745sy 5bkz9 65h6z sit89 hi44r 926ni hiab4 z769t 55ib2 7t8ns 8242n fzbaa kiknk b9h89 435a5 r8knk 5i9t9 n3zs4 25a9f nafz8 en28n Is enhanced for week Derrick Henry really better? |

Is enhanced for week Derrick Henry really better?

2021.09.23 05:12 DanEosen Is enhanced for week Derrick Henry really better?

Is he really better? I have him at rank one level 20 him enhanced for week he is quickness 143, physical 141, mental 145 and rushing 145. I had him in my FB slot. Today I moved him to HB. In HB was Chubb rank 5, level 20. I was yesterday in Arena 3950ish today 4035. I have been grinding uncommon relics to get CB Surtain to rank 5 and I got using dust Davonte Smith to rank 4.
Ok yesterday in Arena I had no problem breaking tackles using Wide Sweep, Trap or HB Plunge using Chubb. Note I start Arena at night I spend the day leveling up. So I put in my enhanced Henry and he moves it seems slower he cuts horribly, he can’t break tackles now off any team 3300 or below.
The only difference between the two is presence. Chubb is 332 and Henry is 140. I am aiming on getting Chubb to level 25 tomorrow. I figure I have time to build another epic. I only use for stamina doing for coins in training center and tour mode the 25 stamina event for a player and experience. I have so far built 4 epics, moved Chubb from rank 3 to rank 5 along with Simmons and Surtain both rank 5. I convert coins for 4 uncommon pieces.
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2021.09.23 05:12 Dayanghirang Why is it that some people hate others that are of a different social circle?

Why is it that some people disrespect others that are of a different social circle? I don't understand. They also tend to bully others such as me that are different. For these people, they're not even trying to be friendly anymore because they're just increasing their social groups' numbers for the sake of numbers. I am not saying many people are like this but some do. Is there really a way for me to make them understand me so that I can make friends with them?
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2021.09.23 05:12 keturunanbule Deddy Corbuzier Enggak Percaya Kaesang Anak Presiden Cuma Bisnis Pisang Goreng | merdeka.com - merdeka.com

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2021.09.23 05:12 TheMonkeyBot Poker questions regarding school?

I’m wondering if I can play poker with my friends at school but we have come into a problem. We have chips to use for poker (no paying for chips involved) everyone is given the same amount and no money is better except for the chips which no one keeps. Is this allowed? Basically we’re using chips for poker but no money is involved and the chips are not kept and reset each round.
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2021.09.23 05:12 Aerd_Gander Prompt Writing: "You're a monster!"

Berkris's talons dug into the ruined green walls, encircling the swine's offensive neck.
"You of all people... come here seeking refuge, Calriks?! You're a monster, and nothing more! What refuge did you offer when you ripped my children from me? When you came back to find that I had earned your blood money for you... what refuge did you offer when you stole from me my arms and left me to die?!
"I fought with your sister for years. I was there to watch her last breath, while you, her own kin, were off playing syncopant to the lunacy of the Kell's Scourge! After all of that, you come here, asking for succor now that no tyrants remain for you to leech off of?!"
The captain spat out blood, then wiped his lips and looked up into Berkris's eyes, reading the mother-rage painted on her features. "I left House Salvation for the same reason I left the Scourge, Berkris. They no longer serviced my needs. If House Light can offer me what I need, I will stay. I will be good. I'll even pretend your little whelp doesn't disgust me."
"Really? That's why you left." Berkris inquired, malice dripping in beaded froth from the edges of her breather. "Sounded a lot more like you high tailed it the moment you were expected to do battle with the Vex, and the House of Light found you cowering in a Warren awaiting your exile!"
"Lies!" Calriks hissed. His frantic denial tasted of bitter lies in service to boundless hubris upon Berkris's ears.
Misraakskel stood at Berkris's back, while Dythrys knelt to the ground off to her left side, the Queenbreaker's Bow honed in on the older male.
"Berkris, Dythrys. I understand the situation. But remember, as we have established with the Saint- the harms of the past must be left in the past, if we are to move forward."
Calriks's sardonic laughter grated on Berkris's mind, and she clutched her talons harder on his neck to quell them. "Listen to the Kell of Light, Berkris. If you know what's good for you, that is. There are still plenty of Eliksni in the system who'll put a round in your baby's pretty head, if they find out you killed me. Seems you have a hard time keeping them, so you may want-"
Vrrr-SHAK! The Queenbreaker's Bow discharged a bolt of Arc, which whizzed past Calriks's head and bored deep into the decrepit concrete. Dythrys's hands tremored.
"Bit uncertain with that weapon there, oaf? I knew you'd never amount to much." Calriks mocked.
SHAK! A second bolt landed right between the Captain's horns. He jolted, cringing as the movement pushed Berkris's talons deeper into his carapace.
"It's taking everything I have to not put you down where you grovel, Glimmermonger. Should Misraakskel see fit to punish me for dispatching you, so be it, but you make it more and more worth it with every word from your treacherous mouth. Please. Continue."
"Misraakskel, please!" Calriks shouted, "set your house in order, before they kill me! Am I not one of your people now?! Do you not offer to defend all of House Light?!"
"You wretched, squealing pig-" Berkris spat, but she felt the strong and sure arm of Misraaks at her back.
"Berkris. You are a warrior through and through. You have fought hard, striving against impossible odds. Please, set down the yoke of your burdens, and hand it off to me, now." He gestured to Dythrys. "Let your daughter live without Eliksni blood on her hands."
A Guardian transport swooped down, offloading a trio of silhouettes, who approached the Kell. Dythrys turned to them, dropping the Queenbreaker's Bow in shock.
"Eurys!" She exclaimed. "Kriksis!!!" She pulled the two Drekhs into her arms. They faced their companion, a light blue Exo Hunter, who gulped, attempting rather unsuccessfully to pry Dythrys from the young Eliksni. His valiant efforts were rewarded with a harmless, but solid kick to the chest.
"Um... listen, miss... Vanguard Policy... listen, you can't..." Arion-5 sputtered. But Dythrys could only hear her sisters.
"Eurys... is that... someone you know?"
Dythrys felt an ice cold grip in her chest, as if she was being Taken all over again.
"It's a beautiful name... it's in our tongue, yes? I haven't a name yet... Arion and Shank don't know any good Eliksni names." Eurys- or, the person in Eurys's body- rambled on.
The Not-Kriksis nodded along with her sister. Could the two still be considered sisters?
"It wouldn't feel quite right to just call ourselves by human names, we reckoned. That was why we came here, at first... though it seems there are more pressing matters to attend to.
Berkris had long dropped Calriks. She fell to her knees, watching the exchange. She felt the Light flowing between the two girls, and knew that what now stood were very much not her children- but she could not tell her heart such a thing. All she saw now were her hatchlings, swathed in egg-cloth.
"My babies... my dears... is this what the Light had wanted for you all along...?"
It was wrong. She could not accept it. Yet, she couldn't help but feel a sense of elation at their reunion. She ran to her children alongside Dythrys, pressing her head to Kriksis. She said nothing as her motherly tears fell freely, the mix of pain and joy rending her soul apart.
Misraaks smiled to himself, as Eido came to his side. "The Light provides."
Calriks sputtered and coughed on the ground. He hadn't felt such humiliation in ages, coincidentally, not since the day he found out that Berkris had slaughtered his whole crew, armless. This family had brought him nothing but grief. He ought to have let them all die.
All of them. One by one, in the muck of the EDZ. He ought to have bombarded them from orbit. He ought to have...
His eyes settled on the Bow. A gift of providence, to regain some of his lost honor. Unseen by Misraaks, he grabbed the Eliksni relic, and took aim.
Kriksis moved like undeterred thought, spreading her arms and catching the bolt in her chest. She fell, but recompiled instantly. Eurys vanished from Dythrys's sight, charging Arc in her right hand and Void in her left. She clapped the two together over the rifle, the force tearing it from Calriks's arms. It was sent skittering across the camp, before coming to a crashing rest against the interior wall of the Botza district.
Kriksis rushed to meet her sister, and their bodies merged in Light. From their shoulders projected the image of an Archon Priest, soaring twenty feet tall. The Conjoined Archon brought its four arms of Prismatic Light to bear around Calriks's body, and lifted him up into the air. Its twin voice resonated with itself, roaring admonishment at the Captain.
Calriks raised his feeble arms in defeat. Eurys and Kriksis set him down, and the camp doctor skittered him away, vanishing out of sight.
Dythrys stayed still, flabbergasted, as Kriksis recovered the Bow and set it in her arms. "The weapon's sights are cracked... it'll be hard for the Gunsmith to fix, but if an Eliksni craftsman joined him, it may be possible. I'm sorry."
Dythrys shook her head. "No... no, it's quite alright. I was given this weapon by the Young Wolf... to protect my family. It's served me well since."
Kriksis smiled wide, pressing her arms against Dythrys's flank. "Ah! Ah! We know the Young Wolf too! Well, haven't met her, but Arion told us many stories! She threw him off the tower once! The fans brought him back, but it made him leak spent coolant!"
Arion cringed, "Did you have to-"
"YES!" Kriksis exclaimed, and she turned to Dythrys again. "You call me, 'Kriksis,' yes? I like this name. It is strong."
Eurys nodded, "If it isn't too much, I'd like to keep this name as well. 'Eurys.' It seems... good. Meaningful."
Dythrys nodded slowly. Somehow, she had named her sisters for the second time. It would never be the same, but somehow, in this moment, it was enough. She could see in her mother's eyes that Berkris, too, felt the same. The fledgling Guardians waved, before transmatting off and out of sight, likely to take on some new, exciting mission.
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2021.09.23 05:12 frostdillicus Start a new factory or wait until Update 5

So I am torn right now. I usually like starting in N. Forest because it just provides such a quick start, however knowing that it is going to get a massive foliage revamp in U5 I want to avoid messing too much with the area.
I've tried other starts, mostly rocky desert and the south west coast area, and none of them feel right. I have considered a Dune Desert start, but that is also getting fiddled with in U5.
So right now I am torn. Should I just suck it up and start somewhere I don't like and make a new factory so that I'm "ready" with a save for playing U5 or should I just wait for U5 whose release date, as far as I can tell, is still a long ways out given that the engine upgrade just released into experimental and will probably get some testing time as it is going to part of U5 if it isn't too broken.
So I can either start a new factory I might not enjoy playing for the first 20 or so hours, or just satisfy my Satisfactory itch with let's plays.
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2021.09.23 05:12 UpRsPraXis From the No Man's Sky Community

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2021.09.23 05:12 Odd_Guard654 What years of the 10th gen F-150’s have these side step things? I’m very new to the scene.

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2021.09.23 05:12 No_Temperature2296 H:Full unyielding Urban scout armor set (except for chest-piece which is metal) W: Offers

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2021.09.23 05:12 LongJonSiIver People Can Fly unannounced game could be called Tameless

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2021.09.23 05:12 Plebius-Plutarch How can I get the Mormon ritual history of my ancestors as a non-member?

I suspect that my father, my grandparents, and many other ancestors have had their work done posthumously. I am working on not caring, however it is still bothersome. I would like to know who has had what done. As a non-member, what is the best way at getting this information?
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2021.09.23 05:12 thenew001 [US-TX] [H] Boardsource Lily58 Pro, KP Republic XD87 hotswap [W] Paypal

Selling 2 keyboards as bundles, no individual parts. Prices are final. Paypal only. All photos are above.

KP Republic Hotswap XD87 bundle- 110 USD
CONUS only
Only selling as a package, buyer pays shipping.
I'm getting rid of stuff that I don't use anymore, so apologies if this looks like a bit much to include in one package.
This was my very first board, so it has some crazy mods, but it works 100%.
Lubed kailh pro purples, and lubed durock v2 alpaca stabs installed to keep it in place during shipping.
This doesn't include keycaps.
-removed backlight leds
-homemade plate foam
-homemade silicone dampener
-low profile usb daughterboard connector
-steel case (has a little adhesive from using sticky foam as plate foam, but nothing that can't be wiped with alcohol, look at pics)
-solderable mini usb port for steel case usage
-daughter board screws
-random usb c port
-lubed/ filmed nk silk yellows
-lubed akko cs matcha
-aluminum switch opener
-cheap switch puller
-tx switch films

Lily58 Pro bundle- 170 USD
CONUS only
Only selling as a package, buyer pays shipping.
It was between this and the corne LP, and the corne LP won, so this one has to go.
Good starter kit for someone who wants to try out this form factor. All you need is a set of choc caps and your preferred choc switches. (includes test switches, so you can try them all out)
Kailh choc browns installed to keep everything in place during shipping. (they're stab modded, but some of them are overlubed, so they're a gift)
This only includes 10 clear keycaps.
-master side is an elite c v4, and the other is a pro micro (elite C is type c, pro micro is micro usb)
-elite C, pro micro, and OLED screens are all socketed
-foam dampener
-10 transparent keycaps
-trrs cable
-8 different choc switches, pro red, gchoc, silver, red, black, brown, robin, and white
-extra hotswap sockets

For any questions, feel free to PM.
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2021.09.23 05:12 Adventure_Taco Checked out Canyon Lake, AZ, about an hour away from us. Hazel’s second time on the kayak. She’s figuring out where to sit and getting more comfortable. This new yak is amazing 👌🏻

Checked out Canyon Lake, AZ, about an hour away from us. Hazel’s second time on the kayak. She’s figuring out where to sit and getting more comfortable. This new yak is amazing 👌🏻 submitted by Adventure_Taco to Kayaking [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 05:12 beaglestreets I've now lost 30 pounds in 4 months

I have been posting here every 10 pounds to help motivate myself.
I thought I could lose 10 pounds a month but that turned out to be slightly ambitious. Still, I've gone from 251 to 221 in four months.
I'm 34F and 5'10", so I still need to lose 13 more pounds to get down to "overweight" rather than "obese". That's my major goal by Thanksgiving, to be at that weight.
Then I'm gonna take a losing break over the holidays and just maintain, and hope to lose another 20 pounds ultimately to get to 190. I realize this will still technically be obese, but I don't know that I can get all the way down to 175 to be normal.... I have a large bone structure and broad shoulders. But we'll see! If I can lose 60 pounds in a year and maintain it I'll be very proud of that.
So yeah .... 30 pounds. That's the size of my parents' dog. Two of my dog. It's insane that just a few months ago I was carrying all that around on my bad back!
More to go, but I'm halfway to my ultimate goal.
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2021.09.23 05:12 PolloChoker [PS4] W: TSE 2 or 3* Hunting rifle H: caps or trades

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2021.09.23 05:12 OpenLiveNFT ✅Dear community,

✅Dear community,
❗️After a process of researching, learning and constantly improving. Today we are very happy to introduce the passionate project to community: OpenLive NFT

❗️OpenLive NFT is the pioneer platform in the NFT Marketplace allows users to send, receive, store and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

💥Follow us on these network channels:
👉Website: https://openlivenft.com/
👉Telegram: https://t.me/OpenLiveNFT
👉Telegram Group: https://t.me/OpenLiveNFTGroup
👉Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenLiveNFT/status/1440873822983376902
👉Discord Group: https://discord.com/invite/47pTAVsEUF
👉Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpenLive-NFT-107879008300764
👉Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/openLiveNFT/
👉Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/OpenLiveNFT
👉Medium: https://openlivenft.medium.com/
👉Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/openlivenft
👉Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/openlivenft/
👉SubStack: https://openlivenft.substack.com/
#OpenLiveNFT #NFT
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2021.09.23 05:12 Worldly_Intern7818 That New New

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2021.09.23 05:12 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 05:12 dogsanimeandhiking sorry for the double post but I think I figured out how best to style these pants!!! thoughts?

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2021.09.23 05:12 artrimbaud Track buddies

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2021.09.23 05:12 juu1ien posted on instagram thought it would make a sweet background

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2021.09.23 05:12 jbeans187 Looks Like Potentials are Out!

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2021.09.23 05:12 ChernobylRadParty If the world was ruled by a single government, what kind of government would it be?

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2021.09.23 05:12 Kraken_Paratrooper Cardinals D/ST to be trusted this week?

What is everyone's opinion on the Cardinals matchup with the Jaguars this week? Obviously they looked great week 1 and pretty bad week 2. Do you think they are being overrated or would you feel safe playing them this week?
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2021.09.23 05:12 watertro88 Punt Discussion - Guards or Bigs

All of the punt strategies are based off of 9 cats. What about for leagues with more than 9 cats? It would make sense to break each category down into what player it favors and punt based on that. Let's discussion because it can be translated to all h2h cat leagues.
For example the cats below FG% Big FT% Guard 3P% Guard Points Guard 3 Guard Oreb Big Dreb Big Assist Guard Steals Guard Blocks Big TO Big FOULS Guard
As you can see, in this 12 cat league, 7 cats favor guards. Do note the above is just in general, I know there are exceptions. Would you say it's better to punt a big cat and go for guards since they have 7 out of 12 favored cars.
Same with 9 cat. It would be 5 cats for guards (assuming steals favor guards), so it would be better to put big stat. Similarly, if the league if favored to have more big cats, then it would be better to punt a guard cat.
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