Your Filipino gganbu will appreciate it, though.

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2021.10.16 07:30 priffet Your Filipino gganbu will appreciate it, though.

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2021.10.16 07:30 _ComradeBear_ My First Released Song: Reoccurring Dreams Involving Cities In Spain

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2021.10.16 07:30 ESHA-USMAN-2002 HBD to Suzune Voice Actress

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2021.10.16 07:30 Jessart999 I made this zombie like Godzilla what do you think?

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2021.10.16 07:30 YogurtclosetLost6807 A river in Khibiny mountains, Kolsky semi island, Russia.

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2021.10.16 07:30 mattfred888 BA Vs. BS in Psychology

Hello. I just recently declared a BA in psychology. I am excited about it but I am worried that it might not prepare me for some of the careers that I have been looking at. My ideal career would be psychiatry. Second would be clinical psychologist or private practice but I don't know as much about those careers as I do for psychiatry. I am afraid that a BA in psychology would not prepare me for where I want to go however I do enjoy that I could get into areas such as marketing (or just having the chance to get into a wider variety of jobs) if i end up not enjoying psych for whatever reason. Just wondering if my concern was valid and what would be best for psychiatry - BA or BS
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2021.10.16 07:30 Nashville1245 I Love Braids, A Thank You Letter <3

I've been growing out my hair for around 5-6 months now, and I am in love with my braids.
My braids made me feel confident, handsome, beautiful, and overall much happier.
Ever since I grew my hair and wore my hair into braids, I've experienced SO MANY compliments and looks everywhere, whether it'd be in the mall, park, stores, etc. For that, I want to thank this community for helping me throughout my braiding journey. I'm telling ya'll, this journey is farrr from over.
I also would like to acknowledge one matter: I wish corporate companies and businesses would be more open about their employees having different types of haircuts and hairstyles. It's 2021, the world is changing and people are more diverse than ever. Being mixed race myself, I am extra thankful for my background and my roots.
Once again, thank you, guys. If you guys have any questions/concerns about hair tips and tricks, feel free to leave me a DM, I'll answer as soon as possible. Stay safe out there!
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2021.10.16 07:30 quixoticxltd Beatsaber songs and colabs

This isn’t a request! I’m just curious as to how beatsaber chooses what songs and playlists to buy the rights to, does anyone know?
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2021.10.16 07:30 devon213 smash left or right

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2021.10.16 07:30 dougprishpreed69 Passion (1982)

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2021.10.16 07:30 chance_murdock Need help finding a song

So its a song by elephant man
It follows the flow and melody of
debarge- rhythm of the night
I remember it begins with
"Chu mi nuh inna dem war ting i keep on dancing"
Some where he talks about "passa passa weddi weddi till yuh drop dung dead"
Cant remember any other lyrics though any help will be appreciated
I cant recall any of the other lyrics
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2021.10.16 07:30 James_townson Okay so I’m relatively new to the game, I’ve only logged about 230 hours, but is it normal for event skins to be really rare in their respective loot boxes??

I must have opened 20 Halloween Loot Boxes and I haven’t gotten a single Halloween skin :/ New or old… I’m hoping it’s just some bad luck and it’ll turn around. But I’m not getting a lot of credits either, so it’s been hard for me to even save up to buy one. All I’m getting are sprays and profile icons.
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2021.10.16 07:30 lucaslemu [FOR HIRE] Genuine Helpers do Not Priorize Money Before The Actual Work is Done. I Am a Verified and Honest Tutor Looking Forward to Work With Honest Students. Charges are Never Fixed.

Thank you for checking my post!
Discord: Big Five#0282
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Any assignment requires proper research and quality delivery for a student to score good grades; I am equipped with the skills to bring the best out of you.
I assure excellent and top-grade results in any field you assign me including: Essays/ Dissertations/ Case studies/ Book reviews/ Articles/ Online classes/ Exams, and Discussion posts/ Math/ Physics/ Biology/Chemistry/ Lab reports and Quizzes.
Plagiarism free papers, timely delivery with detailed information and proper referencing as per the instructions provided by your professor guaranteed.
MLA style, APA style, HARVARD style, CHICAGO style and many more, 100% money refund in the rare case a student is not satisfied with my services.
Discord: Big Five#0282
WhatsApp: +1 (217) 468-0321
Vouch 2
Vouch 3
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2021.10.16 07:30 B0ttlecape Y'all want a dhrama beer?

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2021.10.16 07:30 GlumEconomy2354 18 selling pics/vids

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2021.10.16 07:30 NotKingChuck What is the “Two teams after the End marking houses for dead bodies”?

Hi, my grandma said “After the End there will be two teams going out in the country marking homes for dead bodies to remove and make the houses live able”. She said it’s in the Bible, I don’t think it is. Her friend from Bethel was visiting, maybe new light or wires crossed about Hurricane Katrina and 9th ward?
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2021.10.16 07:30 Confident-Ant-9571 What’s an good food that you recommend?

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2021.10.16 07:30 vanillac0kezero 17F i don’t work until 12 tmrw so i’ll be up late! does anyone want to chat or vc?

i have a more in depth post about who i am on my page if you’re interested! but yeah i’m looking for some new people to talk too and get to know.
about me:i work at a bakery, i love reading, psychology, true crime, the gym etc.
so if you’re interested send me a paragraph about you and your age and hopefully i’ll find someone i click with!
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2021.10.16 07:30 CardiologistSad4464 Does this mean that naruto dodged protons?

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2021.10.16 07:30 Middle-Monk5786 New dating sub specifically for older singles. Check it out

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2021.10.16 07:30 skinny-wlatt Verns top shooter HH going back and forth with one of his oppositions producers instead of buying his son a matress

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2021.10.16 07:30 sauder656 upset with HfH nerf

Is anyone else upset with new HfH nerf? I've put a lot of resources into this team thinking they'd be the next emmarauders, but better.
I understand a lot of people have been upset with how strong they've been. Here's the thing, I invested BECAUSE how unfairly strong they are. I saw that as a competitive advantage where others saw the team as unfair play.
Why make a superior team if you're just going to nerf them? I could have saved T4s as well as gear if I knew where they would end up.
The game is already releasing a hard counter, why nerf them as well?
Probably mostly salty, but I feel like the crybabies on reddit got their way, and it only hurt those who play within the parameters (originally) given.
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2021.10.16 07:30 bosta111 From r/HolUp

I am going to answer this in reverse order and I am going to skip your center bullshittery. I am in college right now in my third semester (I got in when I was 17) I am currently in the "phi theta cappa" honor society and have 60% off of my tuition due to a scholarship.
Straw man arguments are idiotic and ultimately useless. I did not say that, nor was that the meaning. If you want to attack what I said, attack what I said. Don't make a straw man (that does not even convey the same meaning as I did) and attack that. You are doing the equivalent of making a statue and burning it down because it's offensive even though you made it.
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2021.10.16 07:30 failed_evolution Democrats Join Republicans To Sabotage The Left

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2021.10.16 07:30 HeavyMetalTrucker My 2002 650 with only 3k miles.

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