Ethan Bear

2021.10.16 07:21 AostheGreat Ethan Bear

This is the second time that the Hurricanes have traded a beloved young scrappy forward to the Edmonton Oilers in the offseason for a defender who wears number 25.
The first time was a trade of a pure power forward for a bald Finnish dude.
This time, the Hurricanes acquired possibly the best flow in the entire league.
Good lord, that man's hair. It gives Abby Labar's hair a run for its money.
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2021.10.16 07:21 Glum_Flatworm5570 i need some advices

I'm just a newbie. I heard that all of them is useful for this game, it's hard to choose.
Which one should I choose? or both?
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2021.10.16 07:20 ocolly Winners and losers: Red River Rivalry comeback put Oklahoma atop Week 6 ranks

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2021.10.16 07:20 my_leg73 Cursed revenge

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2021.10.16 07:20 slf_dprctng_hmr Staying up with my drunk and passed out roommate

Hope this is an appropriate post for this sub; let me know if not!
Anyway, I can't leave my roommate for another hour or so, nor do I want to. (And in any case, I'll be waking up to check on her throughout the night as per sound medical advice.) I've just had a consistent migraine for the past 3 days and I feel awful.
The dark and quiet of her room are definitely comforting, but wow am I in pain. I can barely keep my eyes open, and whenever I try to focus my vision on something that isn't directly in front of me, I get nauseous and the throbbing behind my eyes and in my jaw gets worse.
I'll be putting my laptop away momentarily if I start to feel any worse, but frankly this screen is the only thing successfully keeping me awake and alert at the moment.
I have so many exams to study for next week, too :( I just hope these symptoms ware off a little, if just for the weekend.
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2021.10.16 07:20 LittleIf My first full-time offer!! But it's triggering imposter syndrome...

Basically what the title says. I just got a call from my recruiter today informing me that I got an offer, which also happens to be my first full time job offer ever. I'm actually super excited and happy (at least I won't be jobless after graduation lol).
But then I remembered how I felt about one of the interviews which I was so certain that I bombed. I felt terrible right after that interview. Now that they gave me an offer I began feeling like I might have done something unknowingly to cover up the fact that I bombed it, and they might rescind it as soon as they find out. I know this doesn't make any sense but it just keeps getting into my head, making it hard for me to focus on homework and readings :\
Has anyone else experienced imposter syndrome like this after receiving an offer? How do you deal with it?
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2021.10.16 07:20 Its_The_Crab My guard army so far

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2021.10.16 07:20 Aerox040 I found what we were looking for!

You know how after you finish reading or watching Made in Abyss you're left wanting more? And how every once in a while someone will ask if there is anything similar to Made in Abyss out there?
Well i found something!
It's called "Mystery Flesh Pit National Park"
It has very similar vibes and is basically "What if the Abyss was alive and also in Texas"
You have to check it out!
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2021.10.16 07:20 Mr_doggo123 Join the 🔞13-17 TEEN LEAKS🔞 Discord Server!

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2021.10.16 07:20 beatlezep178 Does anyone know anything about the church membership in Czech Republic?

An old friend of mine is going there on his mission, what’s it gonna be like? I know it’s one of the least religious countries in the world I feel like he’s gonna have a rude awakening
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2021.10.16 07:20 bellaabluee Feeling powerful in this dress (SN)

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2021.10.16 07:20 NomadGamesXBONE I Thought We Weren't Using The Zed Word!

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2021.10.16 07:20 basho135 Any suggestions for a super sub winger?

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2021.10.16 07:20 Pigclimber7 PS4 Madden 22 Fantasy Franchise (New Season About to Start)

Season 3 rookie draft today. Lions, Bears, and Colts are open. The DIL Fantasy League is a 24hr sim league with active users and active and experienced commissioners.
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2021.10.16 07:20 realAdvayTAG more info and leaks in comments.

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2021.10.16 07:20 xG_minimum Do you want to be my girlfriend?

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2021.10.16 07:20 Which_Relationship68 GJ

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2021.10.16 07:20 DoloresHaze7 Worried About Love Life

Hello! I’m currently waiting for my surgery to be scheduled. I have a lot of anxiety generally and keeping it mostly under control but I keep coming back to one thing. I know that loose skin is a thing, particularly for women- in their breasts. I plan to work out and tone, and even now I rub my entire body up with coconut oil and bio oil to try and keep my skin healthy. I’m 24, not sure how much this factors into everything. I have a really patient, sweet lover who’s said he’s not worried about some loose skin. I’ve asked him several times and his answer remains the same. I worry though if my boobs completely deflate+loose skin- I won’t be appealing to him anymore. I know it’s easy to say he’ll always be into me but we don’t know that until I see how much damage is done. I am not trying to let this deter me but I would appreciate some reassurance. We have an incredibly strong mental and emotional bond so I think that helps but I can’t help but just worry.
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2021.10.16 07:20 bestgaminggears Kratos Temple Of Helios Fight - God Of War Edited

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2021.10.16 07:20 EnhancedScalp Having good CTR, low CPC for relevant keywords for my local business but not getting the leads

I've been running a few ads now for awhile, good CTR, clicks and low CPC for my specific small niche but I'm not getting calls, or emails I'm hoping for. Any idea?
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2021.10.16 07:20 Bubbleflooffz If a guy was being smothered by another guy's ass on purpose, would he be screaming as he was being smothered?

Writing a story and wondering about this
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2021.10.16 07:20 Far-Procedure8604 Need help with Dad issues

Dad is always cranky…What can I do?
Hi. A few details: I am 17 year old female. My father is 61 and my mom is 52. I am the only child of my mom and have been the only child of the house since the age of 8. (My dad was married before and had a child. My sister is 30 and living in NY with my BIL.)
I would also like to add a disclaimer: My dad has never been violent. I don’t think he has ever been in a fight in his life. He could hurt a fly when worked up but he has never ever come close in any way to hurting my mom, my sister, or myself. This is not an issue of abuse. This is also not an issue of addiction. My parents have never drank much and 3 years ago my mom decided to go sober. Meaning my dad rarely drinks, only when he occasionally goes out of a buddy or drinks a beer on a Saturday while watching football.
With all of that aside…the issue is, my dad is always cranky. He will get himself worked up in the snap of your fingers over absolutely nothing. And I hate to use this term because he has never been abusive, but he is becoming toxic. You can feel the energy around him. And unfortunately for myself, I usually end up absorbing it in a way. I have always been close with my mom. She is my best friend. And she sees/feels it too. (It’s not just a me and him problem) They have been married for 21 years, and bottom line he wasn’t like this when they got married.
My dad was the class clown. He was spontaneous. He was goofy. He was a theater kid. He led the pep rally’s at his large SEC college. He had a upper middle class childhood, so growing up he never really struggled for anything. After he got divorced from his first wife he was in a deep depression. My mom helped him out of it. And my whole childhood and adolescence, that’s how I knew him. The funny dad who always talked to my friends like they were adults, in the best way. The dad who would dress up in an obnoxious costume to make me and all the neighborhood kids laugh, pull up my tights for me before ballet class, and wasn’t afraid to cry in front of me while watching a movie. But over the past three years he has changed. He isn’t carefree. Anything provokes him. The little digs I take at him, the kind of thing he taught me to do, go straight to the heart. And at this point, I have discussed with him many times that it is all a joke, that I love and respect him as my father, and that’s how I show my love. And I’ll dish it out and take it back. He can’t take it. But he can dish it out. And not in a funny way. He is constantly correcting my mom and I. It’s gotten to the point where my mom is sometimes afraid to say something because he will correct her so much. He is always right. And if you end up right he must leave the conversation to go fact check everything you said. And if you were wrong about anything you will get a link to an article proving it. He is always on his iPad playing puzzle games. He is on his devices more than me, a 17 year old girl. If you are talking to him he will often times completely ignore you. He will also just walk away while you are talking. My mom and I have both had private discussions, multiple times, about this with him and nothing has changed. And now sometimes I won’t say what’s on my mind or a thought I had or a story I wanted to tell because I don’t feel worthy enough to be listened to.
We have always been open about mental health. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and my mom has as well. We both take anti anxiety medication. I take ADHD medication. We are both very happy and healthy now. We never noticed this behavior until we got healthy. Early on, my mom would mention that this medication made us feel better and if he wasn’t feeling like himself maybe he should talk to our doctor about it, see if it may help. He would say “I won’t take medication because I’m not crazy.” This doesn’t match him at all. He is very mental health positive, believes in therapy, etc.
He gets so angry that sometimes I get scared of him. My mom gets scared of him. The dogs get scared of him. We have tried to help but have no idea what to do now. I know he would never hurt us, it never even crossed my mind, so I don’t know why I get scared, but I do. We try to walk on eggshells but I inherited his stubbornness and am over it. Sometimes I poke the bear, which is preventable, but it mostly comes out of nowhere. I am willing to change in positive ways, overtime I have learned to think before I speak, not jump to correct, etc, but I do because they are positive. And I know these are a part of growing up, and something everyone has to learn. I don’t want to make this about myself but I see it beginning to affect the things I love about myself; my outgoingness, positivity, etc. And I am not willing to change myself for his attitude. I see it changing my mom in the same ways. At this point we don’t know what to do. I love him so much that I want to help him and I know my mom feels the same way, but we are so close to giving up. With how he is acting now it’s hard sometimes to see our relationship in the future. I know that this is something that comes with age but this feels too early. He doesn’t act 60 in any other way.
I want to reiterate that I don’t want to make this about myself, I am here to try and get advice on how to help my dad. But I wanted to show how his behavior is affecting others.
What can we/me/my mom do to help?
(Thank you for reading, I know that was long.)
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2021.10.16 07:20 WD_Gaster- A possible Pursuit? (Oc)

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2021.10.16 07:20 benperon let's play? If you don't tell, she don't tell 😈

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2021.10.16 07:20 swagNextTuber Hannity: 'Vile' Joe Biden is proving 'morally bankrupt'

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