Should I continue with Xenoblade Chronicles DE? Not feeling it

2021.09.23 04:28 Radinax Should I continue with Xenoblade Chronicles DE? Not feeling it

I know first impressions mean a lot, and in some cases like Trails in the Sky FC where I was crying due to boredom, I was told to hang on that it would get really really good and it delivered, but I want to know if it's the same case with Xenoblade Chronicles.
The start was very interesting and there is crucial point where the MC decides to leave to pursue his objective. I only like the MC, I can't tolerate Reyn or his accent (especially his end battle quotes get on my nerves "BUT DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD THO") and the battle system is so weird... I understand it and I'm at the point where I met a HUGE spider boss, but not sure if the game will be like this or it gets way better?
If there is a lot of great things to come in terms of story and gameplay I might continue, if not then I will drop it, but I would love to read your suggestions on this case.
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2021.09.23 04:28 SolidusSnake11 Havana syndrome
I have been hearing about this Havana Syndrome thing for a while now. It has affected U.S officials abroad and even Vice President Harris’ trip earlier this month to Vietnam was delayed because of fears of it
Can somebody help me with a summary of a how, why, when and what?
For somebody who reads the news frequently, I have not been keeping up with this until recently
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2021.09.23 04:28 DBXMarvel Poll pt. 2

Who do I main?
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2021.09.23 04:28 carramelcrunch Who do i drop for Michael Carter?

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2021.09.23 04:28 Broad-Extent5322 Filed 4/9/21 just got my first stimulus deposited, when do I get the 3rd stimulus and my $600 State ?

Filed 4/9/21 just got my first stimulus deposited yesterday on my credit karma card , when do I get the 3rd stimulus and my $600 State ? is there anything I have to do to get them ?? Please help me
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2021.09.23 04:28 BJ22CS About a year ago, my mom bought this(White Plains Souvenir Sheet) at an estate sale for $12 and claimed at one time it was worth $500(in the mid 80s) but now is worth $150-300, how accurate is that, and why did its value go down so much over the past few decades?

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2021.09.23 04:28 HarborFormula IH-10/410 Interchange Looking South in 2000 & 2001

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2021.09.23 04:28 jonredd901 Not if you eat breakfast for dinner in bed. That’s king shit

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2021.09.23 04:28 hamburgerhelper22 Story about my teacher and cancer

I’m a sophomore in high school and work at a restaurant. I took the order of my old teacher, probably from 4th grade or something like that, she didn’t recognize me but I knew it was her. While I was taking her order all I could think about was when she would yell at my friends and I for rubbing markers into our skin and drawing on each other. She kept telling us we would get skin cancer…. I was just diagnosed with skin cancer.
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2021.09.23 04:28 Georgie_Jay Psychedelic Psyduck

I'm looking to get a psyduck as my first tattoo. I was hoping for a psychedelic psyduck maybe with mushrooms or whatever idk. If anyone has any cool design ideas or ideas for placement please reach out!
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2021.09.23 04:28 AmbassadorWorf S5E18: Business as Usual - Dax's treatment of Quark always bothers me

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2021.09.23 04:28 pilot808 Ok… so all my Hawaii friends, who remembers using the paper clip growing up to fix da slippahs?

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2021.09.23 04:28 Objective_Ad4992 PERMA BAN TONY_MEDLAND64

Final vote
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2021.09.23 04:28 SuluIngot Does a jacket with ‘worn wear’ tag been totally cut off still got covered by the warranty?

Got a jacket from a poshmark seller. Didn’t expect but just noticed when it arrived its ‘worn wear’ label/tag has been completely cut off. Don’t know why the seller did this. I’m debating with myself whether or not I should just return it. Any advice please?
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2021.09.23 04:28 HyperDigi Is it hard Ludwig?
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2021.09.23 04:28 AmbassadorWorf Odo? This guy has changling vibes

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2021.09.23 04:28 Glum_Dot4430 Massive line

Anyone one have any idea what going on?Arrived I a line for GA and VIP camping before 10, and barley have moved.
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2021.09.23 04:28 eaulunaire I (F21) am not sure how to accept my boyfriend (M23) overgifting me.

I feel like I need to give context for my upbringing: I didn’t grew up poor or didn’t have anything I actually needed, and did have extra stuff sometimes. But my parents never really got me actual gifts most of the time, most birthdays, they just didn’t. I was a very lonely kid and until 3 years ago no “friend” had gifted me anything, now a few people have in recent time.
I only had one long term serious relationship before this one, and my ex NEVER bought me anything. I did, because when we first met I was the only one with a job. I didn’t mind.
Everyone else I’ve dated definitely did stuff like pay for our drinks, give me stickers etc.
So I am dating B now. We just started dating really recently, and before then I wouldn’t say we rushed into a relationship but we just immediately clicked and spent a lot of time together and it felt right.
He’s pretty well off and even before we officially started dating he did stuff like buying me a game so we could play together etc which to me was insane to begin with but more understandable because it was something to do together.
Now he is sending me money whenever I say “oh Im craving eating x today” or sending me steam gifts without me asking for it, and he tells me I can ask for whatever i want, that if I want a dress or something I can just ask for it.
He is very generous, and he difinetely indulges himself. He payed part of his sister’s tuition, etc other stuff he has mentioned. So far it’s not like he has “expected anything” in return, he knows it’s not a main reason why I’m with him. I’m just sooo not used to this and I don’t know how to “accept” gifts without telling him I don’t want to waste his money on me?
TLDR: My new boyfriend is well off and I don’t know if it’s normal him wanting to give me so much so soon and how to accept it.
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2021.09.23 04:28 MichaelmyerstattooCO Pop pink Vejas, got one of sizes 9-10 for about $150 shipped

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2021.09.23 04:28 nonyasoum ok to have a gap in research experience?

I’m a junior and have been doing research every semester + over the summer for the past year… I’m feeling so burnt out and I want to take a break to salvage my GPA next semester. will this tank my chances at grad admissions?
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2021.09.23 04:28 bruh429 (CONCEPT) EZA LR Goku and Arale

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2021.09.23 04:28 AmbassadorWorf [No Spoilers] Where can I legally stream Deep Space Nine in Canada?

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2021.09.23 04:28 39rino How do you keep going knowing that you've messed up so much stuff in the past and being clueless to fixing said mess?

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2021.09.23 04:28 Meowmixez98 Could AEW at least explain on air why they broke their rules with Danielson?

AEW is supposed to be the place where wins matter. I'm actually fine with them sending Danielson straight to a match with Kenny but I'd like to a storyline explanation why an exception was made. I'm fine with occasional exception.
He hadn't wrestled any in AEW yet so the fiction of wins mattering was forgotten about. Was this supposed to be an unsanctioned grudge match? If it was, that needed to be more clear. I don't want everyone from the WWE to Goldberg their way to a title shot day 1.
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2021.09.23 04:28 InformationLess528 Now that the new Kindle is being released….

I’m going to buy the previous generation because it’s a great deal! Any recommendations for cases? Thanks fellow Kindlers 😊♥️
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