Sorry if this has been brought up before, but has this happened to anyone else? Can't see or select HUB upgrades. I have tried all the resolutions. I have tried Windowed, Borderless, and Fullscreen. I have tried editing the resolution in the GameUserSettings. I have listened to the tutorials.

2021.09.23 04:16 ButtRuffuhgus Sorry if this has been brought up before, but has this happened to anyone else? Can't see or select HUB upgrades. I have tried all the resolutions. I have tried Windowed, Borderless, and Fullscreen. I have tried editing the resolution in the GameUserSettings. I have listened to the tutorials.

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2021.09.23 04:16 jhsevEN [US-CA] [H] 80 LUBED CREAMS [W] PAYPAL - TIMESTAMP
Looking to sell this batch of 80 lubed creams. Used in a hotswap board, never soldered.
Price: 85$ Shipped
US Only
Comment before PM
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2021.09.23 04:16 Willdabeast07 Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m trying to assign a villager and it’s not working

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2021.09.23 04:16 more-cow-bell RadioRA2 programming question

I think I know the answer to test, but I’m hoping there is something I’m overlooking.
Let’s say I have two scenes programmed to a keypad or two. They are shared scenes.
Let’s say scene A turns on some lights in the kitchen. Scene B turns on some lights in the dinning room.
Now what I’d like is to be able to have a different keypad button turn on both scenes with a single key press.
This doesn’t seem possible, and I must instead recreate each of the two scenes in yet a third scene.
Is there something I’m overlooking that would allow multiple scenes to be assigned to a single button press?
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2021.09.23 04:16 MoniMokshith Y'all just look like pedo apologists trying to dismiss this.

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2021.09.23 04:16 Randombubbly Liam Henderson, football player

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2021.09.23 04:16 GarySmith43 MagicRoller® Vegetable Meat Roller Make Delicious Dishes without the Hard Work with the Food Roller Food Stuffer and Sushi Maker The Vegetable Meat Roller makes it easy with a simple one-motion operation. Just lay the leaf down and spoon your filling and move the slider forward. Yes, it’s that eas

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2021.09.23 04:16 XxcloudiicatzxX Happy madness day! Hope you enjoy what I made

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2021.09.23 04:16 Accomplished_Past265 Podcast episodes about asexuality

Are there any episodes of the podcast that focus on asexuality?
My partner is on the ACE spectrum and I’m interested in learning more about asexuality so I can learn to better communicate with and understand her about her sexuality
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2021.09.23 04:16 Honeybutter6 Chief Bangho and his Noble steed, Shadowfax

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2021.09.23 04:16 annie-are_you_ok Should I get a different rug? I’m not sure what colors would go good with the sage green desk

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2021.09.23 04:16 ussrowe A headstone missing for nearly 150 years was recently discovered in a home where it had been used to make fudge, officials said.

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2021.09.23 04:16 MikeyLikesIt2 Two Lvl 5 Medic Builds: Way of Mercy Monk and Celestial Warlock (Pact of the Tome)

I'm really into the idea of combat healing more than out of combat healing and have built two characters that do that fairly well, just looking for some feedback on how they can be improved. These are created in a vacuum, not for a specific game/campaign, but I think they're close to ready and can be tweaked for wherever they end up. Level 5 is a seems like a good enough starting point to get a flavor for each, using only published material and not multi-classing with point buy for stats.
Way of Mercy Monk

Playstyle Serving primarily as a striker, this monk cannot stand being impeded by the enemy. With a speed of 45ft, the ability to move through medium creatures spaces, and attack up to three enemies (two attacks with attack action, spend ki point for flurry of blows, attack with one, use hands of healing with the last) on the way to administer aid to a downed ally makes for a powerful combat medic. Mobile makes it so it doesn't matter if those attacks hit or not, meaning this monk can bypass up to three enemies on the way to the ally not including any within reach of the downed ally). This also works well for attacking the enemy back line and using all of the movement speed to get there in order to apply hands of harm, stunning strike, or more flurry of blows in order to break concentration.
This monk build is going to get to a downed party member come hell or high water, and get them back into combat, while still dealing out decent damage on the way.
Major Drawbacks As with most monks, ki is the limiting factor, though they do come back on a short rest. No Darkvision
Celestial Warlock (Pact of the Tome)
Playstyle Support/Utility playstyle, mostly using eldritch blast+ agonizing blast and maintaining concentration on Hex for single target/big boss fights or Bless (Feytouched 1/LR) for giving the party a little boost. Could possibly use the owl familiar to deliver shocking grasp/light/cure wounds using the flyby feature. Armor of agathys if I know things will get closer, shocking grasp if they do, and Misty step (Feytouched 1/LR free) if I can't risk shocking grasp missing. Counterspell just in case, but range is half of eldritch blast, might not be in range. If anyone goes down Healing light lets me tailor the amount of healing to the situation. Do they just need to be conscious? Here is 1d6. Does the Cleric need to stay up so they can cast mass healing word on their turn because three people are down? Here is 4d6. It's not the best use of warlock spell slots, but cure wounds within 100ft through an owl familiar gets 3d8+4 at lvl 5.
Major Drawbacks Very squishy with 13 AC. Healing light only comes back on a long rest, but Cure Wounds through owl familiar would be up to twice per short rest. Also want to acknowledge that pact of the chain's familiar arguably fills the specific healing role better than pact of the tome, but the support/utility of the pact of the tome, with a Celestial patron can't be discounted
TL;DR: Way of Mercy: healing 1d6+3 per ki spent as part of attack action (flurry of blows), can only heal 1d6+3 per turn. 5 ki per short rest. Touch range. 45ft speed+Nimble+Mobile allows monk to get there. Otherwise using speed to get in range for stunning strike, hands of harm and targeting casters/back line. Less utility out of combat. Less magic feel to healing. Celestial Warlock: healing 6d6 (up to 4d6 at a time), total 6d6 per long rest, 60ft range as bonus action. Cure wounds through owl familiar. Revivify as a backup. Otherwise using eldritch blast + maintaining Hex or Bless from the back line. More utility out of combat. More magic feel to healing.
Obviously in a party with a life cleric or shepherd/dreams druid the healing would be less critical, but as standalone characters how do they stack up?
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2021.09.23 04:16 MyBrainsInPain I feel pathetic, but I wish I had someone to hold and who could hold me back

Normally I don’t mind the loneliness, I know that I choose to be away from people because they’re not worth the trouble to me. Because all my past experiences have gone to hell and I’d rather spend the rest of my life completely alone then ever have to deal with any of that shit ever again. At least I’m used to dealing with loneliness, and besides, most people only make me feel more alone. But this is one aspect of loneliness that rears up every so often and it’s like a kick to the chest.
I’ve never had a girlfriend. Only ever been in love once, with my best friend at the time but that whole situation was fucked because she didn’t feel the same way and it basically killed the only real friendship I’ve ever had. So I don’t allow myself to feel that shit anymore. But I feel so touch-starved. When I do those love language tests I always get physical touch, but I also don’t allow people to touch me (not that anyone ever really tries), I feel weirded out by it somehow and I reel back, hugs and stuff make me uncomfortable. It’s like I’m so touched starved, but I also can’t handle being touched.
I’ve tried having a casual sex every now and then but it feels like that makes everything way worse. I just feel numb to everything I guess, I can barely feel the touching and it only makes me feel more alone. I’m so numb at this point I can’t even orgasm during sex, I’ve literally never been able to. That only adds to the feeling that I’m just broken and alone. That I’m supposed to be alone because all the evidence points to the fact that even though I think I want closeness, it’s not something I can ever have.
Mainly this thought gets me while I’m in bed at night though. I can’t even describe how much I want someone next me. Someone to keep my bed warm. Someone who I can hold in my arms and who I can feel them hold me back. I feel like I don’t have to guess where I stand when I’m in someone’s arms, for a brief moment I can just trust that they love me. And I can hold them back, knowing they’re not going anywhere, that at least in that moment, they’re with me. I want some who can lay with me and sleepily whisper “good night” and “I love you” and all those tiny things I don’t ever get to hear. Someone who’s subtle breath I can listen to to lull me to sleep. Someone who I can wake up with and want to spend the day with, not that awkward feeling of subtle regret where you’re trying to figure out the least insulting way to get them to leave the morning after.
I feel so pathetic, but I want it so bad that I hold onto a pillow every night, like it’s a pretty girl who loves me. Sometimes I squeeze it so tightly, just willing it to be a person. Other times I spend hours listening to audio clips on YouTube of people doing girlfriend role plays while I gently stroke the surface of the pillow, imagining it’s her back or her arm or down her side. Not that I had any money anyway, but I wish you could pay someone for this, to just lay in bed with you every night, so that you can just have someone to hold onto, feel someone in your arms. I wouldn’t even care if they were always gone when I woke up, just for that brief window, I could feel connected to someone.
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2021.09.23 04:16 GhostTrain519 Slaughterhouse Stories: El Silbon

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2021.09.23 04:16 logicalflex Tips for selling a 7-figure (highticket) dropship website & perfectly timed email from (legit or nah)?

Has anyone heard of Open. store (spaced to not show their link)? I got an email from them today with them stating they would like to buy my site. So, of course, given the sketchy looking domain, I avoid clicking links and just google and visit their site that way. All good so far...
Not a fan of the domain name right off the bat (but hey, everybody deserves a chance, yeah?), then the store asks you 3-4 generic questions before redirecting to a website called Fivetran and asking me to Sync my Shopify store data, so they can "use your Shopify sales to build its forecasts and calculate your offer."
Just seems like an easy data grab to me. They get tons of useful data, then lowball offer you knowing you won't accept it, and in the end they win easy (my own personal FUD, this is not confirmed).
Things to know: My store was officially valued by Flippa's team at $220,000 - $307,000 and valued at $140k by empire flippers. Flippa is full of low quality buyers and overvalued websites whereas Empire flippers I feel intentionally values you lower to ensure you'll sell your store as they have a higher quality buyer pool (and you actually have to be accepted unlike Flippa). EF wants 15% commission for the sale whereas Flippa wants 12%.
My questions:

  1. How would you stop people(buyers) from wasting your time? - Aka the person who clearly doesn't have that amount of money, but wants to see your store. Should I ask for Proof of Income? create a non-refundable deposit? Or just a Google meets conversation before giving access?
  2. Has anyone heard of Have you sold a site through them?

----background into why I'm selling----
It's been over 5 years since I started this website and I'm ready to cash out. I know there is always a grain of salt taken when someone wants to sell a "successful" or "somewhat successful" website, and in this case, it really just comes down to me not wanting the work and responsibility anymore. 5 years is a decent time to be running a business and I believe this site has withstood 'the test of time'. I often see people trying to sell a website that did $x,xxx in 1-2 months (even weeks), which for me sounds like a trap. You don't truly know the potential without fully considering a site's seasonality for at least a year. For example, I could build a swimsuit website in April, drive sales all through June and July, then put it up for sale in august (as demand dies down) and some little jimmy/jinny with their savings & $600 stimmy will get bright eyed and think this is a good buy. With that being said, before getting into dropshipping we can normally accept there are a lot of factors outside of our control that will ultimately affect the success or failure of our business. I accepted this for 5 years and continually adjusted, adapted, and accommodated and survived.
I want to get into building & managing high-ticket dropship websites (turnkey stores). It's really just me turning a skill that has been developed over the years into a service. Selling my main store will allow me to fund this operation and give a majority of my attention to it as well as allow me to lay low and start courses on ruby (shopify liquid), so I can build public shopify apps in the future.
I appreciate your time, thanks for reading.
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2021.09.23 04:16 joeco316 Drop Zuerlin for Folk?

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2021.09.23 04:16 sentient_ti-81 1993 Mercedes e300 2.8 in granny gold. have fun!

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2021.09.23 04:16 Impressive-Ad6451 what do you think of this mashup

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2021.09.23 04:16 East_Software_9022 Are the new pajama characters worth it?

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2021.09.23 04:16 BitterBite10 I got my first double donk double double donk a quad donk and my first flick in the same day how should I celebrate

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2021.09.23 04:16 jaxon0307 What’s up, guys?

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2021.09.23 04:16 Matt_Oliveira I have 2 theories about Wes's murder

I don't believe it was Deb. I have two theories.
1.) i've seen some people pointing out that Jordan Kendal's lab coat in Syntec Location #3 had blood on it, she could've killed Wes out of fear when her cover was blown.
2.) in the Apple II chat logs, there was a patient list. when scrolling through the logs, I noticed patient "Charlotte G" and the fact that her status was "Classified". Could she have been made a phantom?
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2021.09.23 04:16 danheckler The Mud City Manglers - “One of These Days” - (2020)

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2021.09.23 04:16 jack-o-bot Jailyne Ojeda hot

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