2021.09.23 03:54 Remarkable-Fee-5831 BEST WAY TO COUNTER GRYPHON!!

Fucking die and respawn
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2021.09.23 03:54 Labbit35 they should be arrested or left with a criminal charge that will be imprinted on their life forever

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2021.09.23 03:54 Hard-to-pronounce You have $100 and need to turn it into $1000 debt within 24 hours; you have to use all of the money given to you. How do you do this?

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2021.09.23 03:54 FaZeDanks1878 [Xbox] [H] Air Strike Crimson [W] Air Strike Burnt Sienna

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2021.09.23 03:54 prawnbiryani ๐Ÿ’—โ˜๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿง๐Ÿค๐Ÿฆฉ

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2021.09.23 03:54 puckeruptinkerbell OK OK I missed the sunset but....

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2021.09.23 03:54 regretinglifes Can you lose weight on CICO even if youโ€™re very stressed?

I read that when you are stressed you gain weight or it is harder to lose weight. Does that mean if I am doing CICO but Iโ€™m stressed(college student here) I wonโ€™t lose weight? Does anyone have success losing weight on CICO even with high stress levels? I did CICO in summer and lose 30 pounds but unfortunately I stopped for two months. Now I want to do it again but I need to know if stress will not allow it to work. Thank you
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2021.09.23 03:54 ladue98 My 10 week old puppy making some goofy faces today!

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2021.09.23 03:54 Deltawolf363 [For Hire] Digital Artist in need of emergency funds! 100$ USD!!

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2021.09.23 03:54 urban_nemophilist Iwagumi style terrarium

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2021.09.23 03:54 Xoorax Lil Baby is a time wizard

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2021.09.23 03:54 demonicmads please just use saline solution.

after being on this subreddit for over a year now, i've seen/heard some weird, crazy shit people have put on their piercings to "clean" them or to make irritation bumps go away. i've literally been compiling a list of this.
so far, this is the WORST stuff i've actually seen people say to put on their piercings:

y'all ... i don't know who is giving some of you that advice ... but please, DON'T USE ANY OF THAT ON YOUR PIERCINGS.
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2021.09.23 03:54 freezemynipsoff Avene Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Blemish Concentrate Review

I just wanted to share my review for Avene Cleanance Comedomed Anti-Blemish Concentrate. I have been very impressed with this product.
This has quickly become one of my must-have skincare products as I have found it to be extremely effective at keeping those pesky whiteheads/blackheads at bay. I come across such few blemish products that are effective for breakouts related to hormonal acne especially. This product is not actually marketed for that specifically but I have personally found it to be quite helpful at keeping my pores less clogged & in turn fewer breakouts around my chin/jawline during PMS which is usually when I get the most breakouts. In addition, although it's targeted for oily skin types I have personally found it to be quite great even for my dry ass skin. It's not drying or too mattifying! Which I was very surprised by!
I stopped using this for a few months to see if it made a real difference or not and boy did it! I broke out so much more around PMS without this product and my pores were super clogged as a result.
I use this alongside my adapalene & have found these two products to be the best at not having so many breakouts every month during PMS times. I find it best to use the Avene cleanance in the morning with my AM skincare routine & use my adapalene at night. Can use them both together (I did not get any irritation) but I find the adapalene to be fine on its own at night.
This is also a fantastic product for just anyone who has blemish-prone/acne-prone skin. It's actually a moisturizer but I personally like to use it as a serum as it's not very moisturizing for my dry ass skin lol.
Would love to know if anyone has tried this product & what your thoughts are on it! :)
I have also made an in-depth video where I talk about the ingredients & show the product over on my YT channel if you would like to have a look. I will place the link below :)
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2021.09.23 03:54 oxSofiaxo Karma-Let's exchange some Karma. I'll return the favor!!

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2021.09.23 03:54 Traditional_Suit_435 Need teammates in r6 ps4

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2021.09.23 03:54 Lunalopex [OC] Changeling Druid, Circle of Dreams <3

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2021.09.23 03:54 not4u2nv (Budget $1000) USA Laptop for CAD, Prgramming, VRChat

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2021.09.23 03:54 _Raspootin_ Probably not the first meme to ever exist, but the first "modern" meme comes from the 1921 Issue of "The Judge" a satirical magazine published by the University of Iowa. 100 years ago.

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2021.09.23 03:54 Complete-Attorney-28 Friends turned not quite lovers

Hi Reddit. I (F22) feel quite down right now about relationships and dating. I have a friend (M22) who we hooked up a couple times & even went on a date & I was told by friends he seemed into me. It turns out that while he is into me, he doesnโ€™t want anything serious and just told me today when I told him very casually how I felt.
I know this is just a nice way of him saying โ€œI donโ€™t want a relationship with youโ€, and feel like Iโ€™m often in this situation with men. I donโ€™t want to be down on myself, but I feel exhausted with dating and feel like it might just be me. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.09.23 03:54 inches_ Wow way to be so crass regarding someone else's life

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2021.09.23 03:54 mythridium KT threat drop was not considered a blocker to release the patch, they have been trying to fix for weeks

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2021.09.23 03:54 ItsNotAllHappening Jax still hasn't paid off his taxes despite saying it was taken care of.

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2021.09.23 03:54 throwawaybumblecheat I (27F) matched with (34M) on a dating app, I'm pretty sure I just found out he is married, and I'm not 100% on what to do.

The title pretty much sums it up, and I hope this is the right sub for this. If not ... I'm sorry. Basically I had matched with A (34M) about a month ago. Conversation seemed pretty solid, but I couldn't shake the feeling something was off with him. I chalked it up to just being picky and always finding something wrong with everyone, so I didn't think much about it. He gave me his number and I ended up looking it up with a reverse phone number site (that seems creepy, but I really just wanted to be sure I wasn't talking to someone with a lot of arrests on his record). I found a last name so I cross referenced it on Facebook...I didn't find him but I found who I believe is his wife. She had a photo of him kissing her and multiple other photos with him in it from the past few years. Now, most of me feels I should tell her about it and send her the messages he has sent me telling me he wants to sleep with me, but the other part of me just wants to block/delete him and move on with it. What is the best course of action here? TLDR: matched with a guy, looked him up, found his wife, wondering if I should send her screenshots or wash my hands of the whole situation.
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2021.09.23 03:54 psychoslitherer FYI

With todays death it got me thinking and going through characters in NYPD Blue. I found out the guy that played Danny's informant JB, died at 44 in 2013 :(
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2021.09.23 03:54 mynamehere875 he got caught he got busted

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