Anyone find this ironic?

2021.09.23 04:48 mort8 Anyone find this ironic?

I was just thinking about it and Kisakis death is extremely ironic. In nearly every timeline he killed Hina by hitting her with a truck. And then finally he gets hit by a truck and dies.
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2021.09.23 04:48 Efficient_End7076 STUDY TIPS

I took nursing as my premed, but I don't like the environment, my block isn't even making transes or have a trans team to work on for the class. It is also very time-consuming to make one for myself. Should I just make flashcards like Quizlet instead or is it just because of the current online class set-up?
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2021.09.23 04:48 Ajax1419 All the job posting for surgical techs are hilarious right now

Work Environment: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals.
The employee is frequently exposed to fumes or airborne particles, extreme cold, and the risk of radiation.
The employee occasionally works near moving mechanical parts and is occasionally exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, and the risk of electrical shock.
The noise level in the work environment is moderate.

**Not mentioned, but should be**
You'll be paid 75% of what your nurse with a 2y associates degree makes and <5% what the rest of the room makes.
You'll earn 1% of what your hospital makes on your exploited labor AFTER all other costs are factored out.
Even if you are an expert in the field with decades of experience, you'll be treated like a subhuman by your facility's surgeons with absolute impunity. Not all of them, but how many is too many?
You will regularly be asked to perform functions outside your scope of practice, you'll never be paid for them.
You'll have the pleasure of working alongside travellers who are being paid 400% more than you to do the same job because there's a nationwide shortage, yet your hospital is forever unable to give you a raise. It's strange that this is a constant across every hospital system in the country.
Any other fun ones to add?
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2021.09.23 04:48 Eagle3066 🚀 H y p e r L a u n c h 🚀

⭐️⭐️ HyperLaunch - Decentralized PreSale Platform ⭐️⭐️
A new, revolutionary Launchpad with an actual use case and development going on. No more memecoins, no more rugpulls, be part of something that will eventually replace DXSale. HyperLaunch is a deflationary and passive yield generating DeFi project geared toward the development of HyperLaunch, our decentralized presale platform that will enable DeFi projects to launch their presale funding campaigns at a lower cost.
Project Details
HyperLaunch is our custom developed presale application designed to simplify defi project presale campaigns. It functions as a standalone application that enables projects to launch their presale funding campaigns at a lower cost, because we know an intuitive and easy process is key for a smooth launch. HyperLaunch will also integrate with our HyperGate exchange to create a smooth and seamless sales process. HyperLaunch will be phase one of our ecosystem development with the development to begin shortly after our presale campaign.
🌐 Website:
❗️ Defi campaign funding presales!
❗️ Liquidity Locking!
❗️ Token locking!
❗️ Easy & Intuitive Custom User Interface!
❗️ Complete testing environment!
❗️ Support for BSC & Ethereum presales!
❗️ Complete presale campaign management!
❗️ Development to begin right after presale!
❗️ Lower cost!
❗️ Private sale management!
⚡️ 10 Billion max supply
⚡️ 10% transaction fee.
⚡️ 2% Automatic Burn
⚡️ 4% Passive Staking reward to holders
⚡️ 4% Marketing & Development wallet
💲 Liquidity Locked after launch 💲
Our Tokenomics are simple and designed to support the best interest of our holders and the project success. From each transaction 2% is automatically sent to the burn wallet to decrease the total supply supporting an increasing price floor while 4% is returned to our holders as a passive staking reward for holding. Additionally, 4% from each transaction is sent to the Marketing & Development wallet to ensure we have the funds to successfully develop and market the application.
Join us on Telegram as we build our community.
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2021.09.23 04:48 grid_world Removing TensorFlow filters

With Python 3.8 and TensorFlow 2.5, my objective is to remove filters/kernels having lowest L2 norms. Sample code for this is:

 # Generate random 1 image/data point sample- x = tf.random.normal(shape = (1, 5, 5, 3), mean = 1.0, stddev = 0.5) x.shape # TensorShape([1, 5, 5, 3]) # Create conv layer- conv = Conv2D( filters = 3, kernel_size = (3, 3), activation='relu', kernel_initializer = tf.initializers.GlorotNormal(), bias_initializer = tf.ones_initializer, strides = (1, 1), padding = 'same', ) # Pass input through conv layer- out = conv(x) out.shape # TensorShape([1, 5, 5, 3]) out = tf.squeeze(out) out.shape # TensorShape([5, 5, 3]) 
According to my understanding, the output consists of three (5, 5) matrices stacked together. However, printing 'out' shows five (5, 3) matrices stacked together:
 out.numpy() ''' array([[[1.45877 , 0. , 1.9293344 ], [0.9910869 , 0.01100129, 1.7364411 ], [1.8199034 , 0. , 1.3457474 ], [1.219409 , 0.22021294, 0.62214017], [0.5572515 , 0.7246016 , 0.6772853 ]], [[1.161148 , 0. , 2.0277915 ], [0.38071448, 0. , 2.2438798 ], [2.2897398 , 0.1658966 , 2.3147004 ], [1.2516301 , 0.14660472, 1.6381929 ], [1.1554463 , 0.72516847, 1.6170584 ]], [[0. , 0. , 1.2525308 ], [0.4337383 , 0. , 0.91200435], [0.71451795, 0. , 2.093022 ], [2.265062 , 0. , 2.7562256 ], [0.82517993, 0. , 1.8439718 ]], [[0.7089497 , 0. , 1.041831 ], [0. , 0. , 1.2754116 ], [0.41919613, 0. , 0.88135654], [0. , 0. , 0.71492153], [0.18725157, 0.27108306, 0.11248505]], [[0.86042166, 0.45840383, 1.084069 ], [0.53202367, 0.42414713, 1.2529668 ], [1.2257886 , 0.31592917, 1.3377004 ], [0.36588144, 0. , 0.6085663 ], [0.3065148 , 0.574654 , 1.0214479 ]]], dtype=float32) ''' 
So, if I use the code out[:, :, 0], out[:, :, 1] & out[:, :, 2], do they refer to the first, second and third filters?
And if yes, is computing L2-norm using:
 tf.norm(out, ord = 'euclidean', axis = (0, 1)).numpy() # array([5.275869 , 1.4290226, 7.545658 ], dtype=float32) 
the correct way?
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2021.09.23 04:48 BStills87 R646 Aspect Ratio Detection Issue?

I recently got my 65” R646 and it seems to have a problem with aspect ratio detection, especially with Apple TV streams. Anyone else encounter something similar?
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2021.09.23 04:48 algebramclain Tampa Bay Bandits, 1983 ad

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2021.09.23 04:48 Tentacle_likes_pr0n If I don't get my shit together at the age of 30, I'm just gonna off myself.

It's been a rough 10 years for everyone in my family. At the age of 13 my father (31) died as he and my mom was preparing for a better future. He got hit by a car travelling over the speed limit at 3 am. I became the bearer of my mother's emotional trauma and depression. All while my father's side of the family tried to peel us away from our mom. Lots of things happened and it's been 10 years since then. We've all been so battered emotionally and mentally for almost little to no progress. I'm already on several medication to keep me functioning.
I just woke up today feeling like I cried my heart out in my sleep. And realized that I can't see myself living for another ten years. The thought itself brings me to tears and a silent breakdown. I can't fucking do this anymore. It's so tiring. I'm tired of trying to work with what we have. Tired of being the "strong daughter" figure. I want to self admit in a mental health facility and never go back. Just unleash every scream, cry of pain and frustration until l bleed or I get sedated.
You know that meme format of a guy putting clown makeup? It's like that.

And the whole time I've been trying to keep it all together for what family I have left. Now we might lose our mother to severe ulcer. Her intestines' lining is already so thin and getting thinner. All while we are countries apart. Fucking shit.
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2021.09.23 04:48 sirdetector What type of engineering designs framing layouts for residential structures?

I am curious about job positions that design wood framed structures, like residential homes. I have a background working in framing carpentry learning from my dad and uncles who are builders. I have a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering but want to explore the possibility of getting more involved with framing carpentry, to which I have a comfortable knowledge of. Here are some questions I have for anyone who is involved or has knowledge of framing design:
How involved are structural engineers in the home design process?
How are the responsibilities divided between an architect and engineer?
What salary range can an engineer focusing on residential framing design expect?
Is structural engineer the proper job title for someone laying out house framing?
Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide any insight!
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2021.09.23 04:48 Metamorphisxt i’m scared asf

I deliver pizzas as my job and I’m on probation and get drug tested and there were a couple of times I’ve drove past people and smelled marijuana coming from others cars and I’m completely clean will that cause me to test positive there wasn’t any smoke that blew in my face or anything like that I just kind of I got the odor twice today will I be good??
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2021.09.23 04:48 Thetimmybaby Lefty Lies

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2021.09.23 04:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 04:48 epicmemeslayer420 Webtoon is just h*rny scholastic

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2021.09.23 04:48 thomhee A quote from everybody's favorite douche - Jim Cramer

"Here's what happens to "the apes." They have nothing in their empty lives except watching me and tweeting about me. They need Narcan. But before they are blown out, which is what is happening, I like to give em a little joshin!!! Soon they will be gone..."
He literally just said this. What a D Bag!
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2021.09.23 04:48 jonthememer Thoughts on aviation?

How much do you love/hate aviation?
View Poll
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2021.09.23 04:48 comfort_collective This is Cody Rhodes

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2021.09.23 04:48 polka-dotman Bitbuy Referral Code + Get $20 Bonus when you sign up and make a deposit. (Canadian Exchange)

Users who sign up to Bitbuy using a referral link or code will receive a $20 bonus when they make a CAD deposit of $250 or more in a single transaction.
Referral Link:
Referral Code: DNZSGBQJLM
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2021.09.23 04:48 baka_in_max My zoom comic

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2021.09.23 04:48 UsurperOfPotatoes [Milestone] Nice. Finally broke 100 Plats. Currently working on Predator Hunting Grounds, Devil May Cry 2, and Little Big Planet 3.

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2021.09.23 04:48 BringBackManaPots Why are system images called 'images'?

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2021.09.23 04:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - After fence-mending Biden-Macron call, French envoy to return to US | Times of India

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2021.09.23 04:48 MDubz420 Look at that, a Manifest meme template!

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2021.09.23 04:48 throway966996 [Uni] Which company is better for an internship as well as after graduation future compensations and prospects for a Computer Science major? SAP SE, TAIGER, KPMG OR A*STAR?

Which company is better for an internship as well as after graduation future compensations and prospects for a Computer Science major? SAP SE, TAIGER, KPMG or A*Star????
Random string btw: YMRtflz06EK7U5g398smF6jx71AY4NSuz1aHkS8mHb0vCmjDIEy0jFZp5Ly4ljpUVD2kOgapZYDhAlCb3MIdVgCGHU1XDVez7neF4z00Aj4HbigICeiEqaHXOJOh3yYOT3uCrOaQ5oTBt89aLm1ArDOqzkRuGkxwp4kxvhnbCWmGQfHWBwD4bxqhMIY8pgIkdJloDxjfBnXffuvHf4c6qc2T3ParhVPLlooANg3gnXHCSzvCpCvsH4i9cxxyT34yujua824GSXVp5Paunyes0m1w9DNIkEV2v65PsXRxqbhZ
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2021.09.23 04:48 Forbid848 No internet wildomar/seconds hills

Does anyone else not have internet in this area? It's been almost 3 hours for me.
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2021.09.23 04:48 DatOneUmderFan ß HAHA FANCY B

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