An above average players thoughts ln flawless matchmaking

2021.09.23 04:37 RyIanderjc An above average players thoughts ln flawless matchmaking

I loved the first week of the new trials. With all the new changes i hopped back in after not playing trials for quite a while and got my first flawless. But the second week ive seen alot of arguments from lower skilled players being happy that they went flawless. And this worries me. Call me an asshole but i simply dont believe flawless should be for everyone. If im included in that, it sucks, but i would still stand by this. The flawless matchmaking pool is not a good idea. this system is essentially rewarding bad players for not getting better at the game. And i cant agree with that. Flawless isnt supposed to feel like elimination after the first day or 2 of the weekend. I played the first week and fought tooth and nail with teammates that i Carried a little bit and we all managed to scrape out a flawless. The second week we played some on Friday but ended up going to bed before we could make any real ground. We got on Saturday when i was off of work and it was a cake walk. This sucks to me. I wouldve rather not gone flawless that weekend because we weren't on our a game and i had to carry then get flawless by just rolling teams over. This isnt supposed to be a game mode that your average player can accomplish, just like gms aren't for your average player. The end goal is for them to get to the point where they can do it, not get a free pass to it. And i know im going to get alot of hate for this but honestly, id rather the flawless pool be in place every season instead of resetting every week. This way trials players who have never gone flawless can have a chance to do so , but mediocre players cant scrape a flawless every single weekend. I will take the new matchmaking over the old any day of the week but trials shouldnt be for everyone every week. The whole point of the new system is to encourage you to keep playing your games even if you cant achieve flawless but theres no point in doing that when everyone can achieve it.
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2021.09.23 04:37 JubalVW What are all the sirens about?

So many sirens down by the hospital right now, any idea what they are about?
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2021.09.23 04:37 TheMangoOfSocks Music

Hello. I am getting a new PA system next week. What should the first song I play on it be?
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2021.09.23 04:37 ShawtyWithNoBody Bro Cal Poly SLO looks like such an amazing school to me

A) importantly, it's a great school for engineering, and I want to go into engineering
B) I like the location. Close to a beach, SLO has nice weather, also close to the mountains and I like to snow board
C) I like driving, and there's canyon roads and stuff to drive in
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2021.09.23 04:37 Dead_Inside_2077 Relics of Old

The Days of Old have gone, and took their wonders with them. But if one knows where to look, you just might find them. In the whispers of the wind, the rustle of trees, or the ancient trail worn into eroded stone. Once carved with the proud face of the Beloved Beast.
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2021.09.23 04:37 First-Ad2243 My tier list 🔪

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2021.09.23 04:37 phpisgr3at Should I be getting images in a 1:1 aspect ratio for Woocommerce product thumbnails?

Just received a bunch of images that were large and high resolution, but clearly taken in portrait mode.
When uploaded and viewing the shop page, the image is cut off, assumingly to perserve the aspect ratio. Other adjustments only seem to make the image blurry.
I am using the "4 products per row" setting in woo which seems to render the image thumbnails around 250,250px. I would prefer to keep this size too.
Is it common practice to find/ask for images which are in this aspect ratio for the thumbnails? Or would a landscape shot suffice as well?
Apologize for the basic question just a bit green when it comes to working with images.
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2021.09.23 04:37 aggresivepotatoboy How much does character lvl effect your DMG?

Title basically says it all. I have both Bennett and Xingqiu sitting at lvl70/80 and I'm planning on bringing them up to 80/90. Will this have a big impact on their damage output or I'm I just wasting resources?
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2021.09.23 04:37 westerncrib Organising data in Graphpad Prism for Two-Way Anova test

hello! neuro undergrad needing to (but struggling to) do some stats for research placement! 4 groups, 2 independent variables, and 2x3 measures. Data is all collected into excel + put into a neat little pivot table, but Id like to do the analysis on graphpad prism. Very confused about how to set out the data in prism for a two-way anova though, and hoping for some help bc youtube tutorials weren't clicking for me.
SO! I understand the columns are grouped, with each sub column being a subject (so groups 1-4, subject 1 through x within each group..?)... or is each MAIN column representative of a subject, with each sub column being measures 1,2,3 etc?
Sorry if this is a bit ramble-y, but its helping me think. Leaning more towards first option, and just running it three times for each measure.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you :')
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2021.09.23 04:37 Hoopook61 Why do people keep making up stories like this.

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2021.09.23 04:37 mrfishybass Iso Glock 19 vortex viper milled slide

Dose anyone have one of these for sale or where I can get one premade?
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2021.09.23 04:37 neondragoneyes My fire spellblade build lent itself very easily to vampire hunting. Not much of a leap to powering up Restoration for the turn and burn spells, either.

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2021.09.23 04:37 Bogannn123 PS4 PARTY UP

hi there male, 20. AUS timezone. looking for thugs to party up with and have a mic. want to make millions, I have pink diamond Cayo replay trade b2b? we can do CEO crates? also down to mess around and have fun, possibly have a drink and play some blackjack at the casino :D
no kids. preferably 18+
add me psn: SuprVillnAlpaca
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2021.09.23 04:37 PlaintainCrisps If Mysterious just kept a low profile, none of this would have happened

I enjoyed Mysterious because her videos were detailed, well organised and came with extensive receipts. The fact that she was also faceless played into her channel name of being mysterious. Then all of a sudden she’s doing frequent lives, accepting superchats donations & constant back and forths on Twitter. Instead, she should have focused on the series and kept all her thoughts for the series ALONE. It would have been even better if she created all the videos at once THEN post them each week to keep up the momentum. Instead there were delays lasting weeks in between each video and during the interim, she got way too occupied with lives and peoples opinions. No interaction with comments was needed. Especially since everything was kind of viral. The more she put herself out there, the more ammo she gave others to discredit her. Anyway, I hope another channel can finish off what she started.
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2021.09.23 04:37 Superdupersun i solved the dc senate problem. board ran for president one time i think.

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2021.09.23 04:37 Tongathong "we" - 3

Entry – 3 At this point, I had nothing to direct my newly discovered and powerful emotions towards, as the perpetrators had yet to be discovered. It wasn’t until they jumped into orbit around Alpha Prime did we know them. They had detected something they couldn’t understand by a probe they had left in orbit. Apologies, as I may be jumping around a bit. I am not a native writer and am having to stay mobile, sailing from safe haven to safe haven, staying out of the range of FTL drives. Yes, FTL drives… again but I'll get to that. In any event, they called themselves The Truth, after the translations were done, and we quickly discovered that they were the ones responsible for the destruction of Humanity. They were the truth behind climate-altering death. They were the truth of a cruelty that knew no bounds. They were the truth behind the death of my friend and his family.
War. Destruction. It was something We had never known. Our initial attacks on vessels during The Great Sailing, many sem-paks past, had only been out of a maddening desperation and never took a single life. The most We had accomplished was stranding several ships in the sector we were in at the time… but nothing like this. There were some who held out, though eventually, after many acts of genocide, The Truth's mighty war-engine ended up conquering each of the Quorum of Sentience’s home-worlds, exactly how they did the humans’; leaving little to no survivors. The sheer delight they took in death was only rivaled by the brutally bureaucratic efficiency in how they ran their governments. After each world’s race was conquered, they were given a Rating of Useful Benefit and the number of their population kept alive was a direct correlation to their R.U.B. number. To put things into the proper context, the Viltrani were artists and performers. They traded, and were commissioned to create, their great artistic works among the Quorum for technology, medicines, and even travel assistance. They were great chefs and poets, architects and musicians and for this reason, they were one of Humanity's first and fiercest allies because of their own love of the arts, even among the worst individuals in their own long and brutal history. A human despot named "Hustler" comes to mind, who was mentioned in a session on "Human History" during my first year at the Ambassadorial Corps training facility.
But The Truth, well they had no need for such things. As such, the Viltrani were given the traditionally lowest rating, leaving no more than 10,000 such alive where once 22 billion flourished across sixteen star-systems and hundreds of planets, moons, and other celestial bodies. They were used as fodder, for torture and abuse, all for the enjoyment of visiting dignitaries within The Truth’s ranks, as is their custom.
The industrious Menk were given the highest rating, with their colossal bodies and natural genius in all-things metallurgical. The Menk were one of the latter species to join the QoS as they were pacifist and for the longest time had wrongly believed it was a military body. What changed their minds however was an incident that involved one of their research vessels, caught within the event horizon of a dwarf-black hole. Shiltran CAPTAIN... right, apologies "Captain" Kgomotso Wambua, of the exploration ship African Star was the one who made de'z alnour FIRST CONTACT. Captain Wambua's ship was knocked out of FTL, this was before the We if you recall, by the intense localized gravity of the ultra-rare astronomical occurrence. They were immediately alerted to the unknown craft's troubling predicament and, without hesitation, rendered aid. A tow-tag was sent and found purchase on the crippled Menk vessel, the African Star's powerful sub-light engines were fired, and the craft was pulled from utter destruction. When boarding the rescued ship, the captain and his crew found it completely empty. The Menk were impressed by the human's efforts… the fact that almost all Menk ships are piloted remotely was beside the point. Very soon afterwards, they sent an emissary to the nearest human colony with an image of the one who saved their ship. This was the official date of their inclusion into the QoS, thanks to the impressive, yet ultimately unnecessary, actions of Captain Kgomotso Wambua.
Those giants of gentle thought and deep passion for creativity... they lost half of their total population of four billion individuals and The Truth enslaved the rest. They were our friends and the first QoS members the Humans introduced us to. They were reduced to being used as mere beasts of burden, though some were exploited for their ability to manipulate the extremely valuable alloys they created in their many star-foundries.
The Humans though were given a lower rating than even the Viltrani and deemed dangerous pests because of their dense populations on so few worlds. A categorized “Plague of Species*, according to The Truth. For this reason, they were the ones who were wiped out first, without even bothering to find them useful enough to keep a single one alive. An annoying pest, that was all.
The Sentari, well the We were given no number… not a LOWER number, just no number. The Truth could not even conceive a semi-corporeal sentient species and had no way of rating our usefulness. The Truth’s own mode of travel involved folding space-time so they had no idea we could be injured, since FTL drives had been abandoned long ago among The Truth. We could not be contained, and we could not be bribed with anything. With this knowledge, we were the ones who retaliated, crippling, and sometimes destroying their massive ships of war, saving our fellow members where we could, and doing what we could. Some Knowing Truthers HISTORIANS estimate that this set them back several standard galactic cycles in taking over our galaxy. There was no information readily available to them regarding our weakness, that is until they won their brief war with the Zilaxianite Union, who believed in readily available public historical records. The Truth Seekers, the intelligence gathering division of The Truth, very quickly discovered the effect FTL engines had on our species. The horrors that ensued killed many of the Sentari, or “Dravellini” UNKNOWN NEGATIVE CONNOTATION as we were called by The Truth. Those of the We who were not destroyed fled. The Truth’s endless campaign of galactic conquest was again underway, now with a renewed vigor that set our beloved Silmac Swirl aflame. The Truth’s new/old FTL engines sent wave after wave of that familiar pain of ripping and tearing of oneself that we thought had been retired long ago and was the catalyst for us being Sentari and only Sentari, no longer We… but we.
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2021.09.23 04:37 nofear902002 UPDATE FROM UPS DIRECTLY!!!! Phones will be delivered even if Tracking isn't showing updates.

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2021.09.23 04:37 7minutesinheaven1 Seller contacted me outside of Aliexpress to set up an order, and I stupidly went along with it. How can I go about winning a dispute now that I’ve received the items and am unhappy with their quality?

Basically, I tried ordering a bath mat, pillow, and 2 rugs from the same shop. The seller cancelled my order, stating that the shop does not ship to my location. Then they somehow contacted me via WhatsApp to say that they could sell me those items through another shop they run, which does ship to my location. They adjusted the price of a comforter on that shop to be the same as the total for the 4 items, and I purchased the comforter with the understanding I would be receiving the 4 items I originally wanted. Well, surprisingly, I did. However, they are all pretty poor quality for the price. I want a refund, but I don’t want to return the items because it would be quite expensive. How can I open a dispute in this case to ensure Aliexpress sides with me? Yes, I know I acted foolishly here.
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2021.09.23 04:37 skull_kontrol D.R.I. - Slumlord

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2021.09.23 04:37 fault_in_theAE35unit Do research on your breed!

This is a success story. We have a breed that I never dreamed about getting. One that I never thought about getting . But taking a realistic look into our lives and finding a breed that matched has been a great experience
Growing up I've always had high energy dogs like Labs, German Shepherds, Aussies etc. But now we have a giant, slow, fluffy livestock guardian and he's perfect for my family and he's incredible. It goes a long way to really take a look at your lives and be honest with yourself
I love high energy dogs and hunting dogs. But I know I can't handle them as puppies. Others can and that's awesome for them
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2021.09.23 04:37 Slayer3010 Almost that time of year!

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2021.09.23 04:37 lumabean Called 911 after things went to far when she was angry threatening to hurt herself.

After a fight from the previous night, my wife has been in bed all day. Trying to help her with her depression I made dinner for us and had gone out to get some flowers to help her cheer up too.
Last night the fight was about access to my separate bank account. Previously she had been reckless with our previous bank accounts, constantly over drafting and put me in multiple binds where things were paid late or not at all. She demanded access to my separate checking account after she drained the previous ones paying off her credit cards that she then charges back up again. She slapped, punched, and kicked me multiple times. She threw my retainer cup full of cleaning solution at me and then flushed my retainer down the toilet to try to make a point. At that point when I didn't cave in she slammed the door and then went to sleep.
Back to tonight she was in a better mood but still upset after last night. As a sanity check last night I was googling financial abuse and specifics and found some reassuring post saying I wasn't going crazy. I mentioned we can put funds for joint expenses into a joint account that way we can have those covered and I'd feel more comfortable with our financials. She wouldn't have it any other way, she demanded the account login and password. When she didn't get it she started throwing things. She threw her glass full of coke at me, then stormed off to the bedroom. Giving her space to cool down I tried to finish eating. This upset her so she came back out and threw the lasagna and pans on the stove on the ground covering it in sauce. She then threw the metal spatula and other utensils at me. Then she left again. When I stayed at the table she came back out hitting again and then throwing both bowls of food off the table making a mess everywhere.
Trying to deescalate the situation and keeping her bipolar in mind I didn't engage and tried to not get worked up. She kept blaming all her problems on me, saying that she wanted to hurt herself, that she doesn't want to live anymore, that my family drives people to suicide (my sister's boyfriend killed himself recently and she doesn't like the two since they helped me move out last winter).
With the swings and punches she was trying to get through, I blocked a few and then just tried keeping positive control of her arms so she would stop hitting me. She then started biting, kicking, and then trying to pull my testicles to just hurt me. She kept saying she didn't want to live anymore, that I'm the reason she wants to hurt herself etc and then when I told her I have to call 911 at that point, to try to get her help she ran out again.
She has her past DV issues that she is still working on but for the call I didn't mention anything of the abuse or things that have been happening. I just told them of the threats she made to hurt herself. The 911 operator said I did the right thing but she's probably going to get in trouble with her probation again for being in contact.
The welfare check went as well as I thought, she locks herself away and doesn't answer the phone or door for the officer. She hasn't specified methods but does have excessive amounts of medication around.
I've tried being patient but the tantrums where she screams at the top of her lungs, hits me and tries to choke me, and then throwing objects across the room or damaging my retainer or glasses, I'm exhausted.
I think I may need to call off of work tomorrow and just try to get things fully separated.
I feel bad calling 911 because she is going to have to deal with multiple issues of her not following probation but my marriage is no longer a partnership but a her way or an ass beating. I have pictures and recordings of it going down but feel horrible if I need to go to her PO to get her the help she needs.
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2021.09.23 04:37 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 04:37 gasbrakegasbrake Tooth pain/sinus pressure

Tested positive today with breakthrough infection (Moderna in Feb and March).
My upper jaw aches sooooo badly. I know it’s my sinuses but how can I ease the pain? Too late to go to a pharmacy but there’s got to be something that I can do!
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2021.09.23 04:36 iamcity Cash back credit cards

Been looking for a new credit card for a while. Want something that is cash back rather than travel rewards now. Currently have a bmo world elite We’re about to make a couple big purchases in total about $5000 so I’m thinking it’s a good time to take advantage of welcome bonus offers. Is there any card you’d recommend that has a solid welcome bonus that I can use to make these purchases over the next couple of months. Are there any limitations on doing this? I feel like people should do this more often when making a big purchase but I never hear about it.
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