Hours Getting Cut

2021.09.23 03:59 PrincessPeach817 Hours Getting Cut

I work in the Dallas division in the Starbucks. We recently found out that our hours are being cut. As far as I know, our operating hours are remaining the same. We'll have more time working alone, so leaving the kiosk for any reason will be harder.
I'm pissed. The standalone Starbucks in my town is almost so close you could throw a rock and hit it. Throughout this pandemic, we've remained open. Any time they had short hours or just closed, we got a fair amount of their business. It's been a rough year. And the fucking thank you is to cut our hours.
But hey...I guess that caramel praline in my freezer will offset the lost wages. 🙄
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2021.09.23 03:59 l_rycerz [A3][NA][Recruiting][Star-Sim][Merge<] 104th Battalion, Delta Company

[A3][NA][Recruiting][Star-Sim][Merge<] 104th Battalion, Delta Company 104th Battalion, Delta Company
A unit focused on leadership, communication, determination, and having fun. The members of our unit are a very relaxed group but when things hit the fan the men of our unit switch into a semi-serious tone that helps create a more effective fighting force. When you join you have the option to join infantry, armored, and aviation. Now that we have an almost full platoon we plan on opening our 1st airborne squad. We currently have 45 active members and average about 25-30 people an op. Our time zone is Central Standard Time. The schedule is pretty easy to remember, our side operations are on Wednesdays at 6pm CST and our main operations are on Sundays at 7pm CST. Our operations can last up to about 2 hours. Our side operations can consist from basic checkpoints to capturing cities. The main operations are more story driven while still giving our players the action they so desire. Our hope is to give all our members a great experience.

Divisions within unit: Infantry (Open)
Aviation (Open)
Armored (Open)
Schedule: Sunday - Main Operation at 7pm CST
Monday - Open
Tuesday - Open
Wednesday - Main Operation at 7pm CST
Thursday - Open
Friday - Open
Saturday - Open
Are you interested in joining? Then click here
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2021.09.23 03:59 Healthytrashben Oh how the turns have tabled

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2021.09.23 03:59 afroman42o Aricin| KAMELOT - Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) [Dark] +DT 96.14% 1,224x / 2,542x 13x miss | BEST DT MISSCOUNT AND ACC | FIRST A RANK

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2021.09.23 03:59 madstork2 Does anyone remember Uzo from the earlier Stern show days? She always fascinated me while also kind of freaking me out and I just found myself wondering what happened to her and am I the only one that didn’t know about this?

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2021.09.23 03:59 chrisor97 [PS4] Call of Duty: Black Ops 4-Bilingual French & English-PlayStation 4 is $18.58

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2021.09.23 03:59 Tyrell95 Guns to look for early

Haven't played in a long time, first match I saw a couple guns I didn't recognize. Using a brand new account so I don't have any of my previous gun loadouts. What guns are good to look for on the drop? And what guns should I focus on leveling up?
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2021.09.23 03:59 Dismal_Tax_3038 patreon

is it worth it ? I really enjoy all there content and podcasts even have 2 of his merch items i just feel like $10 a month is a little much
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2021.09.23 03:59 faezaria Princess Mononoke Fanart by @dylangriffn

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2021.09.23 03:59 RedditRocks2021 Boston - More Than a Feeling (1976)

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2021.09.23 03:59 Mavor516 Been playing with same friends consistently for 2 nights - suddenly buddy gets disconned every time, immediately

Nothing has changed on our systems - but he simply cannot stay connected to our lobby as of this evening. Any advice?
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2021.09.23 03:59 Ok_Friendship_6448 Not trained properly

I just want to know from other RBT’s how was your training. My training consisted of 1 week of 40 hour videos with one day of shadowing (or less). Honestly it did not prepare me at all! I got thrown into a brand new case with a client that had high maladaptive behaviors. I’m not on that case anymore because my BCBA knew that a brand new RBT was not fit for that case. Even though that made me feel better I still feel like I’m not doing enough. My whole career has been basically cover shifts after cover shifts because our company is quite big. I love the kids but I honestly don’t know how long I can last in this field I feel like it’s not the right fit for me.
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2021.09.23 03:59 OleCheese Anyone interested in posting tricks they have learned in Zendesk Explore?

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2021.09.23 03:59 caddude42069 What Are Your Moves for Tomorrow? September 23, 2021

Your daily trading discussion thread. Feel free to shit post or tell us what your thoughts are on a stock, what's on your watchlist, what you are going to buy, opportunities that are there, general questions, etc.
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2021.09.23 03:59 realmgodjr2 So i just bought the game what do I focus on the first week what should be my goals of spring

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2021.09.23 03:59 dannopanda I have a crush on my bsf and idk how or when to tell her.

I’ve been friends with her since elementary school and we have only gotten closer. Recently we have been flirting a lot but 1. i can’t tell if she’s just joking around or actually flirting 2. she said something a couple days ago about kinda talking to someone else but not really. I just don’t know if i should make a move or wait it out with her talking to this guy.
Our flirting is very up front btw like we are extremely close and sometimes do this thing where we are about to kiss but don’t and sometimes i just want to go through no balls and kiss her. any help is appreciated thanks.
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2021.09.23 03:59 CureusJournal A Curious Case of Rectal Ejaculation

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2021.09.23 03:59 animalz07 AEW Dynamite 9/22/21 Grand Slam Review || 🗽 Arthur Ashe Stadium ||

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2021.09.23 03:59 Ok_Ratio272 one of my OCs! Name: Red "Rosy" Widow Age: 39. Nationality: Polish/American I'm very proud with this creation, I'm happy how the rose arm came out, this is one my first creations I've done something like that I've gone more on the way.

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2021.09.23 03:59 SeinenIF My $25 meowth lucky cat tattoo

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2021.09.23 03:59 shleepboiii Viserys and Daenerys by Yasmin

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2021.09.23 03:59 shirefriendship I’m a US citizen with a small software development business LLC (partnership). I’m considering getting my Italian citizenship and moving to Italy. Will I be taxed in Italy AND the USA?

Just as the title says: If I become an Italian citizen and move to Italy, will income generated from my business be taxed in both countries? The LLC pays its members using a schedule K. My business address could stay in the USA, but my residence would be Italy. Does anyone have information on this? Thanks!
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2021.09.23 03:59 TheShiror Será?

Estou escrevendo isso pouco antes de ir dormir, e o mesmo pensamento não para de rodar na minha cabeça: Será que eu vou ter um relacionamento? Tenho 16 anos e sou o típico garoto tímido da turma que não é popular. Tenho poucos mas ótimos amigos, e a única coisa que falta pra eu ter uma vida que eu realmente esteja satisfeito é uma namorada. Pode soar muito bobo, e realmente é. Desde que eu nasci nunca tive nenhuma relação desse nível, só algumas paixões recíprocas mas que eu não tive coragem de agir. Minha maior meta de vida é ter uma família, e o fato de eu não ter tido nada sério com nenhuma garota me assusta e muito, atualmente eu estou com um pequeno vício em pornografia, e ver tanta coisa irreal me faz surtar depois que eu me "alivio". Enfim, eu só queria que meu primeiro post fosse algo mais recente, tô em busca de algum amor na minha vida, mas eu acho que já perdi as esperanças. Tenham uma boa noite, e boa sorte com seus problemas, até o próximo post.
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2021.09.23 03:59 Suefrogs How to find the right agency

We got licensed through the state. Recently I was talking to my kid's social worker and asking about whether certain things that had come as a shock to us (and were on our big NO list) were listed in her file. They said yes and expressed shock that they weren't in the information we received. When I asked for advice on how to protect ourselves from this going forward they reccomended we get relicensed through an agency.
I want an agency that is non-religious, not adoption focused, and preferably good with teens. Lgbtq youth focused would be an extra plus. I'm striking out on Google finding something that matches the first 2. Any reccomendations for improving my search?
Washington, USA if anyone has a good agency rec
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2021.09.23 03:59 LadyMesa Plain macaroni calzone

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