Lions Early Season Needs

2021.10.16 08:51 TheTightestChungus Lions Early Season Needs

Absolute Priority:
-Wide Receiver-
The Breshad Perriman experiment was over before it really even started, as he failed to make it through training camp. Tyrell Williams, the projected #1 option, suffered a seemingly severe brain injury in the season opener, and has been out for over a month, with a return "still in the distance" according to the team. Quintez Cephus, a late round 2020 pick, suffered a season ending injury last week. Khalif Raymond, Trinity Benson, and KhaDarel Hodge round out what is likely the weakest overall position group on either side of the ball in the league. Expect a couple draft selections and some definite free agent help. Goff literally has no one to throw the ball to.
While Tracy Walker has emerged from the shit show that was Matt Patricia's defensive scheme to grade out as one of the elite at his position, there isn't much of anything behind him. Will Harris has continued to be Will Harris, and was even benched in favor of Dean Marlowe, to about similar results. Walker is likely playing himself into a nice payday, but maybe not in Detroit. Either way, this group is another huge weakness, despite having Walker. Big fan of Hamilton out of ND, and pounded the table for Simmons over Okudah 2 years ago.
-Defensive Backs-
Okudah was lost to an Achilles rupture, and won't return until next season. His limited time this regular season wasn't the most inspiring, but his teammates and coaches raved about how night and day he was doing compared to last season. 80% of the fanbase has already written him off as a bust (which I find very unfair), but has the potential to come back and have a role. Amani Oruwaryie is a lower end #2 guy being shoved into a #1 role. Ifeatu Melifonwu suffered a season ending injury, but has the physical makeup and flashes to be a starter. The rest of the group is undrafted free agents, and limited vets.
The release of Jamie Collins seemingly left a void at the position, but Jaylen Reeves Maybin has stepped up from one of the better ST players in the NFL, to at least average starter. The Lions defensive scheme seems to generally only use 2 LB sets most of the time, so this isn't QUITE the need the other positions are. That being said, Reeves is average, Alex Anzalone is scrappy but a liability in coverage, and the rookie Barnes has only showed flashes
Can We Get Some Help:
-Defensive Line-
This group was addressed pretty well last off-season, but hasn't quite been the strength of the team it can be. It doesn't help that Romeo Okwara suffered an achilles injury, and Trey Flowers has massively underwhelmed most of his time in Detroit, while being paid like an elite DE. Luckily this group has 2 promising rookies DTs that have made strides in the past couple weeks in McNeil and Ozurike, and a reclamation project in Charles Harris that is starting to pay off. Julian Okwara has shown flashes, but the rest of the group could use an upgrade.
-Tight End-
Hockenson has tailed off after a hot start, but a big part of that is he is really the Lions only legitimate remaining receiving threat, and teams have been treating him as such. Fells hasn't done much, and is definitely replaceable. More depth and an upgrade at TE2 wouldn't be unwelcome.
Goff is what he is: an accurate passer in short to medium range, but abysmal at pushing the ball down field with any regularity or consistency. Detroit really can't move on from him until after next season. He's definitely had his moments where he wows you, but also is a fumble machine, and has thrown a couple bad interceptions. He's smart, gritty, and committed to the team, even if he pretty much amounts to being slightly below the Dalton Line. David Blough is nothing more than a low end QB2 at this point, but has alot of th qualities Goff possesses, with a bit more of a gunslinger attitude in taking deeper shots. While the QB of the future isn't on this roster, it wouldn't be surprising if the Lions hold off until 2023 to try and find their franchise guy, given the underwhelming (to this point) QB crop for the 2022 Draft.
-Offensive Line-
The hype for Sewell was pretty strong to start this season, and he lived up to it briefly, playing well his first 2 starts. However, it's been a rough go since then, with multiple sacks and pressures given up in multiple weeks. As a reminder, he was regarded as quite raw, even given his dominance in High School and College. At only 20 years old, no one should be too worried about him at this point. Taylor Decker is one of the better LTs in the league. Frank Ragnow is one of, if not the best centers in the NFL, but will miss the rest of the year after toe surgery. Both guard spots could use upgrades, but Jonah Jackson has shown enough to be safe. Matt Nelson and Vaitai have been ok, but both are likely better off in reserve roles. Logan Stenberg has yet to show much of anything, but was always regarded as a bit of a project.
Not Huge Needs
-Running Back-
Swift and Williams have both played decently this season despite lingering injuries to both. The lack of passing options isn't helping either. Jermar Jefferson is a 7th round pick with a chip on his shoulder and some potential, but is currently held back by lack of special teams talent and experience. I think Swift and Williams continue as 1A and 1B options next season, but Jefferson will likely see some added competition.
Yes I know, Seibert and Santoso are probably neither the long term option in Detroit, but neither have made this position the potential trainwreck it looked like coming into the season. An upgrade is definitely possible, but it seems like Detroit has some faith in Seibert.
Jack Fox, despite a shank or two this season, is definitely one of the best punters in the NFL. His punts have helped keep Detroit in games this season with mostly excellent defensive starting field position.
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2021.10.16 08:51 I_Am_Terra Anyone here perform with backing tracks?

So, I sing however rarely play any other instruments to accompany me (I do play the piano but not well). I’m mainly busking just to get my name out there until my manager can get me some gigs. I know it’s not “karaoke”, however I am a proficient vocalist and would like to perform out in public some more. Even just using piano/guitar tracks to make it feel more natural?
Also another question to throw out there: • Does it look rude if I don’t acknowledge getting a tip (I’m blind so won’t be able to see lol but will make sure I have my cane visible where possible)
Gear: Bose S1 Amp, Shure SM58 Mic
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2021.10.16 08:51 sydknee897 gay people, how did you know you were gay?

I’m just questioning myself a lot lately. I think I’m bi-curious idk.
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2021.10.16 08:51 dd0xx CZ 75 P-01 Baseplate Question

About to send my baby into CGW works for the Pro package. I also got the barrel refinished in chrome, and the trigger and hammer are stainless steel. I am looking for baseplates that are stainless steel or have similar shine/look. I know CGW used to make them but they don't anymore. This is harder than it seems but I think I may have found some on Ebay, does anyone know if these will fit?
Ebay plates
Also CZcustom makes some: Fit CZ75 magazine 11101, 11107 sku's only. I know the sku for the P-01 is sku 11123.
CZcustom baseplates
Last but not least there is this guy, I emailed him but can't really tell if he is around, site seems very dated
PPD plates
Anyway does anyone know of any reliable places to get stainless/nickel/chrome baseplates for a CZ 75 P-01?
Thanks guys you are awesome!
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2021.10.16 08:51 Lightshadow86 What is the Pick?

Luxury Problem here... There is good reasons to pick all of them, even Dungar. Not sure if I pick Octosari to draw into Ysera. Onyxia to have another win condition, or just Dungar for early game / late game transition is safer.
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2021.10.16 08:51 dowster03 Static/Crackle noise from USB AMP DAC

I've just bought an iFi Zen Dac V2 and I'm super happy with its performance, but I'm getting a static/crackle noise coming from the headphone outputs. I am using the USB input coming from my PC motherboard, and have tried a 5V power supply (some random one) and other USB outputs from my motherboard, but those didn't help.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with a USB AMP/DAC, and how did you fix it?
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2021.10.16 08:51 Altruistic_Bus1901 Hypnotherapy

Has anyone tried this? For the itch?
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2021.10.16 08:51 1-800-WE-BUILD-ROADS Squid Game is my new favorite analogy for communism.

Squid Game is essentially a fiction about a group of poor struggling sub-working class people who are given the chance to play a game and win $38,000,000 USD worth of their Korean currency. They are taken to a hidden underground base where they are to an extent forced (with some exceptions) to play 6 death games and win all 6 of them for the money. It is completely about fairness without meritocracy, where everybody is equal and has the same chance to win the money. They are all fed very little by this communist-like faction that has kidnapped them, sometimes only being given a raw potato to eat or an egg. There are times when the players have special talents that allow them to perform much better in certain games only for them to be nullified. There is a surgeon who was able to help the guards harvest organs in return for information on the next game, he was killed by one of the top dogs to keep the game fair. There was a glass maker who could tell different types of glass apart by looking at them, which helped him in one of the games, so they sabotaged him by turning the lights off. The leaders pretend to play in the Squid Game too, but give themselves unfair advantages without the other players knowing so that they are not actually able to have bad things happen to them. And at the end of the day... Pretty much all of them died, with only a couple surviving!
It sounds so great on paper, fairness, being equal to others, everybody having the same opportunity to win no matter who they are, etc. etc., but when you truly examine the closer details it is terrifying. How does this not sound like an analogy for Communism? And the funniest part is, commies love this show.
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2021.10.16 08:51 old_story5500 Least

I am not a great person. But I like to improve and I can take criticism. At least I can do that much.
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2021.10.16 08:51 Genuine-Muggle-Hater So embarrassed

Y'all I was doing some of the online assessments on Indeed. One of them called "Principles of Accounting". My score.....proficient. I am so embarrassed. I have a bachelor's in accounting, an MBA with a focus in accounting, and 3 years of industry experience. And I only got a "proficient".
(For those of you who have never done any of these assessments they go Completed -> Familiar -> Proficient -> Highly Proficient -> Expert)
I'm middle of the barrel apparently. Definitely not allowing that for public view.
My only saving grace is that the assessment for "Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel" I got an "Expert" on.
Still super embarrassing. Glad it was for a job that I just applied for on a whim. Guess I need to go back to the basics instead of just relying on my limited experience in the field. Whoops.
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2021.10.16 08:51 KnarfyMan All the mobs in action! This isn’t my creation in-game, but I did make this video about them all! 😁 Hopefully playing with them can help you make an informed decision during the vote!! (Link in comments 💜)

All the mobs in action! This isn’t my creation in-game, but I did make this video about them all! 😁 Hopefully playing with them can help you make an informed decision during the vote!! (Link in comments 💜) submitted by KnarfyMan to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:51 Different-Dance-3991 BPL 5100 Professor recommendation

-weilei shi -catherine kawaiek -ian howe
David mcnutt
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