My B18c5 Civic EJ1

2021.09.23 05:38 jackvmaggie My B18c5 Civic EJ1

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2021.09.23 05:38 watchhands I really hate my board really fxxxing much

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2021.09.23 05:37 Lunchb0xx87 Need help with transferring

So I put in a request at the beginning of the month and my store manager said I would need to wait until they hire my replacement
New store wanted me to start on the 25th and the people over there just said wait until my manager decides what to do....well it's almost the 25th ...haven't heard anything from my management but the store I wanna go to is calling and asking if I'm ready to come over just...
Kinda don't k ow what to do here ..inwas told just to wait then a few days before I'm being told to just cone over and sign a job code and my management hasn't said anything to me
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2021.09.23 05:37 azzbergurz [H] Magical Butter Machine [W] $120 shipped PayPal

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2021.09.23 05:37 Charlesiscool23 Drummers of Reddit in your mind who is the Greatest Drummer of all time?

In just your opinion
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2021.09.23 05:37 Mean-Shine-6487 Poker now

play with some legends
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2021.09.23 05:37 crydefiance B. 148: Dixie Refugee Services Act - Floor Vote

[09/18/2021] Mr. crydefiance introduced the following legislation, which is co-sponsored by Speaker socialistpossum and Governor Tripplyons18.
A BILL to Provide Coordinated State Services for Arriving and Residing Refugees in Dixie. Be it enacted by the Assembly of the Great State of Dixie,
SECTION I. SHORT TITLE (1) This legislation shall be known as the “Dixie Refugee Services Act.”
SECTION II. ASSEMBLY FINDINGS (1) The Assembly of the Great State of Dixie does find that:

(a) Whereas the current civil unrest in the nation of Venezuela, and other political, economic, religious, and climate crisis across the globe have increased the number of refugees arriving and residing in the United States,
(b) Whereas the number of refugees is likely to only increase in the immediate future,
(c) Whereas the State of Dixie receives more than 20% of the refugees that arrive in the United States,
(d) Whereas a government agency tasked with administering refugee services would help the State of Dixie settle and care for refugees,
SECTION III. DEFINITIONS (1) “Program” shall mean the Dixie Refugee Services Program, as established in Section IV (1) of this Act.
(2) “Federal Act” shall mean Title IV of the ‘Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965’.
(3) “State Plan” shall mean the Dixie Refugee Services Plan, as established in Section IV (2) of this Act.
SECTION IV. IMPLEMENTATION (1) The Dixie Refugee Services Program is hereby established under the Dixie Department of Health and Human Services.
(a) The Program is charged with providing assistance to and administering services for refugees residing in the State of Dixie.
(b) The Program shall be administered according to the State Plan, as authorized by the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement pursuant to the Federal Act.
(2) The Dixie Department of Health and Human Services shall develop, review, and administer the Dixie Refugee Services Plan, and may coordinate with the appropriate federal agencies and local volunteer services in order to fulfil this duty.
(a) The State Plan must provide, at minimum, the following services:
(i) Cash assistance,
(ii) Medical assistance,
(iii) Housing assistance,
(iv) Employment assistance,
(v) Social services, which may include but are not limited to English language instruction, vocational training, and skills recertification,
(vi) Other assistance and services required by the Federal Act.
(3) The Assembly may appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for the administration of the Program.
SECTION V. ENACTMENT (1) This legislation shall come into effect immediately upon its successful passage.
(2) This legislation shall take precedence over all previous pieces of legislation that might contradict it.
(3) Should any part of this resolution be struck down due to being unconstitutional, the rest shall remain law.
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2021.09.23 05:37 bussdriver67 Stocks

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2021.09.23 05:37 theoppwalflo Found a gift, need to figure out the rest

I have literally no idea where to start w this but I already came up with an anniversary gift idea, now I need help coming up with sayings or puns or anything to put on the little gifts. Who could help me? A gift subreddit? A pun subreddit? Both????????
Theme is Cheers to X years, thanks for taking a shot on me. I have like 20 alcohol shooters that I want to put tags on that are either coupons(for cooking dinner etc.) or “drink the next time I do X”.
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2021.09.23 05:37 thetissuepaper It honestly doesn’t seem sad dying in squid game

Everyone who participated in the squid game were really broke and couldn’t pay off their debts and they were all really depressed fighting to get extra cash everyday. Dying is the best option than having to come back home tired and traumatized
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2021.09.23 05:37 Andherewegoagain2021 How do I improve my chances of getting a tech job after PhD?

So I am about to finish a PhD in a few months. No full time work experience but lots of research and internship projects and experiences.
I started looking for a job to do after graduation about six months ago. I know it's a tough job market, but damn! I thought I would be further along than I am.
I have had one interview, which didn't pan out. I've tried reaching out to people I know in my field. One gave me an employee referral and the other introduced me to the HR manager, but even that didn't help.
I have networked and updated my resume and cover letter multiple times but the rejections keep coming.
A couple of the rejection emails have said: "While you have a strong profile/impressive skills, we have decided to pursue other candidates". What does that even mean? Is it just another way to let candidates down gently?
I am planning to put up some of my coding projects up online. But would appreciate any other ideas of things I can do to improve my chances. I am at my wits end.
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2021.09.23 05:37 TheMixerTheMaster George Strait - It’s Too Late Now [Country]

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2021.09.23 05:37 Global-Cranberry896 What's your favorite lil nas x lyric

"Hehe I'm bad as Michael Jackson bum bum bum" is my fav ngl
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2021.09.23 05:37 Few-Wrap-2448 Looking for a producer

Yall know any producers on insta that is good at mixing vocals and shi? I'm tryna drop a song rn
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2021.09.23 05:37 Nohan07 L'actualité régionale 23 Septembre

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2021.09.23 05:37 mavilar_9 [For Hire] Alpha Tutoring

Writing and tutoring is part of my lifestyle – I immerse myself in words and the outdoors in equal measure and explore ideas as eagerly as I do mountains. Whether you're looking for a knowledgeable tutor to write an essay or a term paper, a creative writer to invent the unexpected, or a sharp pair of eyes to tighten up a research paper, I can help. I set high standards for my work and never compromise quality. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me! I would love to work with you
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2021.09.23 05:37 Hot-Acanthaceae7853 430 LB SQUAT attempt no spotter

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2021.09.23 05:37 DillonStreetBoys [Comedy] Swamp Talk | Episode 39 | Conservations with Idiots | NSFW | Joined by Kais, we talk about a woman who is willing to make false claims to get her son to school, how to speak to people who who don't speak English, a Danish show about a man's penis that saves children, and much more

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2021.09.23 05:37 3Dmariobros So, this is the second time this has happened to me, can someone explain it? (This is on a modded survival world, and I doubt any of my mods are doing this)

So, this is the second time this has happened to me, can someone explain it? (This is on a modded survival world, and I doubt any of my mods are doing this) submitted by 3Dmariobros to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 05:37 Dreadphil13 My Flame Legion converted Vindicator. After doing Dragonstorm I've decided I LOVE the Super-jump dodge they have. lol

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2021.09.23 05:37 kurandaru I keep bombing coding tests at job interviews

Title says it all. I have some good side projects, a nice looking resume, and professional experience working in the Air Force so I think that's why I am getting a lot of interviews, but man I absolutely bomb all coding tests. I just finished one right now and got a 33% pass rate for the test cases.
The most annoying part is that I thought I was designing the algorithm correctly. I wrote pseudocode on scratch paper and took notes. I just can't seem to open up my mind in order to think carefully and deliberately about how to go about solving the problem, and then writing the solution in code.
Admittedly, I almost never practice algorithms on my off time because I am so swamped with school work (I am going back to my studies after this post lol) and I want to rest my head after studying because I get mentally burned out if I try to code all day non-stop.
Any advice or tips? Or is it just the learning curve of failing until it clicks one day? Thanks everyone!
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2021.09.23 05:37 PassItToShawn [H] Terpometer [W] 100$ PayPal + ship

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2021.09.23 05:37 danielleiellle A new altoids sours recreation gas dropped, and they are super sour and tangeriney!

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2021.09.23 05:37 IndulgenceCuisine Lime, lemongrass, and herbs dipping sauce

Lime, lemongrass, and herbs dipping sauce
More printable Vegan delicious recipes are at you like my recipes, please sign up for my newsletter and share them. Thank you@
This Lime, lemongrass, and herbs dipping sauce is something that when you want something different! It’s tangy and kind of savory, with more layers of flavor from lime leaves, lemongrass coriander, and mint…etc. Every dip you would taste the different flavors from different herbs. David and I are big fans of this one, love the freshness from the herbs and the tanginess from the Vegan fish sauce.
To be honest, it’s really worth making your own dipping sauces when you’ve already invested time in cooking up your own food. The store-bought stuff lacks the fresh flavor of homemade herby dipping sauces, although I know it’s the easiest way. Invested in a powerful blender that makes my dipping sauces become a quick n’ easy whizz up and also an exciting addition to the dining table. You just can’t get the same freshness in jarred stuff.
The best part is, you can make a big batch then freeze them in small containers or bags individually. Take them out from the freezer and defrost them when needed. So handy!
Let’s get started! 📷
EQUIPMENT:A powerful blender
2 ea Kaffiar Lime Leaves (Note 1)20 g Lemongrass (Note 2)15 g Garlic10 ea Mint Leaves2 Tsp Organic Cane Sugar (Note 3)1/2 Cup Lemon Juice (Note 4)15 g Spring Onion( White part)3 Tsp Vegan Fish Sauce20 g Coriander Root1/2 Cup Olive Oil (Note 5)
P.S. Important! For this recipe, you need a powerful blender!
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2021.09.23 05:37 whoiwanttobe1 Any idea what bug bite this is?

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