrance.
"Get—get off me man!" I replied, completely drunk out of my mind.
With my blurred vision, legs trembling, I staggered in the dark alleys trying to make it to my home as soon as possible. Despite the anesthetic effects of the whisky river I consumed, I still felt the painful caresses of the midnight wind. Clinging to walls, street poles and cushioned by the huge pile of snow on the ground each time I fell, my pathetic self still had a clear enough mind to hide immediately if I were to see a patrol car.
After what felt like a quarter hour of struggling, I heard it, that voice resounding not far from me in the deep silence of the night. So tender yet so mysterious, unknown to me but calm and reassuring, dressed in an extreme femininity and calling for my name:
"Jim!" I heard from behind me. Putting a halt to my walk straightaway, I turned and squinted to scan the area carefully, attempting to see the woman with my already compromised eyes. Except for walls, fences, snow, and garbage bins, I could not see any person in the surroundings and decided to keep on making my way.
Snow started whitening my coat and I could hear dogs barking from inside the houses I was walking close to. After only a few meters, I heard it again much more clearly, right behind my neck.
"Jim!" She called and I turned to see who called.
"He—Hello! Anybody there?" I asked, only answered by the sound of the wind soon accompanied by the barking of a dog. I chuckled, amused by my own abuse of alcohol, convinced that it was making me hallucinate. I should keep walking and reach home fast, I thought.
As soon as I turned, I saw her standing in the middle of the alley. The streetlights were either dead or partially covered with snow and most of the houses did not have any outdoor lighting. Therefore, hidden the shadows and holding something in her arms, she said:
"Jim! We've been looking for you everywhere for so long. We missed you."
"Looking for me? Who—who are you?" I asked. Wondering why she referred to herself as 'we' since she was alone, I slowly approached her, squinting, and trying to see her clearly.
"Jim! It's me. Don't you remember me? It's so cold here, I don't want our daughter to get sick. Can we go home?"
Honestly, I really thought that woman to be affected with mental illness. I did not have any girlfriend or wife at the time, let alone having a child. I lived alone and could not relate to what she was telling me. Still slowly approaching her, I realized that she wore a simple dress, and she was out there in the midnight freezing cold barefoot, holding a baby in a blanket. I still could not see her face and she added:
"Please honey! We've been waiting for a very long time. It's very cold here. We need to go home."
Fed up with all her delusions, I decided not to play along with the craziness of the woman and replied:
"Look madam, this a mistake. I'm certainly not your honey. And not the father of your child at all."
She remained silent for about a few seconds then she suddenly disappeared and reappeared right in front of my face. I could then see her full appearance clearly. She had a bloodstained long yellow dress and there was much more blood on the blanket as if her baby I never heard at that time was bleeding. She had short blonde hair, pitch black eyes, a large shotgun wound on her left temper and a lot of blood on her face.
I fell on the snow, startled, and horrified. She looked at me on the ground and started flickering like a defective light bulb. Still on the ground, I crawled away from her on my back, as she smiled at me, as if amused by my fear. Filled with adrenalin, I sobered up on the spot, stood up and ran for my life.
The real nightmare was the aimless run. I did not know where to go or how to escape that demon but just kept on running while she was appearing and disappearing around me. I could hear her voice echoing in all directions, tormenting me the more with her words:
"Jim! We missed you Jim! We're now a complete and happy family. We love you Jim! We missed you Jim!..."
My legs and my fear carried me to a road where I almost got ran over by a police vehicle driven by someone fortunately familiar to me. My hands on the car hood, eyes widened, I saw the appalled officer exit the vehicle.
"What the hell Jim?" Tori said.
"Where's she?" I asked, looking around me, unsure to be safe.
"Where's who?" She replied, also looking around unable to see the demon.
No need to say that the woman had disappeared when I encountered Tori. Thanks to our friendship, instead of taking me to a cell, Tori drove me home while scolding me about my bad drinking habits all along the ride. I remained silent even though not being under arrest, focused on looking through the windows with the objective to spot the frightening being I saw earlier. I did not see anything. Was I hallucinating?
Finally home, and looking through the window of my kitchen, I watched Tori drive away and still could not see anything out of the ordinary. I scanned the neighbors' houses, the trees and even the sky to no avail. I sighed, shook my head, and placed my left hand over my face while still holding my keys with the other. I was about to close the curtain when I heard the cry of a baby behind me.
I froze, processed what was happening at that moment and slowly turned to see the woman standing there a few meters away from me and smiling viciously.
"Go and hug your daddy!" She said as soon as our eyes met, and she dropped the baby on the floor.
Upon impact, a thud testified of the heavy weight of the baby who immediately traded the infant cries with demonic growls. She started laughing hysterically and the blanket started moving due to the baby squirming, until a nightmare emerged from it. The creature had sad white eyes, and the right leg at the place of the left arm and vice versa. Its body resembled that of a small child covered with stab wounds.
The monster crawled in my direction at full speed, I turned to unlock my entrance door only to be failed by my trembling hands, and I witnessed my keys fall on the ground as a sign of my certain demise. I turned to see the creature about to lunge at me. I fell on my back in absolute despair, trying to grab anything I could use as a weapon and the jar of salt fell on the floor and broke.
"For some reasons, evil spirits don't like salt, so always have some at all times." I could remember and hear my grandmother telling me years ago. In a desperate attempt or displaying quick reflexes, I grabbed a pile of salt and threw it on the demonic baby.
The creature screamed in pain, stopped its crawling, squirmed on the floor, and vanished. At that instant, the woman stopped laughing and her expression changed from joy to pure wrath.
"Why? Why did you do that to your daughter? Why?" She questioned before attacking, moving forward with her feet sliding on the floor instead of making steps.
Grabbing piles of salt with now both hands, I waited until she was close enough and threw it at her. I watched her scream too and hold her head with both hands while smoke emerged from her gunshot wound. She flickered with higher speed than before until she also disappeared.
I remained there on the floor, eyes on the broken jar and the salt. I remained there until I slept.
The next morning, somebody's knocking on the door woke me up. I opened my eyes, once more saw the broken jar and the salt still on the floor and wondered if everything really happened or if I just drank too much last night. I stood up, my head pounding like a dance floor speaker and opened to Luke, a little bit surprised that I still had the same clothes from last night.
Nevertheless, when I was a child, my grandmother told me the story of the midnight mother. A local urban legend from my hometown. The name midnight mother is derived from the fact that she is often seen at midnight holding her baby. In the 50's, a young lady who was impregnated after a night of heavy drinking followed by a one-night stand, could never remember who was with her that night and spent months looking for the father to no avail. Ultimately, unable to cope with her situation and due to the stigmatization, she stabbed her baby to death and shot herself in the head. Since, the two ghosts prey on young men at midnight, especially when they are drunk, in an attempt to complete a perfect and happy family picture.
Today I am a happy 38-year-old husband and father of three. Since that night I decided to take my precautions and live responsibly, because some young men have truly gone missing. Urban legend or not, I have also never touched a glass of alcohol ever again.
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2021.10.16 02:45 crackdup Key to Biden’s Climate Agenda Likely to Be Cut Because of Manchin Opposition

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2021.10.16 02:45 GHOST_2008 I think I bugged the menu.

So I was playing normally and I was changing class and outta nowhere this appeared and I think it's from Battlefield Portal...
(sorry for the quality)
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2021.10.16 02:45 Zaromi [OC] [MM] Ben Drowned (Art by me, Zaromi)

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2021.10.16 02:45 thurst777 How to find Fishing Bots. A note for the DEVs

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2021.10.16 02:45 sasha_m_ing Day 1109 . Simply beautiful . I agree to space travels only if we're gonna have artificial gravity on spaceships. Cause without gravity girls will stop wearing dresses and skirts.

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2021.10.16 02:45 P1ckleboi69 Mega gengar on me 1472 6491 3567

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2021.10.16 02:45 erer1243 Currently, it's October 15, 2021 at 08:45PM

Currently, it's October 15, 2021 at 08:45PM
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2021.10.16 02:44 bangar85 Will there be red-flag alerts?

Ok, so here’s the scenario:
My girlfriend of 7 years just left me, out of the blue. I’m a 36 year old man, who is midway through my bachelors degree and I’m planning on pursuing a masters degree as well. So, I’ll be closing in on 40 by the time I am done with school.
At the stage I am in life now, the deepest my relationships will go (while I am in school) will be casual dating/hook-ups as I am not comfortable rushing into a serious relationships whilst pursing an education. Also, me and my ex were basically engaged and were planning on getting pregnant last month (IVF treatment), so, naturally I am deeply heartbroken. And it is unfair to bring that sort of baggage into a relationship:
Point being, by the time I am finished with my education I’ll be closing in on 40. Will a single man of that age, with no children, present a red-flag?
I have been told I am a very kind and decent man, for what it is worth and I will most likely be able to buy a now apartment straight away (currently living at home), as the settlement for mine and my ex’s apartment will most likely be substantial. So I’m hoping these factors will somewhat outweigh the potential red-flag.
I am hoping for pick me up answers, but I am a man who prefer honest answers in all aspects of life. So, please be honest.
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2021.10.16 02:44 GraceEvanellC Chance me for Zoology - Fall 2022

Major: I’m applying to be a zoology major for fall, 2022
Status: I am an in state student applying for my freshman year
Rank: 24/84 (top 35%. I go to a small charter school that is very competitive)
GPA: 3.8 w/ 4.0 scale, 4.2 w/ 6.0 scale
Test optional
Additional Course Work: 6 credit hours in dual credit for Government and Spanish. I have taken AP human geography (9th grade) and passed the test with a 3. I have taken AP environmental (11th) but only got a 2 on that test. I am currently taking AP art (12th). All of my core classes taken during my high school career have been Pre-AP classes except for 11th and 12th grade English which I took as standard summer classes.
Extracurricular Activities: I have been a member of the varsity softball team since my freshman year. I was on the varsity dance team from my freshman to my junior year. I have over 40 hours of community service volunteering at different places such as animal shelters and helping coach a youth softball team. I am an active member of FCA and have been since my sophomore year. I have also been a camp counselor.
Honors/awards: I was chosen for first team all district my junior year for softball.
I’m worried that my class rank/% are going to play a major roll in my admissions decision. I go to a smaller, more competitive school so I don’t qualify for automatic acceptance. If I had gone to the public school I’m zoned for, I would be in the top 5% of my class. Will TAMU take into account the fact that I go to a more competitive charter school or will they focus only on the numbers?
Thanks so much for your help!!
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2021.10.16 02:44 marcelfopma Some days ago I posted a drawing of a graffiti I wanted to do. Here's the result. Still a lot to improve

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2021.10.16 02:44 kc5627 Is it bad to start a college essay with a quote?

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2021.10.16 02:44 ScaredKnee4530 Kaguya vs Fused Momoshiki

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2021.10.16 02:44 TheFirstGiantGuard Ask me about my world and I’ll tell you the answer

I’ve been developing a world for a while now but I’m wanting to give it more depth. Ask me some questions and I’ll tell you the answers or I’ll make one up that becomes part of the lore.
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