I just wanted to know if these magic erasers were name brand. (Sorry for the photo quality, I was using a computer at work)

2021.09.23 05:46 Ok_Vegetable5226 I just wanted to know if these magic erasers were name brand. (Sorry for the photo quality, I was using a computer at work)

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2021.09.23 05:46 thegristleking Why Are Your Earnings Low? An Occasionally Profane Explanation.

Low earnings are a function of three things:
-Number of hotspots within radio range.
-Clear line of sight to those hotspots.
-Density of those hotspots
All are related to your location. None are related to your antenna.
The single most powerful thing you can (and should) do if your earnings are low is find a better location.
Don't waste time fiddling with your antenna. Don't worry about LMR9000 cables. Don't check your app every minute on the minute or mash Disco a hundred times and enter all your data into a spreadsheet for statisculating to "prove" you should be earning more.
Move. Your. Fucking. Hotspot.
The Network rewards coverage that is Wide, Proveable, Useful, and Unique.
The Network doesn't give a rat's ass how hard you worked or what you think you deserve or how you think other people must be cheating. It especially doesn't give a single fuck if you don't have a better location. If Jimmy's friend's Grandma's first floor apartment with the 1980 router in the basement and a million hotspots within the same square mile is all you've got, Helium is not the game for you.
The Network is hungry for superb coverage and will pay for it. It's as simple as that.
Your earnings spiking or dropping from one day (or even 3 days) to the next is mostly a function of randomness. Making decisions on a one or two day drop is like deciding to quit driving because you got 2 red lights in a row on your way to work.
Make decisions based on understanding HIP 15 & 17. Use 7 day MINIMUM time periods to evaluate your hotspot. Add value to the Network.
Finally, once you've done the best you can, go find something else productive to do. I suggest figuring out ways to actually USE the Network, but that'll be far more work than collecting money from the sky.
Oh, and if you need help with dialing in your spot, come find me on the interwebz. I've got a website I wrote more or less entirely for you that will help you understand and profit from the Helium network. Whether you read through it on your own or want to hire me to help you, you'll get all the resources you need to deploy a series of high earning hotspots.
Rock on.
-Nik aka Gristle King
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2021.09.23 05:46 jamiedefined Should I upgrade my shocks? (Wraith 1.9)

Sorry for the ridiculous question, but I’m new to the whole RC and Crawler world, and there’s SO MUCH to learn!
So, I bought a second hand Wraith 1.9 that had a few “upgrades” including aftermarket shocks (Element 90mm Aluminum?), which seemed extremely soft from the get go (almost no rebound when compressed). After removing them to check the oil, I discovered that they don’t have a bladder. Does this mean they’re low quality shocks? Is it worth replacing them with something better? If so, what would you recommend?
Thanks for your help!
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2021.09.23 05:46 -tripleu Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: Arizona State Sun Devils vs. Colorado Buffaloes

[Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) vs. [Colorado](#f/colorado) **When**: Saturday, September, 25, 10:30 PM Eastern **Where**: [Sun Devil Stadium - Tempe, AZ](https://a.espncdn.com/i/venues/college-football/day/interio3947.jpg) **Watch**: [ESPNU](#l/espnu) Odds: [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) by 14.5 pts. Total Points: 44.5 --- **All-Time Series : [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) vs. [Colorado](#f/colorado)** [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) and [Colorado](#f/colorado) have met 11 times since 09/16/2006. These teams last met 732 days (~2 years) ago on 09/21/2019. Series Wins: [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) 8-0-3 [Colorado](#f/colorado)^^† Longest streak of continuous meetings: 9 (2011-2019). [Colorado](#f/colorado) has won the last 2 meetings (2018-2019) in this series. --- **Last 6 Meetings** Winner|Date|Location|[Arizona State](#f/arizonastate)|[Colorado](#f/colorado)|Notes :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: [Colorado](#f/colorado)|2019-09-21|Tempe, AZ|31|34| [Colorado](#f/colorado)|2018-10-06|Boulder, CO|21|28| [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate)|2017-11-04|Tempe, AZ|41|30| [Colorado](#f/colorado)|2016-10-15|Boulder, CO|16|40| [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate)|2015-10-10|Tempe, AZ|48|23| [Arizona State](#f/arizonastate)|2014-09-13|Boulder, CO|38|24| [^(Series Comparison Data via Winsipedia)](http://www.winsipedia.com/games/arizona-state/vs/colorado) --- **Through Week 3** Week|[Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) 2-1(0-0)|Result|[Colorado](#f/colorado) 1-2(0-0)|Result --|--|--|--|--| 1|[Southern Utah](#f/southernutah) 1-2(0-0)|W 41-14|[Northern Colorado](#f/northerncolorado) 1-2(0-0)|W 35-7 2|[UNLV](#f/unlv) 0-3(0-0)|W 37-10|[Texas A&M](#f/texasam)^^\#8 3-0(0-0)|L 7-10 3|[BYU](#f/byu)^^\#14 3-0(0-0)|L 17-27|[Minnesota](#f/minnesota) 2-1(0-1)|L 0-30 ^^All ^^rankings ^^reflect ^^the ^^current [^^/cfb ^^poll](https://www.reddit.com/CFB/wiki/poll/) --- **[Arizona State](#f/arizonastate) Injury Report** Data Scraped: 2021-09-22 20:00:03 Player|Position|Status|Reported|Notes --|--|--|--|--| Jermayne Lole|DL|Out For Season – Tricep|Tue, Aug 17|Lole is expected to miss the entire 2021 season after undergoing triceps surgery. Bryan Thompson|WR|Ques Sat – Hamstring|Sun, Sep 19|Thompson missed the last game due to a hamstring injury, and it is unknown if he will face Colorado on Saturday. Jackson He|RB|Ques Sat – Elbow|Sun, Sep 19|He sat out the last two contests with a right elbow injury, and it is unclear if he will suit up Saturday against Colorado. Deamonte Trayanum|RB|Ques Sat – Undisclosed|Sun, Sep 19|Trayanum missed his 2 last games with an unannounced ailment, and it remains to be seen if he will play against Colorado on Saturday. Jake Ray|TE|Ques Sat – Undisclosed|Sun, Sep 19|Ray missed the previous two games with a unspecified injury, and it is unclear if he will play against Colorado on Saturday. Elijhah Badger|WR|Ques Sat – Undisclosed|Sun, Sep 19|Badger sat out the last three contests due to an unspecified injury, but it is likely that he will be available Saturday versus Colorado. ^(Injury data lifted from: )^[boydsbets.com](https://www.boydsbets.com/college-football-injuries/) --- **[Colorado](#f/colorado) Injury Report** Data Scraped: 2021-09-22 20:00:03 Player|Position|Status|Reported|Notes --|--|--|--|--| Maurice Bell|WR|Out For Season – Achilles|Tue, Aug 17|Bell suffered a torn Achilles and will miss the entire 2021 season. J.T. Shrout|QB|Out For Season – Knee|Tue, Aug 31|Shrout suffered a knee injury and will miss the 2021 season. La Vontae Shenault|WR|Out Indefinitely – Suspension|Tue, Sep 14|Shenault has been suspended by the team for a violation of team rules, and he will miss an undetermined period of time. ^(Injury data lifted from: )^[boydsbets.com](https://www.boydsbets.com/college-football-injuries/) --- What are your "Keys to the Game"? Who do you think wins? Do you think the favorite will cover the spread? Which player(s) are you most interested to watch? Let's talk football! --- To vote in the matchup "who will win poll" simply include the name of the team you think will win enclosed by {} as part of your TOP LEVEL comment discussing the matchup. To change your vote just edit your initial comment to bracket the other team. You can change your vote as often as you like until the GAME THREAD is posted A full listing of accepted FBS team aliases can be found [here.](http://cfb.diydunce.org/teamlist.php). For FCS teams you will need to use the full name as it appears in the post title. A listing of links, and live vote totals, to all Match-up Preview threads for the current week can be found [HERE](http://cfb.diydunce.org/matchupthreadlist.php). --- ^(Like this format?) ^(Generate your own "Match-up Discussion Thread" with the )[^(Match-up Discussion Thread Generator)](http://cfb.diydunce.org/matchupgen.php)\^(. Please DM dupreesdiamond with any issues/suggestions regarding this template)
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2021.09.23 05:46 InfamousAnimal Problems with prusa

I have been using cura exclusively but I wanted to try out Prusa slicer since it cut my print time in half. But my printer starts then warms up and does not print anything. If I slice with cura it prints at normal they have the same start and end g code for my ender 3 v2 that I installed a bl touch on and updated to the marlin firmware. I also have October print and tsd installed. Can any one help diagnose the issue.
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2021.09.23 05:46 CEO_Of_Rejection_99 Have there been other terrorist groups throughout history, similar to groups such as the Taliban, ISIS, or Al-Qaeda?

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2021.09.23 05:46 Kindly-Diamond-9124 Does anyone burn Raiden in Kokomi’s quest?

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2021.09.23 05:46 J-B_L Do you know if this ranking bug is fixed in the new update?

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2021.09.23 05:46 DanakarEndeel Does anybody know what are these dice were used for?

After cleaning out boxes in my attic I came across a large variety of different dice from my tabletop rpg days where I played various types of games from AD&D 2nd Edition to Vampire the Masquerade etc.
Now while I was looking through them all I came across two particular dice that I can't really place anywhere. One is a brownish ten-sided die with all kinds of symbols on it while the other is a green ten-sided die where the 9 and 0 have been replaced by a questionmark and what looks like an eye or something. I've included some close-up images below:
Image 1
Image 2
Is there anybody here familiar with these dice and could tell me which games these particular two dice were used for?
Thank you very much. 😃
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2021.09.23 05:46 ChapterPlus5969 Need Help with Finding an Album

It is relatively popular, and I think it is in the indie/pop genre. May be relatively recent (2010-present)?
What I am certain of is the album cover. The cover was a solid/gradient color that featured flowers on the top part of the cover. The flowers were similar to the flower clouds in Spongebob. Thanks
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2021.09.23 05:46 joseph_memeuser103 Lol ur so poor lol noob

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2021.09.23 05:46 BananaEclipse I see all your weapons but beat my 3D printed Legend of Zelda master sword

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2021.09.23 05:46 Yeahanu Hmmm there is

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2021.09.23 05:46 Deathmournex Chest protector in hvz

Are they recommended?
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2021.09.23 05:46 CorrectSeaweedSquare Carnegie Mellon Receives $20 Million to Establish Hoskinson Center for Formal Mathematics in Dietrich College

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2021.09.23 05:46 The_Mehmeister This game's artstyle is awesome [Sable]

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2021.09.23 05:46 bluethecoloris Boris Johnson tells UN that Cop26 must be ‘turning point for humanity’

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2021.09.23 05:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 05:46 One_dude_on_reddit What is something you look back on and regret with every ounce of your being?

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2021.09.23 05:46 Spare-Guest-8420 Little Italy apartment suggestions?

Looking for recommendations on apartment communities in Little Italy/downtown. Would like washedryer in unit. Any recommendations for buildings to look at/avoid would be appreciated. Thank you
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2021.09.23 05:46 Btates_Bel_Tomeya Who were the better couple all throughout the show?

Trying to prove a point to my bf lol
View Poll
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2021.09.23 05:46 jooeomm War of Overlord’s Realm Introduction

War of Overlord’s Realm Introduction War of Overlord's Realm is an event that 8 states are matched to fight on a large battlefield. The ultimate mission is to expand territory to the Realm's center and occupy the Grand Mansion. You can earn amazing rewards from different challenges during the event time!

Requirements To participate in the War of Overlord's Realm event, please make sure that:
  1. You have joined an Alliance;
  2. Your Town Center level has reached level 15 and above;
  3. Your Force Rank in your State is in the top 1500.
The battlefield is accessible for qualified players during the event time.

What Can I Do in the Battlefield? The War of Overlord's Realm is a game of unity, strategy, and conquering. Each of you can make big efforts to help your State to win the war! Let’s see what we can do in Overlord’s Battlefield.

Main Missions
1) Expand Territory
Build Alliance Base and Alliance Landmarks to occupy the land. The land you occupy will become your alliance’s territory.
*State Territory is the combination of all same-State Alliances' territories.
2) Occupy Battlefield Buildings
If you occupy a Battlefield Building successfully,
a. the Battlefield Building Territory will become your alliance’s territory
b. building boost will take effect(if this building offer boost)
c. you can get the right to the neighboring area(if the building is Wild Station)
The core of the war is to occupy is the ONE AND ONLY - Grand Mansion!
Before you occupy the Battlefield Building, please make sure your Alliance Territory is currently connected with the Battlefield Building Territory.

Other Missions
Finish the Tasks
There will be various tasks you can complete. Completing them can earn you/your alliance/State big rewards and help to unlock some battlefield buildings!
The tasks could be Personal/Alliance/State Tasks, which might contain *Wild Hunts Killing/Troops Killing/Buildings Occupying, etc.
Different tasks can proceed at the same time.
For example, if your personal task is “Kill 2 Wild Hunts” and alliance task is “Kill 5 Wild Hunts”, if you kill 5 Wild Hunts, two tasks will both be completed.

How Does an Alliance Work in the Battlefield? In the Battlefield, the alliance is the unit players work together. Some players expand territory; some players occupy buildings for boosts; some players kill the wild hunts. Everyone can join and help to finish alliance tasks for great alliance rewards!

There are mainly two types of alliance buildings: Territory Buildings and Alliance Resource Buildings
1. Territory Buildings
There are two kinds of Territory Buildings: Alliance Base and Alliance Landmark. Only with these two buildings can you expand the territory.
First, send troops to build Alliance Base, and your Alliance Territory will be established.
Then, you can build the Alliance Landmark connecting to the territory to expand it.
The Alliance members, whose town is within the valid Alliance Territory, will be protected from attacks.

2. Alliance Resource Buildings
Resources are important for an alliance to move in the battlefield! Building the Alliance Bases and Alliance Landmarks need resources.
There’re 5 Alliance Resource Buildings scattering around the Overlord’s Realm. Only when these Alliance Resources Buildings are within the valid territory can they continuously produce corresponding resources for your Alliance. These Alliance Resources will be auto-stocked in your Battlefield Storehouse.
Battlefield (Overlord's Realm) Buildings There're 4 Areas in the Overlord's Realm. From the outer ring to the inner ring there're: The Frontier Area (State Spawn Area, where you first enter the battlefield), Hinterland, Strategic Area, and Center Area. Each has several blocks; each block is circled and surrounded by mountains.

In each type of area, there are different battlefield buildings offering different boosts.
  1. Frontier Area (8 Blocks)
Gathering Speed Boost, Troop Training Boost
  1. Hinterland (4 blocks)
Troop March Speed Boost, Construction Speed Boost, Research Speed Boost
  1. Strategic Area (4 blocks)
Troop Attack Boost, Hospital Capacity & Healing Speed Boost, Troop Life Boost, Troop Defense Boost
  1. Center Area
Here locates the most important battlefield building, Grand Mansion. Completely occupy this building, you’ll be the winner and receive great rewards!

Special Battlefield Building - Wild Station
The Wild Stations are located near the Mountain. Each connects two neighboring areas. Players need to defeat the stationed troops to occupy this building, and then get the right to pass through to the next area.

What Can I Get in this Overlord’s Realm? The reward system is abundant! By finishing tasks, each player has great chances to receive A LARGE AMOUNT OF REWARDS!
\The in-game final rewards shall prevail.*

FAQ 1. Is it like ava legions at all where you have to take specific buildings in order to get the next building?
The ultimate mission is to occupy the territory of the map, until taking down the Grand Mansion which is located in the heart of the Overlord’s Realm(battlefield). This is a huge task, consisting of many different big/small tasks.
Everyone can participate in the event and help your alliance&state to win the glory.
Some players can follow the tasks to win rewards and unlock battlefield buildings. There are Personal/Alliance/State/Battlefield Tasks, etc.
Some players can take down the NPCs around the buildings which are needed to be occupied.
Some players can take down the buildings and expand the territory.

2. Teleport Rules of War of Overlord’s Realm
*Enter for the first time will cost no Teleport item. Leave will cost Random Teleport items.
*On the battlefield, you can only move your Town to the following areas:
1) Valid Territory that belongs to any of your State Alliances
2) The Territory of the Battlefield Buildings which have been occupied by your Alliance.

3. About the Troop Loss
In different building battles, different portions of the troops will enter the hospital or directly enter the Monument. The specific portion will be shown in the “i”.
From the outer ring to the inner ring, there are basically 3 situations.
  1. In some building battles, most/all of your dead Troops will enter the Hospital.
  2. In some building battles, part of your dead Troops will enter the Hospital.
  3. In some building battles, dead Troops will NOT enter the Hospital, but directly enter the Monument at a certain portion.
\There’ll be hospital capacity boost.*
Note: If the rest of the dead Troops exceed your Hospital's capacity or do not enter the hospitals, they will enter the Monument at a certain portion. If the Monument is full, you’ll lose the excess dead Troops.

4. When will the event/open test start, how do we match? How long will the event last?
There is an open test before we introduce the event to more States. The open test will take place in October. More info about the open test and matchup will be released on our official Facebook/Discord.
The open test will last at least 2 weeks, and the official one is yet to be determined.
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2021.09.23 05:46 Xivalic i hate these shen yun ads

they suck
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2021.09.23 05:46 dendenHB 📊Liquidity Mining Stats 📈: Week 81 Update through September 21, 2021 Part 1/2

📊Liquidity Mining Stats 📈: Week 81 Update through September 21, 2021 Part 1/2 Summary stats: Highlights for Week 81: September 14 - 21, 2021
Cumulative filled order volume across exchanges
For this past period, the total bots across the campaigns remained above 900 bots, but due to current market conditions the overall open order volumes dropped around 700k at the end of the week.
  • Highlights:
    • We’re very excited to announce a new 4-week liquidity mining campaign for sovryn.app(SOV) with a total reward pool of $10,000!
    • A new 4-week liquidity mining campaign for Monsta Infinite(MONI) with a US$5,000 total reward pool!
    • This past week’s reward pool was $55.7k
    • XEM, AVAX, and FRONT campaigns still had the highest total amount of bots, with over 70 active instances each
  • Milestones:
    • The total filled order volume across exchanges is just a few millions away from $2.4bn
    • As of the reward period ending in September 21, the cumulative number of distinct miners reached 3,230, with 355 distinct miners active in the past week

Total bots across campaigns At the end of the week, 979 distinct bots were mining with Hummingbot across a range of assets.

The average bots per campaign settled around 29.
Number of markets Each trading pair for each exchange is a distinct “market”, which miners can trade to earn rewards. The number of eligible trading pairs in this past week settled at 55.


Number of distinct miners There were 355 distinct miners active in the past week; the cumulative number of miners reached 3,230.

Stacked open order volume At the end of the week, open order volume was $705.2k.

By the end of the current period, the average USD amount per bot was $982.72, whereas the average open order volume (liquidity) per campaign was $20.7k.
Binance filled order volume During the most recently completed day of trading, September 20, 2021, daily filled order volume was $4.5m.
Binance filled order volume as of September 20, 2021

KuCoin filled order volume The KuCoin campaign daily filled order volume is currently at $1.4m as of September 20, 2021.
KuCoin filled order volume as of September 20, 2021

AscendEX filled order volume The AscendEX campaign daily filled order volume is currently at $2.8m as of September 20, 2021.

AscendEX filled order volume as of September 20, 2021
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2021.09.23 05:46 FwDorisdavenport132 Which common recommended MBTI romantic match do you think actually doesn’t tend to work out very well at all?

Like it is a common recommended MBTI match but in reality these two types don’t even tend to get along very well on a platonic level, from what you’ve observed. And them dating or marrying would actually be awful.
You can type others in comments
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